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Phantom Liberty: Everything We Know

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that in many ways, is still improving. The same has seen several game-changing updates in order to improve the game. However, what is most impressive is that the studio at CD Projekt Red has yet to show its full hand. This is evident from the news that there will be a DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 that is massive in scale. This is great, as it may serve to revitalize the game, as well as give players another avenue of enjoyment. The DLC greatly explores more areas within Night City for layers to learn and explore. With the base game being highly praised for several aspects, the prospect of a fully-fleshed-out expansion is tantalizing. So, if you are someone who enjoys Cyberpunk 2077, or simply someone who enjoys following the latest RPG news. Then please enjoy Phantom Liberty: Everything We Know.

What is Phantom Liberty?RTX 4090

As alluded to above, Phantom Liberty is the upcoming DLC for the massive RPG Cyberpunk 2077. This DLC is seen by some as an attempt to energize and revitalize the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. It will be delving into different parts of Night City that we haven't seen, as well as recontextualizing some areas that we have. This is great and serves to ground the DLC within the game's lore, which is fantastic. It would seem that this DLC is most spy-centric and sees players participating in espionage.

For fans of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, this DLC will be absolutely huge. This is due to the ramifications and impact several of the DLC's missions will have on the world. This is great, and not only does a great job of incentivizing the player to lean more but also adds quite a sense of realism to the world as well. There will also be a great amount of content added through Phantom Liberty, which is wonderful to see. So, to close, Phantom Liberty is a DLC focused more on the political world rather than the seedy underbelly of Night City, and we cannot wait.


As far as the story goes for the expansion, there are quite a few interesting things going on. This includes dealing with the NUS President. The premise alone already makes for a great story, but it is the little intricacies weaved in throughout this overarching plot that has us intrigued. Players will have to fore their alliances carefully, and make sure they are on the right side by the end of it all. This places great emphasis on the interpersonal relationships between the game's characters. This is great, as highlighting them is a great way to show off the game's strengths.

Players will be infiltrating the lawless area known as Dogtown. In this place, there are very few rules except to survive. The militia which has taken control of the area will rule over the player with an iron fist, however. Players must infiltrate key locations in which to gather more information about the militia as well as its dealings and hope to make it out alive. This really serves to ramp up the tension and is a great way to explore the lore possibilities of the region.  All in all, it would appear that the story for this upcoming expansion hopes to improve greatly on the base game both in narrative quality as well as the fun factor.


Speaking of fun, the gameplay for the upcoming expansion appears to be a blast. Players will be able to engage with fierce new enemies using their cyber tech, as well as new skills. These new skills will hopefully engage and broaden the experience for players who have been looking for something beyond the base skill tree. Players will be able to tune and tweak their character in many ways, in order to make them perfect for the player. This is great, as build customization is really important within Cyberpunk 2077.

There are also new gear options that will be made available. These are sure to be good for those players who want to switch their gear up a bit. This also plays well into the player's fantasy as well. Due to this fact, they will be able to customize their gear in a way that makes infiltration and sneaking around much easier. So, if you are looking for the gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 to have more of a stealth element to it, then this expansion should be right up your alley. We can't wait to see what the developers have come up with in Dogtown.


Cyberpunk 2077: Edgerunners

The development for the game's expansion appears to be going smoothly in time for its September, 26th, 2023. So while the time is ticking down for the release, we cannot wait to play such a highly-anticipated title. It would appear that a lot of the resources for development have been allocated toward making the environment of Dogtown feel as realistic as possible. This is sure to pay off in terms of immersion when the expansion finally releases.


In the trailer for the expansion, we are met with several characters, some old, some new. Each of these characters has quite a few connections to the player character V, which instantly engages the player. In the trailer, we also see the militaristic state of the area. This is great for establishing an overall tone and feeling for the expansion. The tone for the expansion seems rather bleak, and the trailer does a great job of playing with intrigue and keeping things rather interesting.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

As far as a release date goes, we are lucky enough to have one confirmed. The release of Cyberpunk 2077's expansion Phantom Liberty will be on September 26th, 2023, as previously stated. This means that fans will not have to wait too much longer to get their hands on the new content. In terms of the availability of the game on different platforms, the platforms are as follows. There will be a PC version, a PlayStation 5, and an Xbox Series X|S version of the expansion. So be on the lookout for this title when it releases.

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