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All Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, Ranked

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Roxas and Axel in Kingdom Hearts.

One of the main appeals of the Kingdom Hearts series is the amount of worlds that you can visit. Each world is filled with its own characters, and some even see Sora and their friends undergo special transformations. Not all of the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 worlds are winners, though, with some being downright boring or hard to play. The list below ranks every world in the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 collection.

15. Atlantica

Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts.

Atlantica fell to the bottom of our list thanks to its very strange swimming controls. When you arrive in the world, Sora turns into a mermaid, and you must swim your way around Atlantis. Not only does this make getting around tough, but the Ursula boss fight at the end can be just plain painful.


Monstro in Kingdom Hearts.

Monstro is the world that you get sucked into on the way to the one you actually wanted to visit. The whole level is set inside the whale, and it's not all that scenic, with it being one of the easiest-to-forget worlds in the series. Even the parasitic boss at the end is a rather easy fight that you might not even take much note of.

14. Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle in Kingdom Hearts.

The Deep Jungle is Tarzan's world, and aside from the vine-surfing mini-game, it's a bit lackluster. It's one of the first worlds you encounter, so it may just be that Deep Jungle gets overshadowed rather quickly. Either way, it would have been much cooler to turn into a jungle animal.

13. Wonderland

Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts.

Wonderland is another early world that just doesn't have that much of a pull. When you get there, you drink a potion and shrink down to enter Wonderland and meet Alice. From there on out, scenes from the movie play out much like in any other world. There are no transformations, and it can be a little bit easy to get turned around while exploring.

12. Castle Oblivion

Castle Oblivion in Kingdom Hearts.

Castle Oblivion has a great story, but the world itself is rather boring. It rehashes every world from the first Kingdom Hearts, and the castle itself is an endless white landscape. The most exciting part involves the hallways of the castle where the story unfolds, but this is sadly, this isn't the majority of where you will spend your time.

11. Agrabah

Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts.

Agrabah adapts Aladdin and is a pretty fun world since it makes use of both the city and the desert. Aladin joins your party in this world, and many players enjoy fighting Jafar, who makes a rather fun boss. Even the pit centipede seems to get some love from fans.

10. 100 Acre Wood

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Woods.

The 100 Acre Wood is a charming world that really takes a step in a different direction. This is an optional storybook world that you have to collect the pages to as you explore the first Kingdom Hearts. Each page you find pushes the story further along and unlocks new mini-games for you to play.  The nice pacing makes it one of the most unique Kingdom Hearts 1.5 worlds.

9. Twilight Town

Twilgiht Town in Kingdom Hearts.

We are moving right along to the first appearance of Twilight Town. While it does have some of the charm, many players prefer the content found in Kingdom Hearts II's version. That being said, it's still a solid design and the story told in 358/2 Days will leave you sobbing.

8. Traverse Town

Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts.

Traverse Town sadly disappears after Kingdom Hearts but is the first hub world of the series. This world is where a mangere of characters end up including Cloud, Aerith, and Yuffie. It's also where Goofy, Donald, and Sora form their friendship and a hub that you will revisit over and over again on your journey.

7. End of The World

End of The World Kingdom Hearts.

The End of The World does a great job of making you feel a ton of tension at the end of the first game. It's a world that is literally leftover fragments of what the heartless have destroyed littered with tough boss battles.  At the very end, you will confront Ansem, the final boss of the game, and a fight that has made many players filled with rage.

6. Destiny Islands

Destiny Island in Kingdom Hearts.

The Destiny Islands don't show up for that long in the games, but every time they do, players love them. This is where you learn to play the game, meet Sora, Riku, and Kairi, and unlock the secrets of Kingdom Hearts. Despite all this we don't even get to fully explore the islands, but players are still holding out hope for the future.

5. The World That Never Was

The World That Never Was in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

The World That Never Was is a world surrounded by rumors as it was part of the first games secret ending. When it finally appeared, players couldn't help but wander every inch of it, hoping to bring Riku home to Sora and Kairi. While this isn't a huge world, it has long held a special place in the fandom's heart.

4. Olympus Coliseum

Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts.

Olympus Coliseum doesn't seem all that important when you first visit it as nothing is really going on. After returning to it, though, you really get a feel for all the Coliseum has to offer and the many fun battles Sora can compete in. Olympus Coliseum also hosts one of the most famous boss battles in gaming history, Sora Vs. Sephiroth.

3. Neverland

Neverland Kingdom Hearts.

Neverland is a world that is just plain fun because it gives you the ability to fly around, and after you beat the world, you permanently can glide.  Even players who don't like the story of Peter Pan end up falling in love with the fights and mechanics of this bountiful world. Thanks to the ability to move in all directions freely, Neverland is one of the best Kingdom Hearts 1.5 worlds.

2. Halloween Town

Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts.

Halloween Town is one of the all-time favorite worlds in the series. When you arrive, the group gets put into spooky garb, and the one-and-only Jack Skellington joins your party. The story closely follows that of the movies, and you even get to face off against Oogey Boogie in a high-stakes boss fight.

1. Hollow Bastion

Hollow Bastion is an amazing world where the Final Fantasy characters in the series call home. It's also the birthplace of Kairi and where some of the most gut-wrenching cutscenes take place in the first game. Every player remembers the Malifcent battle that takes place in the castle, as well as the fierce battle between Riku and Sora.

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