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Best Armor for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Best Armor for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The talking beast, Red XIII, plays a significant role in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. He moves like the wind, quickly exploiting enemies’ weakest positions and turning the tide of any battle. He’s often a defensive party member and can play the role of the tanker in your party. At the same time, he can still inflict devastating damage, unleashing a relatively high DPS on enemies. 

So, to maximize Red XIII’s full potential, you need to effectively buff his physical and magical defense, as well as unlock more Materia slots with the best armor. Among all armor bracelets, armlets, armbands, and bangles, here is the best armor for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

5. Enhanced Copper Bracer

Enhanced Copper Bracer Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Enhanced Copper Bracer is an upgrade to the original Copper Bracer armor. It gives you better physical and magic defense stats, further reducing damage intake from all enemy attacks. Granted, you only gain two extra points on each. However, these can make all the difference in combat. Furthermore, you can use the armor’s two Materia slots to buff your offense position, whether boosting your stats or tweaking Red XIII’s abilities to suit your playstyle.

However, to get the Enhanced Copper Bracer, you require craftable materials that can take a while to collect. And arguably, the return doesn’t pay off. Overall, if you’re able to transmute the basic Copper Bracer, feel free to do so. Gaining more defense stats certainly can’t hurt. But there are better armor pieces on this list that you can get for relatively less effort.

Physical defense: 14

Magic defense: 14

Materia Slots: 2

Materia Links: 0

How to Get Enhanced Copper Bracer

First, earn crafting experience up to level three and get the Transmuter Chip: Armor Upgrades 1 at the Excavation Intel 1: Bygone Settlement Side Activity. Then, collect one Copper Bracer armor and five Lea Titanium from the Grasslands Region to craft an Enhanced Copper Bracer using the item transmutation tool.

4. Hunter’s Bangle


Hunter’s Bangle

The Hunter’s Bangle is a thick bangle that provides better physical defense than the Enhanced Copper Bracer. However, high defense comes at the cost of moderate magic defense. Fortunately, you have two Materia slots to tweak Red XIII’s offense in favor of your play style. 

The Enhanced Hunter’s Bangle, on the other hand, gives you better defense. It provides a physical defense stat of 22 and a magic defense stat of 11, giving you a better chance of survival against enemy attacks.

Physical defense: 18

Magic defense: 8

Materia Slots: 2

Materia Links: 0

How to Get Hunter’s Bangle

Hunter’s Bangle costs 1,500 Gil at the rest stop vending machine in the Grasslands region in chapter two or from the Selvacarsa Weapons shop in Kalm.

3. Abyssal Bangle

abyssal bangle Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Alternatively, consider Abyssal Bangle, a highly sought-after armor with a higher physical and magic defense. What’s more? It has three Materia slots with one link for better customization of your play style. Bangles tend to have higher physical than magic defense, and it’s no different for Abyssal Bangle, whose physical and magic defense stats have a considerable disparity between them. You can always use the additional Materia slots, though, to boost your magic defense.

The Enhanced Abyssal Bangle version can grant you better physical and magic defense stats at 42 and 20, respectively. These are pretty high compared to most armor at your disposal, so definitely worth the effort of crafting the upgraded version with the Item Transmuter.

Physical defense: 32

Magic defense: 15

Materia Slots: 3

Materia Links: 1

How to Get Abyssal Bangle

Abyssal Bangle costs 3,500 Gil at the weapons vendor, and the rest stop vending machines in the Corel region. Alternatively, you can get the armor as a reward when you gain 18,000 points in the Pirate’s Rampage mini-game.

2. Hades Armlet

hades armlet

If you prefer more room for customization than overall stats, you’ll want to consider armlets for your armor, particularly the Hades Armlet, which gives you a whopping seven Materia slots. Its defense stats aren’t too bad, either, at an equal 32 for physical and magic defense. As a result, you enjoy the best of both worlds, gaining more abilities and buffs without compromising on protection against enemy attacks. 

It’s said that a conjurer made Hades Armlet evade death itself. What better armor to protect you? It covers all bases, reducing damage intake of all kinds. Moreover, it gives you more room to tinker around with the most spellcasting options available. 

Physical defense: 32

Magic defense: 32

Materia Slots: 7

Materia Links: 3

How to Get Hades Armlet

You can get Hades Armlet from a treasure chest in the Materials Storage, 1F room on the Mako Research Facility – E5 level of Shinra Manor.

1. Garm Bangle

Garm Bangle


If you want specialized armor, however, consider the Garm Bangle. It focuses primarily on reducing physical damage, with an impressive stat of 59 points. Its magic defense doesn’t trail too far behind, with the opportunity to crank it up via the armor’s five Materia slots. To unlock the full potential of Garm Bangle, though, you’ll want to craft the upgraded Enhanced Garm Bangle version. 

Enhanced armor can only be crafted in the Item Transmuter, which can take a while to level up but pays off in the long run. Once equipped, it’ll allow you access to up to 62 physical and a decent 29 magic defense. Its magic defense may be relatively lower. However, the exceptionally high physical defense more than makes up for the deficit. 

Physical defense: 59

Magic defense: 28

Materia Slots: 5

Materia Links: 2

How to Get Garm Bangle

Garm Bangle costs 6,500 Gil at the rest stop vending machines in the Nibel region or the General Store in Nibelheim.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best armor for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Is there more armor we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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