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5 Reasons Why You Should Still Play Cyberpunk 2077

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While you may be watching Cyberpunk 2077 gather dust on your shelf after a single hour of unpredictable gameplay — we do have reason to believe it is, surprisingly, a game worthy of a second chance. Just take it from me, the guy who ploughed through ninety per cent of it on an Xbox One and lived to tell that tale. And yes — it did crash, and it did throw a few laughable game-breaking obstacles at me. But, beneath all of the problems was a game I was so eager to decipher and explore. Every crash led me to restart the game without even the slightest hesitation. And, it was because of that, that I knew I was becoming hooked to a game that dishes out more faults than a Viva Piñata alpha.

Sure, it might still be riddled with bugs — but there are so many reasons why Cyberpunk 2077 should still be considered. Admittedly, CD Projekt Red dropped the bomb on launch day, and have only been trying to make amends ever since. However, should you be willing to give Cyberpunk 2077 a chance — then you might just come to discover that it isn't as bad as the world has led you to believe. And yes — even when playing on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


5. The story is actually very well-crafted

Cyberpunk 2077 homes a fantastic story that is sadly overlooked due to its unfortunate design.

One thing Cyberpunk 2077 nails on the head is a genuinely compelling storyline. Unfortunately, due to the spools of glitches and crashes — that fascinating tale is unable to be told to the player without the winding distractions spoiling the immersion. However, that being said, if you do grit your teeth and sink yourself into the lore of Night City, then you'll come to learn that no glitch can stop you from progressing. Questlines are captivating and fun, and the spiralling routes and twists keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. You just need to give it a second shot in order to see what you've been missing out on. Behind every broken fragment lies some outstanding storytelling that urges to be heard. So, do yourself a favour and listen.


4. Characters play a major role in your legacy

There's more to the Cyberpunk 2077 roster than Johnny Silverhand. You just need to open the book.

Another thing CD Projekt Red brought to the table with Cyberpunk 2077 was strong characters. Of course, after The Witcher 3, can we really expect anything less from the developer? Night City homes some wild and wonderful faces that range from crooks to night owls, mercenaries to mechanics — and everything in-between. Almost every silhouette under the neon lights tells a story, and, if played for long enough, all begin to entwine with the destiny of your own making. Even those blank canvas faces that pass you by. They too have some level of purpose in Night City. It just might not look that way at the moment — what with the lack of facial features and that.


3.  Relationships are convincing and meaningful

Cyberpunk 2077 possesses some genuine conversations with relatable characters that we can't help but grow attached to.

One thing a developer doesn't want to stumble across is millions of players becoming careless over their mapped-out character trees. If for whatever reason the relationships fail to include the player and immerse them, then a whole story can become unconvincing and monotonous. However, this isn't the case with Cyberpunk 2077. Not only are the bonds between your fellow mercenaries genuine, but also the various factions and partners that you encounter along the way, too. And, by the end, we can't help but feel a connection with every NPC on the map. Not every game can capture that emotion from a player, so kudos to CDPR for that.


2. Night City is a perfect urban playground

Witness Night City breathe during the darkest hours as the residents emerge from the safety of their homes.

While it can take a few seconds to load certain areas of the neon city, it is worth pointing out that they can actually be pretty beautiful once painted — even during high-speed pursuits. Night City is the ideal dystopian metropolis that hosts some incredible backdrops and suburban lore. Sadly, this can be missed when shoving through the story with very little time devoted to the fluorescent world and its many polished details. However, if enough time is set aside to explore the city, then you can come to discover some truly fascinating secrets. Just take a stroll down Jig-Jig Street at night and you'll see what I mean. There's far more to this world than cellar bars and sushi stands, that's for sure.


1. Character customization can keep you entertained for days

It isn't only clothes that need changing in Night City.

Yes — we understand the frustration behind Cyberpunk 2077 not being a third-person experience. However, while you can't physically see your customized hero over the majority of the journey, it doesn't stop you from wanting to inject plenty of hours into the wardrobe. Whether you're kitting out V with the latest Cyberware or just toying with some newly acquired gear found from a back-alley Cyberpsycho; Cyberpunk 2077's customization is plentiful and masterfully constructed. And so, while you may be bound to one name — your character really is open to whatever your creativity is capable of serving up. Just be ready for some rather unpleasant sights on that first character creation screen, alright? It sure caught me off guard.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available on Xbox, PlayStation and Windows. CDPR will be publishing regular hotfixes over the course of 2021.

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