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5 Features We Want In Starfield



While the release of Starfield is still quite a ways ahead of us, the hype surrounding the game is immense, and many players are eager to see what the developers at Bethesda are going to come up with. This is a game that seemingly has a ton of untapped potential for developers to polish and perfect. The game features a heavy focus on exploration and self-driven narratives. So the sky is truly the limit for this title. So without further ado, here are the 5 Features We Want In Starfield.

5. Smooth Flight Mechanicssci-fi games

Starfield seemingly has such an emphasis on space travel. It would be an excellent idea for the flight mechanics in the game to be stellar. This could easily avoid issues such as the vehicles being too light, with a handling system that is more grounded. Now, while a step too far in the other direction could alienate players, something in between an in-depth flight-sim and something that is dead easy to accomplish would be nice. Also, it should feel good to fry around in these crafts, so a lot of work must be done on the effects surrounding the ships.

Additionally, improving the flight mechanics would make traversal much easier. And seeing as traversal has been somewhat of an issue in past Bethesda titles, this would allow them to employ something new and interesting. Make flying your individual craft fun to do, and players will instead opt to do it instead of fast-travel. This would incentivize enjoying the world that the developers have created, all the while being fun for players. So smooth flight mechanics should be one of the highest priorities in terms of Starfield features we want.

4. Improved Weapon Handling and CombatStarfield Gameplay Reveal

In the past, there have been many issues regarding combat in Bethesda titles. If Starfield wants to ensure that it is seen as a true evolution of the Bethesda formula. To do this, there would have to be a great emphasis on the combat mechanics and the animations that accompany combat in the game. This would make the combat of the game feel not only more intuitive but also more interactive for players as they go along their journies.

Weapon handling is a great place to start in this regard, as it will improve how weapons feel across the board. The developers should definitely try and make these weapons feel less floaty. And shoot for something more tangible, making these objects feel like they exist within the world if they are going for an immersive feel. That said, versatility is a huge factor in this as well. Players should be able to tailor their weaponry to their playstyle and vice versa. Doing these things will ensure quality in the game's combat. This makes this one of the features we want the most in Starfield.

3. Improved Random Encounters5 RPGs You Should Play Before Starfield

Random encounters as something that can add a certain sense of verisimilitude to our game worlds. That is to say, employing some of these encounters will make the world feel more vibrant and alive. These seemingly randomly generated events allow players to get lost in the world. However, developers across the board have struggled with how to make these experiences feel organic. A large leap to hurdle. However, for players who are experiencing these events, their immersion matters quite a bit.

So perhaps, we can see random encounters that connect to one another and or have something to do with the player's surroundings. This should do a fantastic job of placing these events within the world and making them feel less menial. Perhaps there could be significant rewards given to players who track down and complete these events, or bonuses or perks such as reduced cost of items, free gear, and the like. All in all, improving the random encounters in the game would be a fantastic step toward making the world of Starfield feel alive, which is why it is one of the features we want.

2. Customizability

Part of creating a project as ambitious as Starfield is allowing the player to customize the world around them. Now, this can manifest itself in many different ways. Such as cosmetic items to give your character a personal touch and much more. The ability to customize one's ship could also be a welcome addition. And also something that will add just that little bit more immersion into the game. While the scale for this game appears to be massive, it is in the tiny details that players will latch on to and remember.

This comes into play in regard to weapons as well. As long as the weapon handling feels solid, being able to customize your weapon will make the game all the more immersive. Being able to adapt a weapon to a particular playstyle and make a weapon that simply looks cool to the player will create a connection with that item, incentivizing the player to keep it. Due to this fact, customization is a necessary and downright wanted feature in Starfield.

1. A Bounty Hunting System

A bounty-hunting system would be an incredibly welcome addition to Starfield. There are multiple reasons why this is the case, and we intend to list some of those reasons here. First, a bounty-hunting system is simply great for framing combat encounters. After all, it feels better for players if there is an incentive to eliminate particular targets. While this doesn't have to necessarily be anything flashy, fleshing out this system can go a long way. This also offers a great sense of replayability to the game as players can perhaps make bounty hunting their job.

This can open up an entirely new world of opportunities. And while there is no multiplayer planned for the game, the idea of hunting enemies throughout the galaxy certainly sounds great. The developers could even incentivize certain methods of capture with greater rewards. This would encourage players to think more about their actions and how they would apprehend targets. So, to sum this up, the idea of bounty hunting in Starfield has a ton of possibilities for the developers to follow through with. Whether this will be implemented or not remains to be seen, but we certainly await the game's release.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Features We Want In Starfield? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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