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Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion – Details

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Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion launches at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET.

It's an exciting day for Apex Legends Mobile players as Season 2: Distortion launches later today. It's bringing a ton of new and exciting content, such as new game modes, new maps, and a new mobile-exclusive Legend. According to the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 trailer, the new Legend will go by the name of Rhapsody and will have an AI friend named Rowdy by her side. If you're curious about the abilities she'll be bringing to the game you can read up on them just below.

Kings Canyon, a beloved map from the PC and console versions of the game, is making its debut on mobile with the new season. Additionally, Pythas Block 0, a mobile-first map is being added as part of the two new game modes. We've also got all the details on those, just below.

Apex Legends Mobile: Distortion Launch Trailer


Rhapsody Abilities & Perks

Here is a full list of the new abilities and Legend Progression Perks Rhapsody and her sidekick Rowdy will bring to the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion.


  • Passive: Gifted Ear – Can register and visualize sounds from an extended range.
  • Tactical: Hype Anthem – Rhapsody plays a “Hype” song that speeds up and recharges shields of nearby squadmates.
  • Ultimate: Rowdy's Rave – AI Companion Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that blocks lanes of sight and other vision-based abilities of other Legends.


Rhapsody Progression Perks

  • Volume Control – Squadmates affected by Rhapsody's tactical get Gifted Ear for a short time.
  • Sound Bleed – Can occasionally see nearby 3D sound visualizations effects through walls.
  • Tuned In – Increases the range of Gifted Ear with continuous running.
  • Reverb – Tactical last longer the more squad mates it's affecting.
  • Harmony – Tactical increases the speed of revives and heals.
  • Rowdy's Rhythm – Squadmates reload faster when nearby Rhapsody after she's popper her ultimate.


New Games Modes

The first new game mode for Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 is Gun Game, which couldn't be more of a classic game mode. Players are given a variety of weapons, each of which they have to get kills with to progress to the next in the roster.

Hack – the second new game mode is something we haven't seen before. On the brand-new Pythas Block 0 map, two teams will compete, one playing as Hackers and the other as defenders. Attackers must attempt to hack into one of the two sites on the map to gain points. In the meantime, defenders must work to intercept them before they successfully hack the satellite. The first to three points win the round, with the first to four rounds winning the match.


So, what's your take? Are you excited for Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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