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Keep Yourself Alive: Top Survival Games on Steam



Today, we will see just how well you can fare in extreme situations. Without further ado, these are the top survival games that you can find on Steam right now.

Oxygen Not Included

We'll kick things off with a great space colony sim. Oxygen Not Included takes place inside a giant asteroid, where your cute crew will do everything in its power to survive in this hostile environment. To do this, you'll have to master science, learn how to strategically allocate resources, keep your morale high, and much more. Oxygen Not Included is set in a randomly generated world, which is always diverse, giving you a ton of options on how to proceed. All in all, this is an addictive and challenging survival game, where you will have to constantly learn and adapt if you wish to thrive.

Top Survival Games: Oxygen Not Included

A sweet, yet complex, survival game Steam

The Long Dark

The Long Dark takes place in a frozen wilderness, after a geomagnetic disaster wreak havoc on earth. It seems that you are one of the rare humans left alive, and you will have to do whatever it takes to keep going. Now it's time to scour the world and find supplies, but be careful, as every decision may lead to your demise. You need to pay attention to many things, such as hunger, thirst, energy levels, and temperature. As if that's not enough, Canadian wilderness is home to many wolves and bears that would like to feast on your remains. In short, The Long Dark is an atmospheric, story-driven survival sim, and one of the best games of its kind.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK is an interesting mix of survival and fantasy that places you on a mysterious island where dinosaurs are still alive and thriving. It's up to you if you wish to join other players and fight back or train dinosaurs, or betray and slowly hunt them down. Survival Evolved has 100+ creatures that you can tame, which will certainly keep you occupied for quite some time. And let's not forget that you also have to take care of your basic needs, such as water, food, and temperature. As you might've guessed, this is a pretty complex game with a lot of great mods that add depth to the gameplay. All of this makes Ark one of the top survival games that you can play with your friends.

ARK gameplay

Dude, you got some spinach on your teeth. Steam


If Honey, I shrunk the kids was a game, we would get something like Grouded. This is a multiplayer survival adventure that places us in a dangerous backyard. In it, you follow a story of a couple of tiny kids trying to stay alive by fighting insects, building bases, and crafting weapons. The game has an engaging campaign and a lot of things to explore. If you ever wondered how you would fare against spiders or koi fish, now you can find out.


Frostpunk puts you in charge of the last remaining city on Earth. To make it thrive, you will have to carefully manage its infrastructure and citizens. You'll do this by making laws, creating new technologies, and ruling wisely. But, it doesn't end here. You will also have to explore the inhospitable world outside your city limits for supplies, survivors, and intel. Frostpunk is an atmospheric city builder that requires a lot of strategizing and provides something unique.

Top Survival Games: Frostpunk

Manage the last city on Earth Steam


Lastly, we have one of the best roguelite survival games that explore the Viking culture. Valheim is the name of the primordial purgatory in which you will have to fight Odin's rivals to restore the order. On your quest, you will explore dark forests and icy mountains filled with dark forces. As you defeat epic bosses, you will get access to valuable materials that let you create better armors and weapons. Add to this great combat mechanic and it becomes clear why Valheim is quite popular. 

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