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Apex Legends: 5 Best Seasons So Far



When Apex Legends launched in 2019, it attracted a large number of battle royale gamers eager to see everything it has to offer. It wasn't long after the game saw a huge divide between players who loved and hated it. This is largely due to the fact that Apex isn't just a battle royale anyone can pick up. It has an extensive learning curve and in-game knowledge really goe's a long way. However, the fans that stuck with it, saw the addition of each Apex Legends season that pushed the game.

All the Apex seasons, came new guns, maps, and most importantly Legends. Letting the game grow to its full potential, to where it is now. Apex Legends has now developed into one of the most respected competitive shooters, but it was the additional content that arrived with each season that propelled it to this status. That's why we want to take a look back at the five best Apex Legends seasons, so far. Seasons that revolutionized, expanded and enhanced the game.



5. Mayhem: Season 8

Season 8 was competing with a far greater season before it, Season 7, but it still didn't disappoint. Fuze was introduced and while he wasn't a standout legend, he was still a ton of fun to play. I mean, who doesn't like barraging teams with explosives? His ultimate was a game-changer, specifically for the late game. By forcing teams to push out of their hiding spot he could really turn the tide for how late game exchanges played out. Overall, Fuze was perfect for being a pesty character who could constantly harass opponents.

Season 8 didn't just bring a fun character with Fuze, it also brought the inclusion of level 4 attachments. Sniper, Energy, Heavy, and Light magazines all got a level four mag, which, if you've played Apex, you'll understand how important ammunition and mag size can be.

The extended mags and added benefit of the Double Tap Trigger also brought the G7 Scout back into play. It's no secret that the rifle wasn't a popular pick until Season 7, but with longer magazines and a Double Tap Trigger, it had the potential to perform well at both close and long-range. like Fuze, this was terrific for pestering opponents; combine the two, and you had the ultimate combination.



4. Assimilation: Season 4

Just like season 8, Season 4 was competing with a far greater season from 3, but it also didn't fall short. You had the incredible inclusion of Revenant who is still a viable Legend in the game in the present day. His Stalker passive ability came in handy often and gelled really nicely with Apex's already fluent movement. Even his tactical Silence was great for enabling opponents to use their abilities and made for a window to push. Lastly Revenant's ultimate was the ultimate weapon for pushing. Even if you didn't wipe the squad, you may quickly re-enter the fight, giving you the ability to have two lives in engagements.

Now if you're a competitive Apex Legends player, you know the season brought a big change by adding the Master Tier. This was a significant addition to the ranking system that assigned the great players of Diamond to their respective levels of competition. This also gave a greater incentive to grind competitive because unless you were in a league of your own, it was almost impossible to break into Apex Predator.

Also side note, props to you if you're a competitive Apex Legends player, as it's undoubtedly one of the hardest competitive battle royales on the scene.



3. Ascension: Season 7

No shocker with season 7 making an appearance on this top five list as it brought a more unique Legend with Horizon. She distinguished herself by really changing the field of battle with her Gravity Lift which could be used to get crucial positioning or move an opponent out of a comfy camping spot. Her ultimate, Black Hole wasn't as superior as it presented itself, but late game it could be used to expose teams out of hiding and came in clutch in this aspect.

What really made season 7 a refreshing experience was the inclusion of the Olympus. At first glance, it is much more visually appealing than Kings Canyon and World's Edge. In my opinion, it is the coolest map in the game as it is quite literally floating in the air, but the overall environment also made for some great gunfights.

You can't go without mentioning its Steam Release either. For some odd reason, gamers are more inclined to play games when they're on their Steam library and I'm no exception. More often than not when deciding what to play in my Steam library, I would turn to Apex Legends.



2. Meltdown: Season 3

The top two seasons for Apex Legends were a difficult choice to juggle. For many of us, the choice comes down to two picks Apex seasons 3 and 9. So before there is any controversy it's probably worth saying these two seasons are neck and neck.

For its time, Season 3 was extraordinary. Crytpo was added and at the time there wasn't a three-man squad that didn't have him in their lineup. Even in the present Apex competitive scene, we see a lot of pros use him. His tactical ability, the Survalience Drone was great for gathering intel on opponents or clearing an area before pushing in for that odd but annoying bush camper. Crypto's ultimate, Drone EMP is one of the more broken ultimates in the game. Not only can it go through walls, but it inflicts damage, stuns, and exposes enemy opponents.

There was also the refreshing addition of the new map World's Edge. It isn't widely unique compared to Olympus and Storm Point which came after it, but it was a huge content boost for the game that was growing substantially at this point in time.



1. Legacy: Season 9

Yes, it was a neck and neck battle between Apex seasons 9 and 3, but Season 9 really broke barriers with the content it added. First, you have Valkyrie who very well is one of the most fun Legends to play. She has three passive abilities, but the highlight is the VTOL Jets. It can be a game-changer in gunfights allowing you to quickly reposition or fall back to more cover. Her ultimate is also huge for engaging in a fight or dipping out when you've just had enough of eating bullets. Never mind mentioning it's great for those too often and annoying third parties.

Aside from adding a fan-favorite Legend, Season 9 also brought in the new mode: Arena. This quickly became a fan favorite as well. It was a way to play Apex as a casual 3v3 gunfight or if you really wanted you could dive into it competitively. This was a much-needed refresher from battle royale, which was sometimes tedious with landing, finding no guns, and getting sent back to the lobby.

Lastly, for the players who love skill-based weapons, the Bocek Compound Bow was a perfect fit. Like the Wingman, it was great for players who hit their shots and if you didn't it would ultimately punish you. Regardless you can't beat that feeling of hitting a shot a range with the bow.

So what is your favorite Apex Legends Season? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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