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Games on Steam: A Roll of the Dice



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we explore a mesmerizing island, send mail as kiwi birds, drift throughout the narrow canyons, explore Egyptian tombs, and much more.


To start, we have an interesting remake of a classic puzzle adventure. Myst is an island of striking beauty that also overflows with mystery. Its story is deep and complex, covering generations of family drama. Myst can also be played in VR and is excellently adapted to it. In short, this is an epic and surrealistic adventure that will surely appeal to the fans of the genre.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong

If you are looking for a solid narrative puzzle adventure, Echo of Starsong will surely impress you. In it, we take the role of Eda, a witch with the ability to hear weird sound waves called starsong. With a help of a young man, she will go on a quest to find the source of these mysterious signals. The game has a unique visual style, kickass soundtrack, and an emotional story that’s very well executed, although somewhat predictable. But, when it’s all said and done, Echo of Starsong is an impressive achievement and easily one of the best new games on Steam.


KeyWe is an adorable puzzle platformer that follows the story of Debra and Jeff – 2 kiwi birds that are working in a hectic post office. To deliver important messages on time, they will have to peck, flap, slam, and jump on a series of levers and buttons. As you can imagine, the game is particularly fun to play in co-op, where things can quickly turn chaotic. KeyWe is a charming indie with well-balanced gameplay and a lot of heart, which is a combination that quickly won me over.

Star Drift Evolution

Here we have a minimalistic, but quite challenging, arcade racer. Star Drift Evolution puts a lot of emphasis on mastering the physics of each car, and the sense of weight is very realistic. The game lets you choose between 50+ cars, which all have their pros and cons, depending on the track that you choose. One particularly fun mod is Trackmania style, which lets you race against 20 other players without having to worry about collisions. Star Drift Evolution is one of those games that’s easy to learn but will take a long time to master. If you are up for the challenge, you will quickly that this is a great competitive racer with a lot of depth.

Games on Steam: Star Drift Evolution

Drift with style, all day. Steam

Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale is a fresh take on a genre that was popularized by Fortnite but is growing increasingly stale. This is a cute and frenetic shooter set in a massive safari park, where animals have gone berserk and began fighting each other. You can defeat them in many creative ways, from pecking them to death with emus, clearing them out with machine guns, to slicing your enemies with massive katanas. Throughout all of this, Super Animal Royale maintains a cheerful attitude. This is a weird, simple, and addictive battle royale that caught me completely off guard.

Super Animal Royale gameplay

Can you become an apex predator? Steam

Lost in Random

Now, let’s take a look at EA’s newest action-adventure. Lost in Random is a gothic fairytale where a lot of it depends on the roll of a dice. In it, we follow a poor girl named Even who is roaming the streets of Random in order to find and save her sister. She is accompanied by Dicey, a living dice who will constantly redefine the arenas in which you’ll fight. Lost in Random has interesting mechanics which is a mix of tactical combat and card battler. The result is fresh gameplay that’s accompanied by an amazing Tim Burton aesthetic and a great story. It will definitely appeal to the fans of games like Little Nightmares. 

Lost in Random gameplay

Embrace the chaos and save your sister Steam


Forewarned is an online survival horror that follows a team of archaeologists as they descend into Egyptian ruins in search of ancient relics and powerful warriors known as Mejai. In each playthrough, you will have to complete different challenges, such as acquiring rare artifacts, finding gold, and defeating Mejai. To do this, you’ll have to use various archaeological tools like radars and motion sensors. Aside from its entertaining gameplay, Forewarned is also pretty scary, especially in VR. I can easily see it becoming a great alternative to games like Phasmophobia in the near future.

Games on Steam: Forewarned

Nothing suspicious here… Steam


Next, we have a challenging survival horror game that takes place in New England, in the 19th century. It’s your job to help an aristocrat named Victor Hartwell save his wife by curing her deadly disease. This can only be done by exploring Grau Hill Mansion, a mysterious place that holds many forgotten secrets. Lamentum has a very immersive atmosphere that’s only heightened with pixel art and features many smart puzzles. It’s as if Resident Evil went 2D, and the result is a very enjoyable old-school horror indie.

Games on Steam: Lamentum

A Gothic, Lovecraftian horror Steam

Mecha Knights: Nightmare

For those of us looking for epic Mech fights, Mecha Knights should be near the top of the list. Set in 2049, right in the middle of the Second Cold war, nightmarish creatures begun invading our world, spreading chaos and destruction. As a naive American pilot, your only chance of survival is by pushing your powerful Mech to its limits. Luckily, your robotic friend seems up to the task and can be deeply customized with an array of weapons, armor, and support modules. Although Mecha Knights is a one-person project, it’s surprisingly well optimized, featuring smooth controls, engaging gameplay, and badass fights. In short, this is among the best new Mech games on Steam and is worth every penny.

Tormented Souls

Lastly, we have another atmospheric survival horror. Tormented Souls takes place in a huge abandoned mansion, where Caroline Walker went to find the missing twin girls. The game takes inspiration from the Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill series, which is immediately noticed in its claustrophobic atmosphere. Tormented Souls also puts a lot of emphasis on puzzles, which are among the best in the genre. Overall, this is a creepy and well-executed old-school horror game that will easily disturb you.

Games on Steam: Tormented Souls

What lies in the dark? Steam

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