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How to Map a Controller to Keyboard/Mouse

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The relieving news is that mapping a controller to a keyboard/mouse is easy, even for games that don't have optimized support. There are a number of built-in and downloadable software that make this process simple. So, let's get right to it.


Mapping a Controller to Keyboard/Mouse

  • Mapping on PC via Steam

Steam already comes with a built-in optimizer for swapping from controller to keyboard/mouse, and mapping keys between peripherals is easy.

First, go to the top right corner and click on the Steam tab > Settings > Controller >  Guide Button Chord Configuration. This will easily allow you to manually map the controller to the keyboard/mouse and vice versa.

  • Mapping on PC Without Steam

If you're not playing your game through Steam, there is still a way to map a controller to a keyboard/mouse, although it isn't as user-friendly. The first step is to connect your controller and to make sure it is being picked up by your computer. This can be confirmed through Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices, then look under the “Other Devices” tab.

Secondly, you'll have to download an online software to configure your device. The current best choice is reWASD, however, if you're not looking to pay, then AntiMicroX is the safest and best free option (The source code is open to view if you're feeling unsure). Through the interface, both software enables you to manually map controls for controller to keyboard/mouse and vice versa, on any game in your library.

  • Mapping on Console

The sad news is that you can't manually map controls from controller to keyboard/mouse through console, however, there is a way around this.  You will need either a Windows or Mac computer, then have to download either reWASD or the AntiMicroX software. Once manually mapped through the software on your computer, both controller or keyboard/mouse mapping will be saved and applied to your console.


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