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5 Best RPGs You Can Get for $20

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5 Best RPGs You Can Get for $20

RPGs are amazing games. They transport you to other worlds, let you be the hero, and give you hundreds of hours of gameplay. The problem is, they're also pretty expensive. A new RPG can easily cost $60 or more. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are five great RPGs you can get for $20 or less. So grab your wallet and get ready to have some fun!


5. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 - Announcement Trailer

The first incredible game that will cost you less than $20 is Fallout 4. Whether you're a veteran Fallout player or a first timer, this title will have you hooked in just a few minutes of playing. It is a post-apocalyptic RPG with exciting combat mechanics. Immerse yourself in the massive open world that you can explore freely as a team or as a solo survivor. You can also develop your own playstyle and enhance your character's status through various cool armor.

The game features dynamic details of post-apocalyptic Boston, from skorched forests to ruined buildings. Your first order of business is to scavenge for essentials that will boost your survival against the countless brutal conditions. These include food, armor, chemicals, and weapons. Fallout 4 is perhaps the best game in terms of visuals and graphics you can find for that price.

Get it on Steam for $4.99.

4. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Original Trailer

Final Fantasy VII is the seventh entry in the Final Fantasy series, boasting a deep narrative and a charming cast. It's also the first title to introduce 3D computer graphics, featuring impressively rendered characters and backgrounds. The game has certainly not aged as gracefully as we would have wanted it to, but its storyline remains one of a kind. Those who don't mind the difference between the traditional visuals and the graphics we have today can enjoy the plot. 

And not just that, if you played the game growing up, you can also relish in the nostalgia that comes with revisiting such a classic. The combat is still impressive and is not so far behind from the game's amazing sequels; it features engaging combat mechanics that will impress you even today. The most amazing part of Final Fantasy VII is its engaging narrative featuring amazing characters.

Get it on Steam for $11.99.

3. Yakuza O

Yakuza 0 - PC Launch Trailer

Yakuza 0 is a big part of the Yakuza series and, like its sequels, takes you through an exciting, action-packed adventure. The game features enjoyable, bone-cracking street fights with several unforgettable, whacky side characters. For just $20, you get to explore various facets of a title that has paved the way for the amazing sequels we have today. The game takes place in the 80s in a number of districts of a fictionalized Tokyo. Here, you switch control between Kazuma and Goro during different parts of the story.

You can freely roam the city, interacting with NPCs to get side quests aside from the main plot. One of the best aspects of this game is the captivating tale surrounding the characters. With the main protagonists caught up in a land dispute against their respective rival clans, you get to experience multiple storylines that magnificently merge in the end. It also features incredible unlockable abilities that get more badass as you advance. You're bound to have lots of fun taking down special enemies known as Mr. Shakedown to earn cash, among other rewards. 

Get on Steam at $18.02.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an epic fifth addition to The Elder Scrolls series. The game continues the series' fantastical saga through yet another incredible open world for you to explore. Here, you have complete freedom to play any type of character you wish and follow any adventure you choose. The game also offers decent graphics thanks to its amazing gameplay engine, which helps bring to life the virtual world ahead. With dozens of weapons to choose from, not to mention magic spells and other abilities you can learn, there is no way you can ever get bored playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Engage in fierce battles against ancient dragons and learn the mysteries behind their power in order to harness it for yourself. This title introduces new armor, weapons, enemies, and locations you can access freely. Aside from all that, you get to explore the coolest feature in the whole series; the Dragonborn ability that lets you tame and ride dragons to attack enemies. The game still outshines most RPGs that came out after its 2011 release and provides value for any amount you spend on it.

Get on Steam for $19.99.

1. Risk of Rain

Risk Of Rain 2 – Early Access Launch Trailer

Dive into the boots of a space explorer in Risk of Rain, a third-person shooter by Hopoo Games. You control a space crash survivor on a bizarre planet infested with monsters. Here, you can follow a solo adventure or form a party of up to two players and advance the game's levels by killing enemies. Your survival depends on the items you can collect to boost your attacks and defense. This is because the difficulty scale advances with time, which will force you to choose between gathering experience or moving through the levels.

You may need to constantly sharpen your skills and apply several upgrades before facing next-level monsters. Since the online play supports up to 10 players, you may have a better chance of advancing as a bigger team. Time is a big factor in Risk of Rain since it determines how strong your enemies will be. Every five minutes, stronger and harder-to-kill monsters respawn, so you need to move quickly within this time limit. When playing solo, the game level ends when you die. However, if you have a teammate, they can bring you back if they survive the level and move to the next.

Get its exclusive bundle from 2ga for $14.42.

Did we miss any amazing RPG you can get for $20? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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