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5 Best Star Wars Games of All Time, Ranked



There is definitely no shortage of games when it comes to Star Wars. Titles have been added for almost as long as the iconic films have existed. From throwing the player into the cockpit of a X-Wing to battling it out against Sith. Where some have captured the essence of the films, others have taken them to a another level or even built upon them. Even the classics hold up well, the Star Wars universe is timeless and what could be more exciting than living out your own Star Wars fantasy?

Chosen for being memorable, as well as doing the franchise justice. This is our top 5 Star Wars games of all time, to play, replay and replay again.


5. Star Wars Battlefront II

Despite a rather rocky start, this recreation of a childhood classic has grown to become a stellar example of a great Star Wars game. Building from the original, you can finally live the Stormtrooper experience with gorgeous visuals. Those lasers coming for your head have never looked so good, but what truly shines is the atmosphere. From the sounds, visuals and art design this games captures the Star Wars feel amidst a chaotic galactic battlefield.

Flying in a star fighter, advancing in an ATST or watching as the enemy team flees before your red light saber and force lightning. All of these pieces factor into bringing the world to life around you. After so many years and updates, the game features a whopping 22 heroes and villains, 7+ game modes and a well written and voiced campaign. The evolution of this game has become something of a fantastic recovery story, with the real winners being the players.


4. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

While Jedi Fallen Order may have put many people on the fence regarding its difficulty, it is the first title to bring something unique to the gaming franchise for a while. As the first ‘souls-like' Star Wars game, players may often find themselves fighting the same enemies a few times over. While growing increasingly frustrated. Or…maybe that was just me? Difficulty aside the suffering is worth it for the immaculately crafted universe and characters the player can explore.

Traveling between planets on your ship and unlocking free-roam exploration through progression is wonderfully fun. The stunning visuals, animations and the mouth watering ‘bzzzz' of your light saber will keep you swinging it just for fun. Most importantly of all is the cast, a suite of well written characters that truly bring home that feeling of being the protagonist in a Star Wars film.


3. Star Wars: Republic Commando

Republic Commando also brings a unique perspective to the Star Wars franchise. From the onset of the game, you as a clone commando must reunite with your team. The three other commandos all have very unique and colourful personalities that seem almost at odds with their ‘clone' characteristic. They are however immensely memorable and it works heavily in the games favour. The other unique component is the breakaway from the light-saber and fantastical battles you would have elsewhere.

Instead the player is faced with the reality of being a foot soldier. On top of this the player is presented with gruesome scenes of droves of dead clones, knifing their enemies to spray the players visor with viscera. It is a far darker representation of the clone wars and it once again works heavily in the games favour, especially when you get the shotgun.


2. Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

If you have ever had any serious intentions of living out a Jedi Fantasy, then this title is for you. Running across the Empire dismembering Stormtroopers left and right, flipping in the air and deflecting blaster fire. This game will make you a real Jedi. Jedi Outcast truly captures the feel of being a powerful Jedi Knight as you clash sabers with your Sith counterparts, hurling lightning before clashing once more. You don't get these powers right away however, first the game will have you fighting with a variety of interesting energy weapons. Once you have fought through and completed the engrossing story, you may wander about the multiplayer.

While the multiplayer is only kept alive by a handful of dedicated fans, you will nonetheless find it a blast as you join in on the epic duels and mid air combat. Some small groups even abide by serious rules when re-enacting lightsaber battles, there's something for everyone.


1. Knights of the Old Republic

There are a number of games that you will hear people say are ‘a timeless classic', this happens to be one of them. Everything you could ever want from an RPG within the Star Wars universe can be found here. Lasers, light sabers, dual wielding light sabers, force choking and more. Brought together by a world full of exploration that still holds up today and narrative that will have you gripped in your seat from start to finish. This game has had unrelenting cries for a remake, and for good reason. Many games have tried but few have succeeded in delivering such a quality narrative experience in Star Wars.

A whole new time period to explore, a suite of fantastic companions and arguably one of the best story lines ever to feature in a Star Wars title. There is so much content to be immersed in and plenty of replay value at that. It is the definitive title to pick up for any Star Wars fan and you will be hard pressed to find any fan that has yet to play and replay this title.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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Kiefer Whitaker is an avid gamer, writer and fantasy lover. When not writing about games, he can be found working on an Overhaul Mod project for M&B Bannerlord.