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Best Weapons for Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Best Weapons for Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Barret wields massive machine guns in place of arms, making him a bullet machine specializing in ranged physical damage (not so much elemental damage). He can sustain considerable damage and offers valuable tank support to the team. Consequently, you can use him as a distraction, drawing enemy fire away from the team. He also has the best bromance relationship with Cloud, joining your party from the get-go. But what weapons should you fit on his sleeve? Here are the best weapons for Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

5. Vulcan Cannon

FF7 Rebirth - Vulcan Cannon Weapon Location (Barret Weapon)

The Vulcan Cannon behaves like a cannon. It lets you charge toward an enemy and throw them into the air with a furious blow. At its core, the Vulcan Cannon’s three barrels rotate constantly, firing faster and non-stop. With the Vulcan Cannon’s Charging Uppercut ability, you enjoy an increase in your attack charge. This deals a considerable amount of damage to enemies that are more elemental than physical. It makes it perfect if you’re looking for a spellcaster. 

Unfortunately, Barret’s mid-to-long range specialty and the Vulcan Cannon’s melee charge conflict with one another. The Charging Uppercut is perfect for smaller enemies. It deals melee damage with a good range. However, if you’re facing waves of enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you may want to consider a weapon specialized in inflicting deadly ranged damage.

How to Get Vulcan Cannon

Head to the Scrapyard Prison Cell area of the Corel Desert. You should find Vulcan Cannon in a purple-lit treasure chest southwest of the Gold Saucer in the Prisoner's main quest in chapter eight.

4. Battle Cry

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Battle Cry Location (Barret's Weapon)

Another cannon to consider is the Battle Cry weapon. It comes with the Turbulent Spirit ability that increases your ATB charge rate, albeit for a limited time. Also, you can only use Turbulent Spirit once per battle. You can also use the proficiency bonus to get two ATB charges while active. 

Battle Cry excels at inflicting physical damage. However, it unlocks much later in the game. By then, the battles will be more intense. Weapon perks will come in handy in boss battles more than in shorter enemy encounters. You also save MP, though it would be more helpful in the early stages of the game when MP is more scarce.

Unlocking Battle Cry in Chapter 13 renders Turbulent Spirit less useful. Still, it can be a small price to pay for significantly higher attack power. With only one chance to use Turbulent Spirit per battle, you’ll want to strategize carefully for the perfect time to use it. Once unleashed, Turbulent Spirit destroys the enemy and inflicts a lot of damage on bosses. 

How to Get Battle Cry

Battle Cry is found in a purple-lit treasure chest in the Corridor of Catastrophe area in the Hall of Life, First Tier section of the Temple of the Ancients. It’s part of the main story in Forging Ahead's quest in chapter 13. 

3. Hi-Caliber Rifle

FF7 Rebirth Hi Calibre Rifle Weapon Location (Barret Gun)

The Hi-Caliber Rifle is a retro firearm with several tricks up its sleeve. It allows you to equip the Bonus Round ability, which fires unique bullets that increase your attack power and enemy stagger rates. Equip it with its proficiency bonus, and you’ll enjoy a high fire rate of up to 20 bullets. Combine 20 bullets with the bonus round ability, and enemies will bow at your feet, literally.

Among all seven weapons that Barret can wield, the Hi-Caliber Rifle inflicts the most physical damage. It has drastically low elemental damage, which makes it specialized in one area. Meanwhile, with such excellent damage output, you can channel your upgrades toward a better tank and defense build. Its high attack power, however, comes at the expense of its ATB charge-up skill. 

How to Get Hi-Caliber Rifle

Like all Barret’s weapons, you should find the Hi-Caliber Rifle in a purple-lit treasure chest on a grassy island on the southwest side of the Grasslands. You’ll come across the chest as part of the main story in the Through the Swamplands quest in chapter two.

2. Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

As a starting weapon for Barret, the Gatling Gun performs exceptionally well on the battlefield. It comes equipped with the Focused Shot ability, which lets you consume all ATB charges to dish out a devastating burst of energy. The energy release is so powerful that it significantly increases the enemy stagger rate. 

All you need to do is pump up your ATB gauge, which recharges relatively fast thanks to the Gatling Gun’s rapid-fire attacks. The more you fill up your ATB gauge, the more you can pull off Focused Shot on enemies. Moreover, you can use the gun’s proficiency bonus to increase enemy stagger rates further. In the end, you inflict solid staggers and physical damage to take even bosses down.

How to Get Gatling Gun

Automatically equipped as Barret’s default weapon the minute Barret joins you at the start of chapter two.

1. Barrage Blaster

FF7 Rebirth - Barrage Blaster Weapon Location (Barret Gun)

To further buff Barret’s tank support for the team, you can equip the Barrage Blaster. It allows access to the Lifesaver ability, which lets Barret absorb incoming damage intended for nearby allies. Meanwhile, Lifesaver also boosts your health, albeit temporarily. Moreover, with its proficiency bonus, you can use your HP to heal your party members, albeit only on a one-time offer while active.

Barrage Blaster thrives on inflicting not only physical damage but also elemental damage. It’s the best weapon to cover all bases. Using Barrage Blaster’s perks, you can support weaker allies, allowing them to focus on unleashing attacks on enemies.

How to Get Barrage Blaster

You’ll find Barrage Blaster in a purple-lit treasure chest in the Railway Control Tower, 1F area, on the edge of a cliff in Coal Mines on Mount Corel. You’ll get here as part of the main story in the Continue Your Search quest in chapter seven.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best weapons for Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Are there more weapons we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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