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5 Best Games Like Arms Race 2



Arms Race 2 is a strategy game set during the Cold War. Players act as global leaders, making key decisions that affect history. The goal is to outsmart opponents in a geopolitical game. Players deal with historical events, use spies, and manage world influence. If you like Arms Race 2 and want to play similar games, many options offer a mix of strategy, history, and political gameplay. These games take you to different times and conflicts, each with its own style and challenges. Here are five games that are great for fans of Arms Race 2, each offering a unique experience in strategy and political games.

5. Making History: The Calm & the Storm

Making History: The Calm & the Storm Gold Edition Video

Making History: The Calm & the Storm takes players back to World War II, but it's more than just fighting battles. In this game, players run a country during the war, dealing with everything from managing money to making big decisions. Each country in the game is different, with its own challenges and strengths. Players have to handle a lot of different things at once, like keeping their country strong and making smart choices in a world where things can change quickly.

Furthermore, managing money and resources in the game is really important. Players have to be smart about how they spend their country's money, what resources they use, and how they grow their technology. Also, diplomacy, or dealing with other countries, is a big part of the game too. Players talk with other countries, make deals, and sometimes have to be a bit sneaky to get what they want. The game does a great job of showing how complicated and changing relationships between countries were during World War II.

4. Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle - Trailer

Twilight Struggle invites players to dive right into the heart of the Cold War, where strategy, not weapons, decides who wins. In this game, players become leaders of the United States or the Soviet Union, and they have to outsmart each other to win global influence. The game is like a big game of cards, where each card is a piece of history and offers different choices. This makes every game feel new and exciting. This game is all about being one step ahead, making smart moves, and influencing countries without fighting wars.

Players get to make decisions that could change famous events like the Cuban Missile Crisis. It's like being part of the Cold War and seeing history unfold differently based on your choices. This mix of playing and learning about history makes the game special and interesting. The game gradually teaches you how to get better, and no one strategy always works. It encourages players to think creatively and adapt their plans, making it a fun challenge for anyone who likes games that make you think. All these make it one of the best games like Arms Race 2.

3. Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV - "Take Action" - Release Trailer

In Hearts of Iron IV, players are thrust into the pivotal era of World War II, where their strategic choices can reshape the course of history. This game is much more than a typical strategy experience; it's a deep and engaging journey into one of the most significant periods in history. The military strategy aspect of the game is meticulously detailed. Players must consider everything from supply management to the selection of appropriate technology and battle strategies.

Politics is just as critical as warfare in Hearts of Iron IV. Players must navigate a complex web of alliances, treaties, and diplomatic relationships. In this world, strategic discussions can hold as much power as military might. The game challenges players to find a balance between their military actions and diplomatic decisions to maintain national stability and strength. Overall, Hearts of Iron IV offers a comprehensive simulation of wartime leadership, combining deep strategic gameplay with a rich historical context.

2. Democracy 4

Democracy 4 Release Trailer

Democracy 4 immerses players in the challenging world of political strategy, simulating the experience of running a modern government. Balancing a variety of societal factors, from health policies to international relations, the game reflects the complexities world leaders face. The game's heart lies in its detailed simulation of a country's internal dynamics. It intertwines political, economic, and social variables, demanding a nuanced approach to governance. Issues like crime, unemployment, and foreign policy are at the forefront.

Furthermore, Democracy 4 offers a clear interface that shows the country's status in detail, aiding players in understanding the various elements in play. This depth is a treat for advanced players, who enjoy experimenting with different strategies to achieve their goals. Creating a socialist utopia or a capitalist powerhouse, the game provides a wide playground for political experimentation. The game also focuses on the challenge of staying politically popular and getting reelected. So, if you are in search of the best games like Arms Race 2, this game is a fantastic choice.

1. Victoria 3: Colossus of the South

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South - Trailer 4K

Topping our list of engaging strategy games, Victoria 3: Colossus of the South takes players on an exciting journey through South America's history. This DLC for Victoria 3 lets players explore the challenges and opportunities faced by South American nations after they got free from European control. One of the key parts of the game is about Brazil's Emperor Pedro II. Players get to see and influence his major reforms, like ending slavery and modernizing Brazil's economy. There's also a focus on the power struggles in Brazil, showing how landowners and revolutionaries shaped the nation's history.

The game also introduces the idea of national awareness. This means players get to dive into developing a unique culture in Brazil, think about uniting South America, and even join big movements like the Federation of the Andes. All these different parts of the game make Victoria 3: Colossus of the South one of the best choices for fans of strategy games like Arms Race 2.

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