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A skeletal horse creature in RPG Outward 2.

What Is Outward 2?Players crossing a bridge with a massive tusked creature in Outward 2.

The world of Outward is one that has built a legacy of depth among its fans. With its sequel, Outward 2, the developers hope to make everything bigger and better. Everything from the graphical presentation, plus its gameplay, is to be improved upon using the knowledge from the first game.

For the uninitiated, players can expect to find a world that doesn't hold your hand, but instead, challenges you to find your own adventure. In doing so, players will find a world filled to the brim with things to discover, and new ways to discover it. The game is an RPG with an intense focus on immersion, allowing the player to slowly soak in the world around them. All around, Outward 2 is one of the most anticipated sequels among RPG circles, and for good reason.

StoryTraversing a sunlight city in Outward 2.

One of the core elements of Outward 2 that makes it stand above many other titles in some ways, is its story. Each of the regions of Aurei will not only pose its own challenges but also change how they affect the player. One of the game's aspects that it brings to the forefront is the multiple branching storylines the game offers. Each of the player's decisions not only hold a massive amount of weight but in many ways, shape the player's journey as a whole. This is a feature that is sure to be a hit with the RPG-faithful.

Surviving the world of Aurei is also a major part of the game's story. This can be seen reflected in the fact that the player isn't marked in any way, destined for greatness, but a simple adventurer trying to find their way. The game's dynamic event system also aids in this feeling of variety. All in all, the story of Outward 2 seems to be a crown jewel of its development and we cannot wait until its release.

GameplayBattling a boss in Outward 2.

The next section of our article will cover the gameplay section of the game. This section is one that for many players, is an important factor. The combat, after all, is how the player will maneuver throughout the game's world and progress. In Outward 2, players will be able to benefit from the developer's hard work regarding not only the combat animations. But it also the overall presentation of the game.

The gameplay is also aided by new animations, which hope to bring a new level of polish to the game. In addition to this, Outward 2 hopes to bring its difficulty to the forefront even more so.

Outward 2 is being built from the ground up in a new engine. This makes sure that the game shines its brightest upon its release. Players are able to craft, build their spell book, and discover a vast world of mysteries. As is the case with its predecessor, the will also feature a stellar cooperative offering, with many improvements being made to this system as well. These improvements include things such as help with hitching, and player tethering. Both of these things should go a long way to aid the betterment of the player's experience as a whole.

Aiding in this system is the in-depth crafting system. This allows players to learn and create spells, giving them their own sources of power along the way. Players will also have a plethora of people and animals to interact with, giving the world of Aurelia a new sense of vigor. Armed with just their wits, a few weapons and spells and their backpacks, players will have to trek and plot out this world all on their own. In conclusion, Outward 2 hopes to improve upon its predecessor in terms of its gameplay and presentation.

DevelopmentRogue combat in Outward 2

In terms of the development of Outward 2, there is much to discuss. The game hopes to bring the core philosophy of its predecessor into the modern era. In doing so, the game will receive a fresh coat of paint that is sure to impress players. In addition to this, the game will see improved animations, one of the hang-ups that players had with its predecessor. The world will also be made more vibrant through the improvement of these systems.

In addition to this, the game will feature a full day/night cycle, which will have its own intricacies and challenges for the player to overcome. That is not all, however, as the game will also make great use of the knowledge gathered from Nine Dots Studio‘s first outing in the world of Aurelia. In short, the development of this title is definitely one to watch, which players can do by either joining the active Discord for the game or following the Outward YouTube page.


The trailer for Outward 2 is one that in many ways, left players stunned. The game showcases not only a new level of polish to its visuals and animations but also a new expansive world for players to explore. This gives the game great potential. Also showcased in the game's trailer is the game's approach to difficulty. This not only gives the player an idea of what kind of adventure they are in store for. But it also manages to do so in a theatrical way.

After this, we see not only cooperative play, but various NPCs around the game's world. But we also see combat and a look at some of the game's bosses. This gives us a tantalizing glimpse at what is to come in Outward 2. This trailer is incredibly effective at generating intrigue and mystique, that's for sure. In short, the Outward 2 trailer is incredibly impressive, to say the least.

Release Date, Platforms & EditionsFighting a taloned creature in Outward 2

In terms of the release date, there have been none announced as of writing this. Regarding the platforms the game will appear on. The game will appear on PC, PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This is sure to give plenty of players the chance to sink their teeth into this fantastical title. As of yet, there are also no special editions of the game announced.

So, what's your take on Outward 2: Everything We Know? Are you looking forward to this title? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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