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Gameplay Trailer for Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted Reveals and Details

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Apex Legends Season 14 begins August 9, 2022 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

We're a week away from the release of Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted, and the Gameplay Trailer Reveal, as well as patch notes, have given us a better taste of the new map changes and abilities for the new eagle-eyed legend, Vantage.

The Gameplay Trailer for Season 14: Hunted, as featured below, gives a quick two-minute rundown of the new content that will be appearing in the game. What has players most excited is the map re-works that are coming to the classic, Kings Canyon map. That, and the level cap, which hardcore players are aware ends at level 500, but players can now grind it all over again with second, third, and fourth prestiges.

Apex Legends: Hunted - Official Gameplay Trailer


Kings Canyon Map Changes

The return of Skull Town is the most notable change coming to Kings Canyon alongside the new season. The new area is now known as Relic, but players continue to refer to it as “Skull Town 2.0,” which by appearance looks to be the case.

Another significant change is to the Cage, which is one of the most crowded high loot spawns popular for early game drops. The tower now features less cover, leaving players more exposed to threats looking to capitalize on the high rises position themselves.

Along with all of this, you'll find a significant amount of map rotations that have been removed to make third-partying a less likely case. If you want all the details on what that looks like, you can find them here.


New Legend

Vantage, whose real name is Xiomara “Mara” Contreras, is the newest legend to join Season 14: Hunted. Spotter's Lens is her Passive ability that reveals the identities of enemy legends and provides information on their armor level. Her tactical ability Echo Relocation allows Vantage to teleport to Echo, her adorable little bat companion. Finally, there is her ultimate ability Snipers Mark. This provides Vantage with her iconic sniper rifle, which marks enemies and deals additional damage when hit.


So, what's your take? Are you excited to use the new legend Vantage? Do you like the new map changes coming to Kings Canyon? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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