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5 Must-Buy Video Game Collector’s Editions




Whether it's a collector's card embellished in glitter and gemstones or a towering figurine smothered in chalk and soot — exclusive gifts never usually go amiss in the gaming world. We both embrace and cherish them whenever they land on our laps, and we're pretty much always content with forking out the extra cash just to get a peek at whatever's on offer. And it's costly, for sure — but more often than not, an incredibly worthy investment to make.

We've been scouring the web for some of the best collector's editions ever released to the general public. And while most we unearthed involved a card or document of some sort, others, thankfully, happened to be a whole lot more extravagant, with a few even outclassing the game itself. So, providing you've got the pennies to spare, then we strongly suggest you jam these bundles into your basket.

5. Dark Souls 3: Prestige Edition

It might've been a few years since the third Souls entry engulfed players in its harsh and hostile world, but its prominent flame has continued to keep streamers invested through its intriguing design and unforgiving difficulty curve. Even today, as we cross over to newer worlds with even deadlier environments and enemies, Dark Souls still stands tall as one of the most influential video games of all time.

Over their long and healthy career of serving up stellar Souls games, developer FromSoftware Inc. has bundled upwards of five or more special editions for each global release, with some punching a little higher with their goodies than others. However, standing above all is the Prestige Edition, which rolled out to commemorate the third and final entry in the trilogy. 40cm Lord of Cinder figurine included, this collector's edition is a definite must for any die-hard Souls fan.


4. God of War: Collector's Edition

We've seen collection after collection of God of War works over the years, with plenty of exclusive gifts to keep the Ghost of Sparta well and truly shackled up on most shelves. Figurines, stickers, patches and cards — you name it. Santa Monica Studio and associates have poured mounds of life into its slew of deluxe sets. But with that said, we do have to praise one bundle in particular, and that's the collector's edition, which rolled out with the 2018 segment.

On top of the 9″ figurine of Kratos and Atreus (or “Boy“, if you'd prefer), this meaty collection also comes with a premium quality cloth map, exclusive Lithogram, as well as a steelbook case and a few additional miniature goodies. Oh, and two carvings of the Huldra brothers. So, all in all, a pretty fine basket of gifts to go alongside one of PlayStation's best-selling games of all time.


3. Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition

Ever since the Pip-Boy was introduced to the Fallout universe way back when, players all over the globe have looked to rebuild it, whether for cosplay purposes or just for the sake of owning one. And to be fair, some of the creations that have fallen from such tables have often put even Bethesda to shame. However, since being given the opportunity to own an official Pip-Boy from the makers themselves, we would've been fools not to have lunged forth and bitten their entire forearm off.

Fallout 4 may not have been the best game in the world, nor the most ideal chapter in the timeline. I mean, it wasn't even all that great after all the bugs were patched up. But it was, however, redeemed with its rather impressive Pip-Boy Edition. Of course, the iconic gadget was one thing to brag about — but also having an actual capsule case to go with it? Now that's enough of a reason to fork over some funds, for sure.


2. Dishonored 2: Collector's Edition


Fan of Bethesda's critically acclaimed stealth franchise or not — there's no denying the fact that this exclusive mask is pretty friggin' awesome. And what's more is that, even without the lifelike keepsake to boost the bundle, the Dishonored 2: Collector's Edition still has some other pretty nifty treats that make the collection well worth every dime.

As well as Corvo's famous mask and accompanying stand, this collection also packs in a coloured Propaganda poster, Emily Kaldwin's official ring and display box, and a whole bunch of exclusive trinkets and in-game accessories to bolster your game. Oh, and a rather shiny steelbook case, of course. There's always a steelbook case. Always.


1. Gears of War 3: Epic Edition


After battling through crumbling cities of Locust and Lambent forces for what felt like a century, Gears of War finally parted ways with its original Delta squad, with one final blowout expedition before drawing its withered curtain. Prior to the big send-off, of course, Epic Games made sure to go big with some pretty legendary collections to celebrate the release, specifically with the Gears of War 3: Epic Edition, which featured all the gizmos and gadgets one would hope for in a Gears package.

Besides the exceedingly well crafted Marcus Fenix figurine, the Epic Edition also packs in an official medal, shaped like a cog and forged from the finest metals, as well as an artbook, flag, and a whole case loaded with documents. So, quite the collection of trinkets, with even more to cram into a shiny new display cabinet, no doubt. Of course, you may struggle with acquiring one of these sets today, considering the Epic Edition launched almost a decade ago. But look hard enough, however, and you'll more than likely find a few still knocking about. Just expect to have to pry it out of another's hands, though.

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