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5 Movie-Based Video Games That We Need



The box office reviews may not persuade you to see a decent movie, but when there is a movie-based video game, you may want to take a peek. Is it too much to ask for a peek of how movies we desired to see in video games? We saw Space Jam have a video game tie-in, mostly preferring Space Jam (1996), over Space Jam: A New Legacy—The Game (2021). 

Remember the arcade video game Rampage? Rampage 2: Universal Tour makes you feel dominant, terrorizing the world as characters (like a giant rhino, mouse, dinosaur, wolf, and an ape). Well, in 2018, Dwayne Johnson starred in the science fiction, monster movie Rampage. Plenty of us actually do not think about Rampage the video game, when we think about the movie.

5 Movies That Should Be Video Games:


5. Kill Bill (Series):

You are probably still furious that Quentin Tarantino’s movie, Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, has Bruce Lee (the legendary martial artist) portrayed as being arrogant, losing a fight to Cliffhanger. That does not change the fact that a Kill Bill series turned into a video game, sounds spectacular.

Although you may never watch another Quentin Tarantino movie again, (depending on how much you respect Bruce Lee’s legacy) Mortal Kombat may have competition if the blood-soaked action turns into a video game.

You wake up from a four-year coma and wreak vengeance on a team of assassins. For entertainment purposes, those at CineFix recreated Kill Bill as an 8-bit video game.

KILL BILL (Vol 1 and 2) - 8 Bit Cinema

4. The Hunger Games (Series): 

Your surroundings will be not so environmentally-friendly and you have to have killer instincts to survive, the televised competition. The totalitarian is divided into 12 districts and the Capital. Every year, two young representatives are selected by lottery, to participate in the Hunger Games. Now, I know there are countless people that would buy The Hunger Games video game.

3. The Waterboy: 

Bobby Boucher says, “My mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.” If the opposing team disagrees or mocks the importance of water, they get sacked. Adam Sandler could do the voice acting for a the in-game character of Bobby Boucher.

2. Disturbia: 

Maybe you forgot about 2007 released psychological thriller movie, Disturbia, starring Shia LaBeouf. The story is about a troubled high school student, who becomes convinced that he is living next door to a serial killer. The teen is placed on house arrest for assaulting a teacher, then decides to spy on his neighbor. Just do everyone a favor and make this into a video game.

Disturbia (2007) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

1. Phone Booth: 

I am perfectly aware that most people carry around cell phones and some of us forgot phone booths even exist. The plot of Phone Booth is psychological, where Stu is on a busy New York street in being blackmailed to do and say practically anything, in a phone booth. A high-powered sniper rifle is aimed at him and if Stu drops the phone, he will get shot. 

Isaiah Joshua is an author and poet and has a love for video games. In May 2016, he graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema Arts and Science. As an avid gamer, some of his favorite games are "WWF No Mercy, Hitman, Manhunt, Sims 3, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. Conscious in gaming culture, he is always researching gaming history, as well as the latest games to write about.