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Top First Person Shooters to Get on Steam



There's rarely something more satisfying than playing a well-developed shooter. That's why we have jumped deep into the Steams rabbit hole to present you with the best ones. Enjoy.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a fresh co-op shooter set in procedurally-generated cave complexes. As a space dwarf, you will fight against swarms of nasty aliens as you try to find your way out. The environment is completely destructible, giving you multiple ways to finish each mission. Deep Rock Galactic lets you choose between 4 classes, all of which have their unique strengths. Although it can be played solo, the real fun starts when you invite a few friends. The game is incredibly fun, has a ton of weapons to choose from, and is among the top first-person shooters of 2020.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

If you are looking for something more realistic, you can't go wrong with Insurgency. This is a close-combat shooter that puts great emphasis on teamwork and thinking ahead. Here, death comes easily, so you'll have to move quickly and cautiously while also saving your bullets. Insurgency covers modern warfare and is set in the Middle East. It has a great atmosphere and its gun mechanic very well developed. All of this makes it a perfect choice if you thrive on realism.

Insurgency: Sandstorm gameplay

A hectic and engaging look at modern combat Steam

Black Mesa

Black Mesa is a remake of the first Half-Life, which is arguably one of the best shooters from the '90s. However, unlike similar titles, it doesn't bank on the glory of the original but improves upon it by polishing the storyline and gameplay. The atmosphere is also faithfully reproduced, particularly in the end-game Xen portion, which is significantly extended. Bottom line, it's time to dust off your rusty crowbar and jump back into the role of Gordon Freeman. We've certainly missed him.

Black Mesa artwork

An excellent reimagining of  Valve's classic Steam

Far Cry 5

Next, let's jump into one of the best modern open-world action franchises. Far Cry 5 transport us into Hope County, Montana, which has seen better times. Here, we will have to help the repressed community by confronting Eden's Gate doomsday cult. It's up to you to decide how you want to do this, as the game is comprised of 3 big regions, giving you a lot of freedom. Far Cry 5 doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's simultaneously its biggest strength and drawback. I found it very entertaining, especially the New Dawn edition that includes cool enemies like zombie moose.


We'll switch it up a bit and give you an excellent retro recommendation. Dusk is a hectic horror FPS that took the best elements of old-school shooters like Quake, Half-Life, and Doom. In it, you will be confronted by dark demonic forces which have to be eliminated if you want to live till dawn. Luckily, there are a lot of badass weapons at your disposal, such as shotguns, swords, crossbows, and, of course, rocket launchers. Dusk sets up a tight atmosphere from the get-go, has a great soundtrack, and very responsive controls. All of this adds up to one hell of an experience, which should please every fan of retro shooters.

Dusk gameplay

*Sigh* Get me my sickle, it's time to chop up some demons once again … Steam

Titanfall 2

Lastly, we have a top first-person shooter coming from the creators of Apex Legends. Titanfall 2 is a hectic experience in which you control a Militia rifleman who joins forces with a powerful mech titan behind the enemy lines. Aside from an engaging campaign, the game also has tense multiplayer PVP that's very addictive. What sets Titanfall 2 apart from other shooters is its incredible attention to detail and a fluid combat system that's easily among the best in the genre.

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