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5 Most Expensive Gaming Consoles Money Can Buy



Well, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series have just about settled down after lingering on the market for almost a year, leaving us to take a well-deserved breather as we gloss over both launches. And while most would say the launch of both consoles was an absolute shambles regarding stock and what have you — others would say that its flaws were a minor stepping stone towards an otherwise long and healthy life cycle.

Price-wise, we can't really complain about either. Considering the upgrades both consoles introduced since their preceding models, the price tags felt rather reasonable. Reasonable, compared to some of the other, more extravagant consoles out in the wild, of course. And let me tell you — there are some pretty lofty tags out there. Just take a look at these five, for example. Should you choose to procure any of these, then we can only begin to imagine the wealth that lines your pockets.

5. Lara Croft Gem-Studded Xbox 360

How much do you really love Lara Croft? Enough to pay $11,000, maybe?

It's one thing to obsess over a franchise by hoarding all of the posters and figurines — but customizing your entire console to showcase Lara Croft in a few thousand sparkling jewels? Now that's a little extreme — even for a die-hard Tomb Raider fan. But having said that, many have gone on to purchase one of the few developed units, with the majority shipping for upwards of $11,000. And to think, prior to this marvel of a 360 even coming to fruition, other designers had already built similar models.

Although we're way past the point of picking up a Tomb Raider-themed Xbox 360, it is still worth giving it a moment in the spotlight — if only for its novelty. Of course, $11,000 sure is a hefty asking price for what can only be described as a box standard Xbox 360 with a picture on it, but considering the quality, it does sort of make sense. Even still, you'd have to be pretty mad about Lara Croft to chip in that sort of money. Plus, an Xbox 360 on its own usually costs $30 or less these days. So, we'll let you decide on that one.


4. Rose Gold Xbox One & PS4

Because why not, hey?

Of all the pointless things that are scattered around the gaming world, a Rose Gold (or just gold) Xbox One and PlayStation 4 definitely seems to be up there among the most useless. But if you've got a spare $14,000 knocking about then hey — by all means, take it. But if you're expecting it to boost your game in any way shape or form, then you're pretty much in for a whole world of disappointment.

It's one thing to wrap tin foil around your console and pretend it's a diamond-encrusted model — but to actually unload upwards of 14k on a Rose Gold copy for the sake of having infinite bragging rights? Now that's a crazy commitment to make, and yet, one that has been made on several occasions by some incredibly lavish fans. But each to their own and that. Personally, I couldn't fathom spending any higher than a few hundred — let alone four digits. But that's pretty much why all of my consoles are still wrapped in tin foil.


3. Atari Cosmos

What would you pay for an unreleased console?

If you're a die-hard collector in search of the next extravagant extension to the cabinet, then allow us to introduce you to the Atari Cosmos, the retro jewel that never saw the light of day. To obtain such a rarity, of course, you're looking at an enormous $18,000+ bill. And considering the Atari Cosmos had no exclusive games to boot, you're basically buying into a keepsake, with no actual way to enjoy it outside of the box. But then, any collector will feel right at home with that one, of course.

The Atari Cosmos could've been a pretty big step in the right direction for the gaming giant. It had all the bells and whistles to construct a next-level handheld console, and most definitely had a booming platform to aid its launch. So what went wrong? Well, for starters, Atari made the bold choice pre-launch to boast about its features, mainly about the supposed 3D holographic visuals. Only, once the media caught wind that those visuals were actually just a cheap pre-printed overlay, the hype for the console quickly declined. Long story short, Atari pulled the plug at the last hurdle in 1981, leaving it to forever tarnish the Atari brand.


2. Gold Legend of Zelda Gameboy Advance SP

If you thought $20,000 was expensive — just imagine paying for an autographed edition.

Coming in as the second priciest console in the world is, of course, the Gold Legend of Zelda Gameboy Advance SP, which is currently valued at around $20,000. Yes, $20,000 — for a console that can actually be purchased for $20 if you look hard enough. Of course, what you won't get with a run-of-the-mill model is the unhinged bragging rights that bolt to it. The Gold edition, however, will land you the title as one of just seven owners of the luxury model.

Way back when the premium console emerged from the shadows, fans weren't able to simply waltz into a store and pick one up. They had to be one of the lucky winners, with a golden ticket of sorts nestled in just a handful of limited-edition SP bundles. Oh, and they also had to be European, seeing as Nintendo only launched the special copies in one specific region. But that was years ago. Today, however, you can pretty much find one of the few remaining copies on any respected auction platform.


1. Nintendo Wii Supreme

Yes, the Queen had one. And you're actually in luck — because it's on sale for just $300k.

If you thought we were done cramming gold-plated bits and bobs down your throat, then you might want to take a well-deserved gulp. This time around, sadly, we're ramping it up by a few dozen notches. The Nintendo Wii, of all gaming consoles in the world, stacks the highest with a (yes, you guessed it) gold-plated body. But what does this so-called Supreme model offer that regular Wii's do not? Well, that's the beauty of it you see. The fact is, the Wii Supreme quite literally offers no additional perks whatsoever. It is, unfortunately, just a Wii. 

Coming in at an eye-watering $433,000, this premium edition of the beloved console boasts a total of 2.5 kilograms of 22 karat gold and 78 diamonds. And that's pretty much all it is. It's fancy, plain and simple. It plays the exact same games as a second-hand $30 console does, and in no way enhances your experience. If anything, it's just a trinket to remind you how much money you have to burn. Even still, that's a hefty price to pay just for the luxury of taking your Wii Mii bowling for twenty minutes on a Sunday afternoon.

Tempted to take out a hefty loan to cover one of these purchases? Which one swayed you closest to the checkouts? Let us know over on our socials here.


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