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Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail — 10 Best Tips for Beginners

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The anticipated expansion to Final Fantasy XIV is finally here. Dawntrial, another enthralling adventure that features the Warriors of Light, received mixed reviews, with most fans faulting the developers for choosing the wrong antagonist. But with the wealth of content this MMO has, it's easy to overlook a few issues and still have a blast. If you are yet to set your hands on the expansion, a few tricks up your sleeve can give you a much-needed head start. Here is Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail best tips for Beginners.

10. Choose Your Class

Dragoon class

As with almost every MMO, your first step to excellence is to pick the right class. This is a crucial step in getting you through the MSQ. The Dragoon class is a solid choice for beginners because it is not only easy to learn, but also easy to master. The best part is that you can restore your health while dealing damage, thanks to early-level actions. So, rest assured, the Dragoon class is a confident choice for your gaming journey. Paladin is also a solid choice that helps you level up, even if tanks are not really your thing.

9. Catch up On Job Quests

Carrying boxes on ship

Dawntrail introduces two new jobs, which are essentially the meat of the expansion. The Pictomancer is a ranged magical DPS, while Viper is a melee DPS. Both jobs are enjoyable but start at level 80. This means you need to level up first. Job quests reward you with armor-dye options, so be on the lookout for what's pending. Even if there is none, you can always find one under your current MSQ.

8. Explore the Dungeons

Boss fight in dangeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Gear in Dawntrail is expensive. Instead of spending your precious coins, you can explore dungeons for gear. Every dungeon drops gear depending on the level you are on. If you are on level 30, the dungeon will drop a level 30 gear. Even if you trail behind in terms of levels, the dungeon certainly has your back, quite literally.

7. Follow the MSQ

Wuk Lamat Final Fantasy xiv: Dawntrail

As a general rule of thumb, you can never go wrong by following the main story. It gives you access to tons of resources. Plus, the more you progress, the more you unlock items. Plus, Final Fantasy XIV's expansion brings a new dawn with its storyline. By playing the MSQ, you get a glimpse of the title's new direction.  

6. Collect Aether Current 

Aether Current 

Sticking to tradition, much of Dawntrail's story takes place in Tuliyollal, the capital of Tural. Since the place is expansive, you can look out for aetheryte which allows for quick and easy travel. Similarly collection aether currents unlock a faster mode of travel for traversing the game map. The game expects you to collect these items while completing job quests. Most players don't know that collecting enough aether currents gives you access to a mount. This means you can now fly to various zones. 

5. Combat Basics

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Tips for Beginners

If you choose to play the melee DPS, it's essential to know how your character inflicts damage, which is flank and rear. Some abilities work best if you are behind the target, while others require you to be off on either side. Therefore, learning which skill requires what position is imperative for successful hits.  The target will have a circle underneath pointing to various positions of attack. If you come across a circle with no arrows, then it means position doesn't matter. You can attack from any direction. 

Also, don't wait for the animations to finish casting. Once you cast an ability, the damage is instantly applied, and the next one loads up. So, waiting for the animation can render you vulnerable. 

4. Don't Talk About Mods


If you are an MMO fan, probably with experience with Elder Scroll or World of Warcraft, you know that mods are the bread and butter of experienced play. However, Dawntrail strictly restricts mods, and talking about them could put your account at risk of being suspended. 

Of course, Square Enix can't tell if you have mods installed, but it's safe to avoid mentioning it in the game. 

3. Early Unlocks


Instead of splurging money on mounts, you can acquire some impressive ones for free. All you need to do is head over to the achievement vendor, where various mounts are available at no cost. Specifically, you can select the Behemoth, Deathclaw, and Aramon mounts. These mounts are relatively easy to obtain and can significantly enhance your collection. By doing so, you won't be limited to just the default mount options.

Adding these mounts to your collection saves you money and adds variety to your in-game experience. The Behemoth, with its imposing presence; the Deathclaw, known for its fierce appearance; and the Aramon, with its unique design, each offer a distinct look and feel. So, take advantage of these free options and expand your mount collection effortlessly.

2. Filter FFXIV Content


Some players are notorious for sharing spoiler content on platforms like YouTube and Twitter. These spoilers often come with thumbnails that serve as clickbait, catching your eye and revealing key plot points. This can be particularly frustrating and ruin the experience by exposing essential events in the Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) before you encounter them in the game. For beginners, stumbling upon these spoilers can be incredibly disheartening and throw you off your game, diminishing the sense of discovery and excitement.

Setting up social media filters is a good idea to maintain an authentic gaming experience and avoid spoilers. These filters can help you block or hide posts and videos containing keywords or hashtags related to FFIX. Doing this lets you navigate your social media feeds without worrying about unexpected spoilers. Taking these precautions ensures you can enjoy the game as it was meant to be, with all the surprises and story twists intact.

1.Use the Market Board Wisely

Market Board

The Market Board is a player-driven economy where you can buy and sell items. Monitor prices, sell excess loot, and buy reasonably priced gear or materials to optimize your progression.

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