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5 Best Games Like Radiance



Best Games Like Radiance

Since its release, Radiance has built a reputation as one of the best action-packed and tactical games. The third-person perspective game takes you through a series of dynamic combat systems, facing all types of enemies for survival in a nuclear meltdown. You get immersed in a radioactive world, chasing survival and fighting through a desolate world.

If you are a big fan of Radiance, you would want to step into the shoes of other similar games with such existing characters and storylines. Luckily enough, there are solid alternatives to Radiance. Some of the games are exciting and show lots of promise in providing a similar gaming experience. Here is a list of the five best games you can try, like Radiance.

5. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus - E3 2017 Announce Gameplay Trailer [UK]

Metro Exodus is one of the few games offering a post-apocalyptic theme similar to Radiance. The first-person shooter starts you off in the ruins of Moscow's Metro, the start of your survival journey. The protagonist, Artyom, leaves the Metro, seeking refuge across the harsh winter and desolate wasteland. His path to the east of the rail tracks takes him through the changing seasons, directly affecting the players’ behaviors and NPCs' reactions to the environment.

Each season also changes the gameplay, bearing the different factions, foes, wildlife, and weather. Stealth is key when exploring the vast lands of post-apocalyptic Russia and gathering vital supplies. However, exploration does not mean a lack of action; you will encounter enemies and plan assaults in your storyline.

Weapons and equipment are available in abandoned houses and mutant lairs scattered across the Russian wilderness. Each weapon and equipment is found in different locations, meaning you will scour plenty of wasteland. You can also gather resources by scouting enemy camps and planning tactical attacks.

4. Urban Explorer

Urban Explorer — Parkour Game Announcement Trailer

Urban Explorer was one of the most anticipated games in the first-person perspective urban exploration genre when it came out in 2023. For the uninitiated, urban exploration is where explorers enter abandoned buildings such as vacant mansions, factories, properties, or buildings.

UrbEx, as it is popularly known in the gaming scene, lets you dive into the world of urban exploration using parkour mechanics to explore urban horror. You explore the scenery, full of abandoned buildings, catacombs, malls, car yards, ruins, and even top-secret government facilities.

However, Urban Explorer is not just about touring the post-apocalyptic wasteland but also about surviving the urban landscape. Often, obstacles will call into action your parkour skills. These skills are not only for overcoming challenges but also to help gather resources, evade capture, and find gear upgrades.

3. The Long Dark

The Long Dark -- WINTERMUTE REDUX -- Launch Trailer (2018)

The Long Dark is another open-world post-apocalyptic scene with a different twist. For the novice, The Long Dark welcomes you into a quiet apocalypse where you have to fight your way through the forces of nature. That said, there are no zombies with human interactions within the game at the bare minimum.

Each storyline in The Long Dark game starts with you as a bush pilot character, stranded in an expansive frozen Canadian wilderness after the plane goes down. All electricity goes out after a geomagnetic disaster, pitting everyone in survival mode. No help is forthcoming, and you need to survive the harsh winter.

With such a background, your character adopts a free-form survival mode, searching for precious supplies and resources. Each challenge has over 100 gear items to assist you in hunting, fishing, and trapping your food. The gear items also come in handy in trying to defend yourself from hostile wildlife, including the likes of wolves, crows, bears, moose, and even deer.

2. Metro 2033 Redux

Metro Redux - Announce Trailer [US]

If you have come across the cult classic Metro 2033, then the Redux version is a rebuild that you will enjoy. The Metro 2033 Redux sets players in a post-apocalyptic world after humanity is devastated enough by an apocalyptic event to leave the world as a wasteland.

Your character is a protagonist born and bred in the depths of the Moscow Metro underground. The mission takes you outside the city limits, where your character discovers one fateful event that could soon wipe out mankind. From here, the goal is to warn humanity of the impending danger at the heart of the Metro system. Your journey will have you explore the forgotten catacombs beneath the Metro system and the abandoned wasteland.

A handful of modes are available to help your character overcome the various challenges in the Metro 2023 Redux gameplay. The legendary Ranger mode is available for gamers looking for a fearsome challenge of deadlier foes and limited resources. Survival mode is another option that gives you the ultimate ‘Survival Horror’ experience. The Spartan module is for deadlier combat with an action-packed storyline for players.

1. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 - Launch Trailer

For the ultimate open-world roleplay experience, Fallout 4 ranks as one of the best post-apocalyptic-world games. The gameplay sets you up as a resident of an underground bunker in the Bostonian wasteland, looking to explore the open world.

As a first-person shooter game, you can switch between the cameras for better views, depending on your preference. The exploration can take you across a wasteland area, with each section having a story or a side quest. Along the way, you will meet settlements that play a significant role in helping you gather resources such as food, water, shelter, and four weapons.

Gathering these resources helps set up each camp with the necessities, achieving collaboration with other characters. Such a capability allows you to build different factions, which is helpful in the different quests.

Thanks to a crafting system, Fallout 4 allows you to use the core components and give meaning to items. For example, the crafting mechanics add another layer of complexity, allowing you to use items found when roaming the Bostonian wasteland. Another mode, New Vegas’ hardcore mode, introduces you to basic needs like sleeping, eating, or drinking when in play.

We hope you like our list of the five best games, like Radiance. What’s your take on the list? Let us know what you think through our socials here.

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