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5 of The Most Unpredictable Video Game Characters



To be one step ahead of the competition comes from some of the most unpredictable video game characters of all-time. One moment, someone can be laughing, then wound up smacking you in the dentures. Being unpredictable does not necessarily make someone emotionally unstable, but they could stand out from the crowd, unless they try blending in.

The 4 well-coordinated ghosts (Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde) from the Pac-Man series, are unforgettable antagonists. Out of the 4 ghosts, Clyde is the only one programmed to behave until Tōru Iwatani, acting randomly. This technique took people decades to wrap their heads around, how such AI ghosts work.

Be sure to share which video game characters you feel are unpredictable via the Twitter account. The ongoing views on who is the most unpredictable video game character would drive you into oblivion. M. Bison from the Street Fighter series is cruel, but is he really unpredictable? Majora in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was unpredictable, (back in the year 2000) but we heard about the game so much, it no longer is.

Top 5 List of Unpredictable Video Game Characters: 


5: Niko Bellic: 

Niko Bellic, the younger cousin of Roman Bellic, made his first appearance in Grand Theft Auto 4. From working for organized crime syndicates as a hitman in Liberty City, to his search to kill either Florian Cravic or Darko Bravic (for nearly killing him in a Yugoslav War), Niko is extremely dangerous. 

The protagonist worked for a human trafficking ring led by Ray Bulgarin, after being incarcerated in a European penitentiary, for working in a criminal underworld. Basically, you can just run around aimlessly shooting, thrusting your knife, and mercilessly bombing innocent citizens, just as much as you can harm criminals.

You know the story of the Grand Theft Auto series and the fact that people can trust a hitman, is devastating, especially if the hitman does not favor criticism. At least Niko can take criticism, but that will not remove him from this list. 

4. Agent 47: 

Agent 47 appears in every Hitman video game (from Hitman: Codename 47 to Hitman 3). In semi-open world video games, he has a non-threatening tone, blending in with the crowd (like a regular person), but his actions are the opposite of what society thinks. In the cutscenes, Agent 47 is more talkative, compared to the gameplay. In the film adaptations, he seems less reserved, compared to the video game series.

The hitman loves his Silverballers (custom, stainless AMT Hardballer pistols) and after heartlessly eliminating enemies, it makes the villains wonder what will happen next. You play as Agent 47, but do you know what you will wound up doing? You can toss a dead body in a dumpster, then someone spots you, which worries the enemies.


3. Los Illuminados (Resident Evil 4): 

Los Illuminados (also known as The Enlightened) is a cult in a small region of Spain. They believe they are a continuation of an ancient primal religion thousands of years ago (in Iberia), involving Plaga-worship.

They will take villagers, play with a genetic code, and create monsters like the Regenerator. The Los Illuminados Have control over their bodies, but lack control over their minds. 

2. Starkweather (Manhunt): 

Manhunt (2003) is one of those survival-horror games people took pleasure in. All because Lionel Starkweather (The Director) promises to release James Earl Cash if he participates in a film, it leads to more untrustworthiness.

Playing as James, sneak up behind nosy gang members, and gruesomely kill them (like hitting them with glass bottles, suffocating them with plastic bags, and cutting them with garden tools). Still, Manhunt is Rockstar Games most violent video game ever. The developers had to edit the kill scenes, just to get the game in the stores.


1: Brotherhood of Nod (Command & Conquer): 

Why pick just one character that is unpredictable, when you can pick an entire cult, ran by the enigmatic Kane. The Brotherhood of Nod’s history goes back to 1800 B.C. and in 1995, Nod rose to power after the arrival of Tiberium (an extraterrestrial substance). The brotherhood basically just want to destroy the world by spreading Tiberium. 

Kane is viewed to be an extraterrestrial entity who arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. “Peace through power!” is the primary message of this quasi-religious and political movement. 

Isaiah Joshua is an author and poet and has a love for video games. In May 2016, he graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema Arts and Science. As an avid gamer, some of his favorite games are "WWF No Mercy, Hitman, Manhunt, Sims 3, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. Conscious in gaming culture, he is always researching gaming history, as well as the latest games to write about.