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5 Best Epic Games of All Time, Ranked



Epic Games is a big name in the world of video games. They've been making games since 1991 and have given us some of the coolest experiences you can have on a gaming console or computer. From fun platformers to action-packed shooters, they’ve tried their hand at pretty much everything. Their games aren’t just fun to play; they often set new trends and inspire other game makers to try new things.

So, with so many great games to pick from, which ones are the absolute best? That’s what we wanted to find out. We looked back at all the awesome games they’ve made and picked the five best games from Epic Games of all time that really stood out. These aren't just good games; they're the best of the best from Epic Games. We’ll start with number five and make our way to the game we think deserves the top spot.

5. Jazz Jackrabbit

Best Epic Games of All Time

Let's start our list of the best Epic Games of all time with an old but gold title, Jazz Jackrabbit. This game came out in 1994 and quickly became a hit. Imagine a green rabbit with a big gun, running super fast. The graphics in Jazz Jackrabbit were absolutely cutting-edge for their time. The game was filled with colorful, exciting worlds. You'd find yourself running through futuristic cities one moment and exploring thick jungles the next. The cartoon-like style made it enjoyable for both kids and adults. This game was one of the first signs that Epic Games had a special talent for making things look cool.

Playing Jazz Jackrabbit felt great too. The controls were easy to use, making it simple to jump around and blast enemies. The game also had various power-ups and weapons, making it even more fun. Also, it showed that Epic Games had big potential. Even back then, they were pushing the envelope and setting the stage for the amazing games they'd make in the future. This classic title is still remembered fondly and holds a special place in the history of Epic Games.

4. Bulletstorm

Following up from the classic Jazz Jackrabbit, let's jump ahead to 2011 with Bulletstorm. This game makes our list of the best Epic Games of all time for good reasons. It's a first-person shooter, but not the usual kind. The interesting part of Bulletstorm was its ‘Skillshot' system. Instead of just giving you points for shooting bad guys, the game gave you extra rewards for taking them down in creative ways. Kick an enemy into a giant, man-eating plant? Points for you! Use your electric leash to slam someone against spikes? More points! This was a refreshing change in a type of game that had started to feel the same old, same old.

The game's story and setting were also really something. The story was funny and edgy, with characters that felt more like real people than cardboard heroes or villains. And the place where all this happens, a planet called Stygia, is a wild, colorful nightmare that makes all the crazy action even more fun to watch. Once again, Epic Games showed off their skills with amazing graphics. Overall, it absolutely deserves its spot as one of the best games from Epic Games.

3. Gears of War

In 2006, Epic Games gave us Gears of War, and it quickly became a hit. Players got to step into the shoes of a soldier named Marcus Fenix. His big task was to fight against scary creatures called the Locust Horde that came from underground. The story was cool, and the players felt really connected to the characters. Plus, there was a neat feature where if you reloaded your gun just right, you'd get a bonus. This small touch made even reloading fun!

The game also looked amazing. Everything from the characters to the world around them was detailed and felt real. The dark and gloomy atmosphere of the game made battles feel even more intense. In short, Gears of War was special. It wasn't just about shooting; it was about strategy, a cool story, and fantastic graphics. Even today, many people remember it as one of the best games Epic Games ever made.

2. Unreal Tournament

Up next on our list of the best Epic Games of all time is Unreal Tournament, a game that came out in 1999 and completely changed how we look at multiplayer shooters. Back then, a lot of people were playing games like Quake, but Unreal Tournament took things to the next level. Its graphics were amazing, everything moved smoothly, and the game just looked great. It was a balanced game that wasn't just about who could shoot the fastest. You had to think and make smart choices.

The game also had amazing maps. Anyone who's played this game will remember classics like Facing Worlds and Deck 16. But the impact of Unreal Tournament goes beyond just being a fun game. It helped kickstart competitive gaming, or esports, before that was even a big thing. It also showed off what the Unreal Engine could do, and today, that engine is used in many other hit games.

1. Fortnite

Best Epic Games of All Time Ranked

When we talk about the best Epic Games of all time, Fortnite is the game that comes to everyone's mind first. Why? Because since it came out in 2017, it's become a part of everyday culture, showing up in everything from fashion to music. One big reason Fortnite is special is its building feature. Instead of just running and hiding, players can actually build walls, stairs, and forts. This makes the game more fun and adds an extra layer of strategy that other games don't have. This building feature is a key reason why Fortnite is one of the best Epic Games ever made.

Another cool thing about Fortnite is that you can play it with friends, no matter what device they have. Whether you're playing on a computer, a PlayStation, an Xbox, or even your phone, you can team up or compete with anyone. This makes it easier to play with more people and makes the game even more popular. So, with all these things put together, Fortnite is the best game that Epic Games has ever made.

So, what's your take on our ranking of the 5 best Epic Games of all time? Is there another title from Epic Games that you think deserves a spot on the list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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