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Top 5 Video Games With Cats From Anime and Cartoons.

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There’s a long list of games with adorable cats we love and hate to love. These cats don’t have to be completely cats to be placed on the “Top 5 Video Games With Cats From Anime and Cartoons.” Every animal lover loves cats, unless they’re allergic, but they’d still probably risk the odds of being around cats. Not if the Ailurophobia, (the intense fear of cats), so if you’re afraid of cats, this list is probably something you should avoid looking at.

In the video game world, some cats are just around to act normal while others are more intelligent. There’s a wide variety of cat species and robot cats in the game industry, but we’ll narrow it down to the ones we love. If you think a cat is more deserving to be at the number one spot or you have your own top 5 list, share it on our Twitter: and/or our Facebook: Facebook. 


5. Big the Cat:

Starting first on the list is Big the Cat from “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Probably everyone you talk about video games with knows the name “Sonic,” but not everyone will remember Big the Cat who appeared in “Sonic Adventure” (1998). Big is a furry, purple, 18-year-old male creature with a rotund body, weighs approximately 616 pounds, and lives in a jungle surrounded by the Mystic Ruins.

Although Big the Cat is am animal, he’s intelligent enough to take care of other animals. On his free time, he partakes in the activity of outdoor fishing. Also, he has a pet frog he takes care of called, “Froggy.” A cat that loves frogs in a good way is rare because in reality, cats eat frogs. Although Big the Cat may not be a fan favorite when it comes to playable characters in video games, he’s still a likable cat, especially to Sonic.


Sonic Adventure - Sega Dreamcast

4. Puss in Boots:

I have to put Puss in Boots down from Shrek, most don’t have to play a video game to know the adorable, combative cat, Puss in Boots. In October 25, 2011, this sword fighting cat with sly maneuvers expanded from the DreamWorks Animation, to the action video game, “Puss in Boots.” The game was released by THQ for Xbox 360, PS3 (PlayStation 3), Wii, and Nintendo DS. 

In “Puss In Boots,” you’re sneaking pass enemies, using your claws to attack and crawl, charming the señoritas… Throughout the game, you’ll feel like you’re in the movie Shrek and find new locations. Puss In Boots is the entirely opposite of Garfield (with a ‘Garfield’ game out for PlayStation 2 and Windows). 

3. Tom:

Tom from the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” (which got its start back in February 10, 1940, was made into an N64 (Nintendo 64) video game in 2000. In “Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry,” you have a time limit to cause the most damage to your opponent physically by fighting, using weapons (like tomatoes, watermelons, garden pots, and even chairs), and traps (like fire shooting upward from a stove burner and beehives).

Tom is a villain most of us love to hate. Not too many people would cheer for a mouse, but the cute cartoon characters give us a break from reality. It’s not just Tom and Jerry fighting. In this game, you can scuffle against Quacker (the chick), Spike (a Bulldog) and there’s many levels like a kitchen, front yard, barn, etc. You can throw stacks of hay, throw a pumpkin, jump on the opponent’s head, etc. It’s a single player and multiplayer mode. 

Tom & Jerry: Fists of Fury - Gameplay Nintendo 64 HD 720P

2. Felicia:

Felicia is a children’s animated television series. In Capcom, Felicia is an optimistic female with cat characteristics. This game full of dark shadows was released in arcades in Japan back in June 30, 1994 and was ported to the Playstation in 1996. You’re probably wondering why Pikachu isn’t on the list. Well, Pikachu from Pokémon isn’t a cat. 

1. Catwoman:

It was July 20, 2004 when the “Catwoman” video game released on PS2 (PlayStation 2), Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. Obviously, Catwoman was in Batman games in the past, but we got an in depth view on her life from this game. So far, the only two black women to play Catwoman in a movie are Halle Berry from Catwoman (2004) and Zoe Kravitz in the upcoming “The Batman” (2022). We all know how Catwoman is in the cartoons. 

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