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Classified: France ‘44 Review( PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S & PC)

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Classified: France ‘44 Review

World War games have earned a place at the highest level of gaming thanks to their immersive action and storytelling ability. These games not only give you an action adventure but also fully immerse you in the feeling of belonging. Once you set your armor, you are set to forget your real world and experience the anxiety of facing enemies on the battlefield, as if you were in that time and place. Here, everything is all about stepping into a soldier's boots and navigating the historical adventure filled with war and the mysteries of the World War. 

With their immense popularity, developers have not let us down. This year boasts a fantastic lineup of similar games, catering to a wide range of genres. On that note, single-player turn-based enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate. The eagerly anticipated Classified: France 44 is finally here, and the community is buzzing with anticipation, ready to explore the fresh turn-based tactical strategy experience. 

Sending you back to the World War II era, Classified France 44 features the tensions and battles as you command your squad of elite Allied soldiers. Additionally, it offers a unique blend of strategy and historical immersion, drawing inspiration from iconic titles like Call of Duty and XCOM. The game delivers intense moments as you navigate the chaos of war with a pounding heart, where every shot counts. That said, let us uncover all the secrets and the unique experience Classified: France 44 has to offer.

The D. Day

Soldiers chatting to improve morale

Imagine leading soldiers through the big Allied invasion in World War II; quite a tough job, huh? The Classified: France 44 story takes inspiration from the heroes of the Allies and the French resistance. Players join in as the leader of a group of soldiers, guiding them through dangerous missions during World War II. However, the game is not all about giving orders; you must build resistance and deal with enemy factions in the occupied territory. 

Remember those history classes about D. Day in World War II? The game takes you to the exact moment of the invasion. Your main goal is to drive the D. Day mission to success. For you to succeed in your mission, you must recruit local partisans and criminals who will help you destabilize the Germans. To do so, you must engage in assaults and intelligence-gathering. Notably, as you play through the game, you will realize that the more chaos you cause, the riskier it gets because you will draw more attention from the enemy. 

Back to History Class

Classified: France ‘44

D-Day, or the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, was a crucial event during World War II. Similarly, it plays a significant role in the historical context of Classified: France '44. This great operation marked the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany's control over Western Europe.

In the game, the narrative builds up to the famous D-Day battle, with players leading their specialized Allied soldiers deployed to occupied France by Nazi Germany. The missions undertaken moments before D-Day are very vital. They involved numerous tasks, including attacking Nazi military forces, stealing documents and aiding captured members of the French Resistance.

The in-game events are centered around the desperate months preceding D-Day. On the same note, players must carry out various missions in occupied France to assist local resistance groups. The decisions made during these missions contribute to the overall storyline, with different outcomes based on the player's actions. If you had a rough time understanding and comprehending the World War II history classes, Classified: France 44 could be a good refresher for some of the World War II lessons.

The Mission

Classified: France ‘44 Battle Stealth

Firstly, let's talk about stealth. Resistance is at its best when you get in, achieve your objectives, and get out without anyone realizing you were there. You'll need to take stealth missions slowly, hiding from enemy patrols and striking from the shadows. Use your knife for attacks when the opportunity arises. Be careful; melee attacks leave your soldiers exposed and potentially out of cover at the end of their turn. 

On the contrary, assault missions require you to be in full contact with the enemy. During these missions, the enemy is always ready to face you. To succeed, you must utilize everything you have to extract the casualties. Nonetheless, do not extract many of them because the enemy reinforcements can overpower you, risking your squad being flanked. 

Ambush Them…

A soldier killing enemy in an ambush

Ambush missions are all about stealth and sneaky moves. You quietly move with your team, taking out enemies in pin-drop silence. As you take out the enemies, the awareness meter builds up, allowing you to know when the enemy is catching on. No one waits for the enemy to destroy them, especially when you can tell when he’s about to make his move. In that case, your squad is always ready to go in, all guns blazing towards the enemy. 

During the ambush missions, you must position yourself strategically to make maximum use of your sneaky stealth moves. The stealth attacks allow you to make precise shots at your enemy and attack them by surprise. Often, once the enemy is down and the meter is filled up, you can call it warfare time and open fire on the remaining enemies. 

On the other hand, you must use all you have to hold your ground against enemy attacks. As you do that, be careful to keep the casualties low. Nevertheless, do not be too comfortable, because enemies might appear unexpectedly. If that happens, your team will be in a tight situation and might suffer immense surprise attacks. Use your team’s skills and go head-to-head with the enemy as you watch out for any off-guard attacks.

Let's Go Tactical

Classified: France ‘44 battle ground

Let's get into the mechanics. The mechanics behind using these fine men are similar to those in other turn-based tactics games but have some key elements to consider. You start with a set number of action points per character. As you do that, you can switch between characters carrying out movement attacks or using the character’s specific ability. Note that some abilities automatically end the character's turn. 

Otherwise, you can move as many times individually as you like. Furthermore,  you can switch between different characters as long as you have action points remaining. However, avoid running into enemy Overwatch. Why is it advisable to do that? For instance, if you want to gather your soldiers for healing and then spread them out again, doing so in a single turn allows for efficient use of actions. Since neither the act of being healed nor healing others ends the turn, you can optimize your team's positioning and health status within a short time frame.

The tactical combat experience in Classified: France '44 is an immersive journey, offering players a deep dive into strategic turn-based warfare. Therefore, players must carefully plan and execute each move, considering terrain, cover, and the unique abilities of their squad members. The game challenges players to think strategically, weighing the risks and rewards of each decision.

The Morale System

A soldier on ground with the morale bar indicated

Every game features a unique element that makes it stand out in its genre. The devs of Classified: France 44 wouldn't be left out of the moment to make a signature feature. Absolutely Games introduced a morale system that reflects the well-being and resilience of your squad. 

Now, here is how the system works: Successful missions boost morale. On the other hand, failed missions and casualties may decrease morale. Notably, high squad morale adds bonuses to your squad. For example, it improves decision-making during battle and increases both accuracy and resistance to enemy tactics.

Additionally, you can maintain or recover morale by completing missions and granting soldiers rest periods. Making careful decisions as the commander is an additional way to improve morale.

If you manage the morale system well in Classified: France 44, no enemy can stand in your way. Also, it will enhance your squad’s performance during combat. 


Classified: France ‘44 Review

Thumbs up to the developers. Arguably, Classified: France '44 offers an immersive and engaging turn-based tactical experience featuring the events of World War II. The game stands out for its varied missions and strategic gameplay. Also, its humanized storytelling emotionally resonates with the overall gaming experience. We can not conclude without mentioning how unique the morale system is. The incorporation of the morale system enhances strategic decision-making as you take turns facing your enemies.

On the flip side, the game may be challenging for newbies in the turn-based genre. Additionally, the mission structure makes some of the missions appear repetitive. Such setbacks can be worked on to make the game better and more engaging. Just a few taps on the keyboard and some secret coding by the developers, and boom! The game transforms into a masterpiece in the turn-based genre.

 Although Classified: France '44 boasts commendable strengths, it's crucial to acknowledge potential setbacks. We must take into account individual preferences and expectations within the turn-based tactical strategy genre. Players should be mindful of these factors to ensure their gaming experience aligns with their personal tastes. Nevertheless, Classified: France '44 offers the thrill we love in turn-based games. Undoubtedly, the game keeps you on the edge of your seat as you experience adrenaline-pumping turn-based strategy gameplay.

Classified: France ‘44 Review( PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S & PC)

Strategy meets combat

Strategy and a good squad are all you need as you take turns to ensure the D.Day mission succeeds. Tighten your bootlaces; every step you take determines the mission’s success. 


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