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The First Descendant: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



The First Descendant is a promising third-person looter shooter with fantastic multiplayer elements. This title, which is also free-to-play, allows players to traverse worlds and collect loot while fighting massive enemies. Doing all of this inside a well-designed world feels great, coupled with the game's smooth and rewarding gameplay. That said, getting into the game can be a little daunting due to the amount of systems present. So, to help either new players or players who are just looking for helpful tips, here is The First Descendant: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Dismantle Junk Often

Starting off today's list of the best tips for beginners for The First Descendant, we have to discuss inventory management. One of the quickest lessons that players will learn in this title is to dismantle junk. This not only gives players access to weapon parts and other useful items that can acquire throughout their journey. But it also ensures that you have more inventory space for higher, more prestigious items. Dismantling the junk also gives you quite a bit of resources back in the form of various scrap parts.

This feeds into the core gameplay loop of The First Descendant as well, as players will get rid of gear that they outgrow rather quickly. That isn't to say that players can't latch on to particular weapons, as they each feel rather unique, simply that the rarity of weapons varies greatly. Luckily enough for players who a fans of ease-of-use design, players can easily select and dismantle junk from their inventories. All around, one of the most valuable tips we can give beginners in The First Descendant is to dismantle your junk often.

4. Utilize Weapon Variety

Following up on our last entry,  our next tip has to deal with utilizing weapon variety. This is a surefire way not only to gain more enjoyment out of the game but also to deal with different types of enemies. In THe First Descendant, there are several weapon types that each weapon falls under. While they may all have their own rarities, each weapon can be classified into a group. These groups have distinct strengths and weaknesses that make them suit a number of situations throughout your journey.

There are smaller, more compact weapons, effective at close range, such as SMGs and shotguns. For more long-range options, there are marksmen, sniper, and assault rifles. Each of these weapons manages to not only bring with it a distinct feeling when using it. But also each feels used for a particular purpose. Whether it be mowing down waves of smaller enemies, or more explosive options for bigger foes. All in all, utilizing weapon variety is one of the best tips for beginners to get ahead in The First Descendant.

3. Feel Free To Explore

For the next entry on our list of the best tips for beginners in The First Descendants, we have to emphasize exploration. The freedom to explore and find all different types of treasures and loot is at the heart of what makes The First Descendant great. Couple this with the game's ability to bring players together for a common goal, and you have a recipe for great multiplayer gameplay. And part of that outstanding gameplay loop is giving the players the freedom to do as they wish.

Have a particular piece of gear you want? Perhaps you wish to just get together relax and complete rewarding content with friends. No matter your reason, exploration within The First Descendants feels great. And it is sure to add a sense of immersion to the player. Additionally, it is a great way to meet more like-minded players to tackle content together. This makes exploration within the game's multiplayer world feel rewarding. So, to close, if you are looking for one of the best tips for The First Descendant, this one is a great one to follow.

2. Use Abilities Sparingly

Next up on our list of the best tips for beginners in The First Descendant, we have to use your abilities sparingly. This ensures not only that you will have them to use when you get overwhelmed, but also is just a nice habit to get into. This makes it great for ensuring that you have the firepower you need to finish any fight. As The First Descendant is a game that has a varied amount of difficulty, knowing when and how to use abilities can really come in handy.

The abilities within The First Descendant have a great way of synergizing with one another as well. Each Descendant you pick has abilities all their own, and this also does a great job of varying the gameplay as well. It should be noted, however, that if players aren't mindful of their ability cooldowns, this becomes quite taxing at a certain point, as you will have to slowly regain the ability to use your abilities again. In short, using your abilities wisely and sparingly is one of the best tips we can give new players.

1. Try Various Descendants

Somewhat going hand in hand with our last entry, our final entry is variety-based as well. Players will soon after booting up the game and going through the tutorial, be able to unlock various Descendants. Each of these Descendants has its own flair to them. And each can be customized quite a bit in terms of gear. For example, for players attempting to unlock the Bunny character, it's rather simple. Players can accomplish this by completing her Crafting subquest early on in the game.

Additionally, players will need to scour the various worlds for specific items in order to obtain these characters. This is great, as it not only rewards players for exploring the game's world but gives them the ability to try new characters as well. However, if players do put in the work, and accomplish the immense grind, they will be rewarded with great power. It should be noted, however, that researching the game's characters in order to unlock them is a time-consuming process. But whenever you can, make sure you work toward trying new characters as it can really enrich your experience.

So, what's your take on our picks for The First Descendant: 5 Best Tips for Beginners? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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