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5 Video Game Prequels We Want in 2023

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Video game prequels allow players to understand more about the origins of their favorite gaming worlds. This has the ability to not only improve existing knowledge but deepen it in a way that feels organic. This makes prequels very interesting from a storytelling perspective. As it allows for tons of creative freedom and often grounds a series. So, to bring you our picks for some prequels. Enjoy our picks for the 5 Video Game Prequels We Want in 2023.

5. Stardew Valley

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We begin our list of the video game prequels we want in 2023, with a classic. Stardew Valley is one of the most beloved games of all time. Featuring a rich world and many characters to fall in love with, this game allows players to sink into its world in a way that feels organic and earned. That said, there are many questions surrounding the overall lore of the game, and it would be interesting to peek into the past with a prequel. In fact, this would potentially solve a ton of mysteries within the game., which is great.

Additionally, the game could perhaps benefit from receiving new mechanics, adding to the already solid foundation of Stardew Valley. This idea alone makes the idea of entertaining a prequel very tantalizing, to say the least. Also, there would be tons of opportunities to tie in the game's lore with Stardew‘s which would do wonders for the narrative depth of both games. So, if you like us, love Stardew Valley, then a prequel would definitely be one of the best video game prequels to come out in 2023 if it was released.

4. Gears of War

Starting off our next entry of video game prequels we want in 2023, we have Gears of War. Now, the Gears of War series is one with a long and acclaimed history. While there was a prequel to the events of the original trilogy, Gears of War: Judgement, it would interesting to go even further back in time. This would allow players to see the world as they have never seen it before in a Gears of War game. This holds incredible potential, and could even serve as somewhat of a reboot or revival of the series if the creators wanted it to.

Additionally, the game would greatly benefit from a combat overhaul. This would allow the developers to create an even more fluid gameplay experience in combat scenarios. Additionally, PvP would be an option for this proposed prequel. Seeing what the world was like before Emergence Day would be interesting, and open the doors for plenty of narrative intrigue. All in all, a Gears of War prequel that takes place before Judgment would be fantastic to play in 2023.

3. Dark Souls

Next up on our list of video game prequels we want in 2023, we have an absolutely massive undertaking. A Dark Souls prequel would definitely strengthen the world and its lore. As well as create new potential environments for players to explore. There is so much information that players wish to learn about the Dark Souls series. This makes it so that a prequel would definitely sell like hotcakes. And there are plenty of interesting stories to tell. Everything from how the world of Dark Souls became the way that it did and much more could be explored in a potential prequel.

Additionally, as far as the gameplay goes, the developers would have great freedom in terms of combat design. This is due to the fact that they will be able to pull from all their experiences within the series and create something new. Perhaps the combat will be more smooth and parry-based like Sekiro. Or it could be more offensive, like Bloodborne, either way, it is a recipe for success. To close, if a Dark Souls prequel were to be made. It would no doubt be one of the best video game prequels in 2023.

2. The Last of Us

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For our next entry, we have a title that fans have no doubt been thinking about a prequel for quite some time. The Last of Us is a franchise that has blossomed into one of the largest and most thought-provoking video game franchises of all time. With such high amounts of acclaim, it should come as no surprise that fans want more. Being able to see what the world was like prior to the outbreak, would be great. Perhaps through the story of a potential prequel, we can learn more about where this outbreak came from. And it could potentially recontextualize a lot of things from later games.

The Last of Us is an interesting case on this list, due to the fact that it had a potential prequel in the works. However, from what we understand, this was scrapped. However, even though this was scrapped perhaps they could revisit this idea in the future. Doing so, would no doubt satiate fans of the series until the release of The Last of Us 3. It is for these reasons, as well as many more that we consider this one of the best video game prequels we would want in 2023.

1. BioShock

Now comes the time for our final entry, here we have the BioShock series. Creating one of the richest, and more visually intriguing worlds in gaming is no small feat. However, if the developers were able to capture that magic and put it toward a prequel, this would be spectacular. Players will instantly gain more insight into the world around them, and potentially the world of Rapture and much more. This would make for a fantastic prequel that could take tons of creative liberties if they wanted. As long as it was somewhat grounded within the BioShock universe, the developers' imaginations could run wild.

Additionally, they could overhaul the combat of the game, which is arguably, the weakest point in the BioShock series. This would greatly help the game have more mass appeal, and overall solve the problems with the moment-to-moment gameplay. That said, the developers would not have to stray too far from their roots for this title to perform fantastically well. Due to its intentionally crafted world, players would be eager for a prequel. It is for these reasons that BioShock would be one of the best video game prequels to release in 2023.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Video Game Prequels We Want in 2023? Which prequels would you love to see? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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