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Games on Steam: See Ya Later, Alligator

Games on Steam: See Ya Later, Alligator



Games on Steam Aligator

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we talk about a tense political drama, an alligator with a mean right hook, and what memories are plaguing the old detective.


To start, we have a somber first-person adventure called Summerland. You play as a detective who suddenly started reliving the moments of his past. Each memory will make you question your morals and unlock a new part in this mysterious story. In its essence, Summerland is a narrative game filled with vivid visuals and immersive sounds. It’s filled with provoking questions and has just enough mystery to keep you engaged till the very end.

Games on Steam: Summerland

Unlock and confront your old memories Steam

Slapshot: Rebound

Slapshot is a mix of a hockey game and Rocket League. It’s a fun online physics-based arcade that’s perfect to play with friends. The gameplay is an intense 3v3 battle with fluid and intuitive mechanics. While it’s easy to learn, Slapshot takes a lot of effort and team communication to master. Best of all, it’s completely free to play.

Slapshot gameplay

A unique hockey game Steam


How about an intense text-based political simulator? In Suzerain, you take the role of president Rayne who has just started his 1st term as a leader of Sordland. It’s your choice to decide if you want to be a corrupted leader or hold greater ideals. Suzerain has a very well written story with a lot of interesting characters and unpredictable twists. In short, this is definitely among the most realistic political simulators where each of your choices makes a big difference.

Games on Steam: Suzerain

A smart and engaging political sim Steam

BROK the InvestiGator: Prologue

In this interesting prologue from Cowcat, we follow the adventure of a charismatic investigator Brok in a cyberpunk world. The game is a mix of RPG, point-and-click adventure, and beat-em-up. This unique combo lets you choose if you want to use your brain or muscles to progress forward. Brok the Investigator is also incredibly nostalgic, thanks to the visuals that seem to be taken straight from the ’90s cartoons. So far, we have a game with a pretty emotional story that meshes a lot of genres successfully.

Games on Steam: BROK the InvestiGator

Sometimes, it’s better to muscle your way in Steam

Creeper World 4

Lastly, we have a sequel to a unique real-time strategy. In Creeper World 4, you will once again battle it out against a fluid enemy called the creeper. To protect yourself, you will have to create your economic base and co-ordinate your forces to battle on all fronts.  In your arsenal, you will find a ton of new land, air, and orbital weapons that will spice up the game. Creeper World 4 is also the first in the series to feature 3D levels, and this works really well. All in all, if you are a fan of strategies, you really shouldn’t miss this one.

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