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The Fortnite Joins The Olympic Esports Week Line-Up

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Olympic Esports x fortnite

Fortnite, the popular online game, is joining Olympic eSports, but in a slightly different way. Instead of being played as a battle royale, Fortnite has designed a custom map with shooting targets to reflect the sport's shooting competition. 

Fortnite will be one of the games that will feature at the inaugural Olympic Esports Week. The event, organized by the International Olympic Committee, will take place in Singapore. The Fortnite Champion Series will send 12 players to Singapore to test their accuracy and compete for the gold medal on June 24th. The Fortnite tournament will require players to navigate the in-game environment as they compete, but it is unclear what this will look like in practice.

The Fortnite team has developed an Island called Creative Island. The developers specifically designed the island to reflect “sport shooting competition” for the Olympic Esports.  The island is specifically for the purpose of shooting targets, indicating that it is not a traditional battle royale game where the objective is to eliminate all other players. In this game, success is determined more by one's ability to accurately hit the targets than by being the only surviving player. Therefore, the ultimate winner is the person who can demonstrate the best aiming skills. 

Other games included in the event are WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros for baseball, for chess, Zwift for cycling, Just Dance for dancing, Gran Turismo 7 for motorsport, Virtual Regatta for sailing, Virtual Taekwondo for taekwondo, and Tennis Clash for tennis. The games will be held in Singapore's Suntec Centre but will be streamed globally on the official Olympics website and social channels.

Olympic Esports Games Dates

The Olympic Esports Games will take place in Singapore's Suntec Centre on June 24. However, the event will be streamed globally on the official Olympics website and social channels. Tickets for the event cost $7.50 per day or $20 for a three-day pass.

What’s your take? What do you think about Fortnite's appearance at the Olympic Esports event in Singapore? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below. 


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