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5 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games on Mobile (2023)



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In many ways, mobile gaming and turn-based strategy games go hand in hand. Players being able to fight enemies and complete missions on the go is great. Added to this, the mobile layout is an excellent platform for game UIs. This makes each of these games intuitive and easy to understand. In addition, these games have a certain charm due to their style and the coziness of having them at your fingertips. So join us as we bring you the 5 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games on Mobile (2023).

5. Clash of Clans

Games like Clash of Clans

Starting off our list of the best turn-based strategy games on mobile, we have Clash of Clans. This is a game that players will no doubt be familiar with. The ads for the game were rather ubiquitous on Youtube. This game, at its core, allows players to command their units and make their legend along the way. This is great, and there is plenty of customization to be had in the game, which makes it unique and feel great to play.

With a user-friendly ad ergonomic layout, this game is really accessible to the modern player. This is great, as it allows players who perhaps haven't even gotten into the turn-based strategy genre to enjoy the game and understand it. So often, with these games, there is a barrier to entry in terms of game mechanic knowledge. And Clash of Clans does a great job of circumventing this issue. So if you are looking for turn-based strategy games on mobile, make sure you check out this title, as it is well worth your time to do so.

4. Northgard

Next on our list of the best turn-based strategy games players can play on mobile, we have Northgard. Now Northgard is an incredibly stylized experience that manages not only to have its own sense of identity but to thrive within it. Players will be able to control their units with great precision, even on mobile devices. This is great, as sometimes these mechanics can become a little clunky when applied to mobile platforms. Players are also able to expand their territories and amass great wealth and influence, which is a really fun gameplay loop.

Firstly, players who are enthralled with the Norse culture will definitely find something to love here. Additionally, the game's mechanics are really strong at a fundamental level, making the game really enjoyable. There are also a multitude of professions and roles that players' units can find themselves in. This is great as it not only varies the gameplay. But also allows players to have more control over several aspects of the game. Overall, Northgard is an example of a fantastic mobile strategy game that players should definitely check out if they have the chance.

3. Hoplite

For our next entry, we have a title that, for many players, is some of the best turn-based strategy gameplay on the market. Despite not having the name recognition of many other titles on this list, Hoplite is simply fantastic. The game's gameplay mechanics are strong at their foundation and do a great job of immersing the player in the game's world. This is great, as it allows the player to develop a connection with their units as they make their way through the game. The game is also somewhat challenging, which is excellent for satisfying genre veterans.

The gameplay is presented in a puzzle format. This means players must carefully think out their moves. This helps the overall gameplay and makes the player care about every action they make. In addition, players will have to implement strategy as they try and move around the game's board, which will give them a more tactical advantage and situational awareness. While the scale isn't anything massive here, the core gameplay is exceptional. And that is why Hoplite is one of the best mobile turn-based strategy games to date.

2. Civilization VIBest 4X games on PC

Civilization is a franchise that has created a legacy throughout its runtime. And Civilization VI does a stellar job of living up to that legacy. And with the game being available on mobile devices, players can take their empire wherever they go. This is great, as many of the game's decisions can be made on the game, and specific actions can be taken while the player does other things. This gives the game an incredible sense of pick-up and playability that feels fantastic. For newer players, the game also does a great job of showing them the ropes through the game's tutorial.

This is integral to more players getting into the game and also shows the love and attention poured into the game. Players will begin from antiquity and form their empires through hard work and resource management. This makes it an excellent game for those players who enjoy these elements of strategy games. For players who wish to play the game on their PC. The game also features a cross-save feature, which can be a lifesaver. So if you are someone who enjoys both RTS and turn-based strategy games, make sure you check out Civilization VI, one of the best mobile strategy games to date.

1. The Banner Saga

Now, for our final entry on our list of the best turn-based strategy games, we have The Banner Saga. With a distinct art style and direction, The Banner Saga definitely sticks out among its competition. This is for a good reason, as well as the game feels grounded very much within its own lore and world. This manages to make the game incredibly immersive to play, even if players aren't combat-focused. Heavily inspired by Norse mythology, the game does a great job of showcasing heroes and legends of the world.

This game boasts a staggering twenty-five playable characters for players who are fans of variety in their games. This is great and allows the player to find a character that they connect with and run through the game as that character. The actions of the player also reverberate throughout the world, which gives the world a sense of reality, seldom found in mobile games. Additionally, the game's environmental design is stunningly gorgeous and creates a world of great breadth. To close, simply put, The Banner Saga is phenomenal and well worth your time.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games on Mobile (2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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