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5 Best iPhone/iPad Games of 2022



Ever wondered what would be best to play from the comfort of your couch or bed? Trying to figure out what runs smoothly and looks good on your iPad or iPhone? Chances are, if you're a new Apple customer or an old one, you'll eventually be asking these questions. Rest assured we can help provide an answer, with a wide range of different styles of play, there should be something for everyone here. With growing mobile and tablet gamers across the globe, the quality of games is rising. From solid PC ports to well-known titles, these are our top picks for the best iPad and iPhone games.


5. Call of Duty Mobile

It's almost unnecessary to describe what this is, but nonetheless, Call of Duty Mobile is exactly what it claims to be: a fun mobile version of the world-renowned FPS. All of your favourite weapons, characters and maps are at your fingertips. It is very smooth for something that looks so good graphically. You can battle through your favourite game modes from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. Offering a solid competitive FPS experience for iOS. Once you get used to the controls on an iPad, this is a great addition for any Call of Duty or shooter fan.


4. Old School Runescape

One of the longest-running MMORPGs to exist, Runescape is a no-brainer for mobile or tablet. Old School Runescape may lack the updated visuals of its latest iterations, but the content that you need to have buckets of fun is all there. A direct port of the PC version, even sharing the same servers, you can enjoy questing, goblin slaying and mining to your heart's content. All from the comfort of your phone. If you are a fan of MMOs or just want to dive back into an old classic, this is one of the best ways to do it. An expansive open-world that is easy to explore and plenty of PvP or PvE events that will keep you coming back for more.


3. Kingdom Two Crowns

A unique side-scrolling, optionally co-op strategy game. Kingdom Two Crowns has a lot of good going for it, from its gorgeous pixelated art style to the entrancing music. It really is easy to forget that the objective of the game is to survive an onslaught of strange tar-demon creatures. You start in the world with just a few coins to your name. After a quick tutorial, you'll have some builders, archers, and the beginnings of your own little town.

If the base building and survival mechanics weren't enough, there are also multiple islands you have the option to explore. Each with various differences, from loot and difficulty to mounts that your character (the king or queen) can find and ride. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of content to discover. It is well worth a look on the iOS App Store.


2. Stardew Valley

The ultimate farming life game, but on iPad! Stardew Valley has you building up your own farm, repairing and expanding it as you get to know the locals. Events take place based on an in-game calendar, you can make friends and even get married in this relaxing, yet engrossing, life-sim. If you are a fan of Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing, then you'll feel right at home here. For those who need a little more action then you'll be pleased to note that there is also dungeon crawling and looting to be done. In between the harvests of course.

Its charming visuals and memorable characters will have you sinking far too much time into your phone.


1. Company of Heroes

Praised as one of the best strategy games to exist on PC, you may find it hard to believe that it holds up well on an iPad. Yet here we are. This action-packed World War II RTS will have you fighting across France with the US airborne, as you push back the Axis to liberate Europe. Maintaining the great visuals from PC, you'll be encased in a cacophony of explosions, yells and gunfire as you push your men onwards to victory. Offering a single-player campaign that is extensive and fairly challenging, it is a great journey to make from the comfort of your bed or sofa.


So, what’s your take? Would you change any of these titles? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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