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10 Best Legends in Apex Legends



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By all means, Apex Legends is an attractive and engaging game. You have got immersive visuals, a solid story, and lots of impressive characters. The ‘Legends' all have unique abilities which throw in some RPG elements to the survival shooter.

With Season 12, the Apex community now has 20 legends to choose from. Mad Maggie recently marked her debut as a legend with a loud bang. She definitely seems to be one of the aggressive legends. However, it's still early to tell if she'll be a fan favorite.

Meanwhile, we picked out 10 best Legends from the game for you to try out!

Top 10 Legends to Play in Apex Legends

Here are our picks based on the Legends' abilities and the audience's reaction.

10. Octane

octane legends

Octane can do a lot of things and complement whatever strategy you adopt. Right off the bat, Octane's Stim can lend you extra speed to move faster. It costs HP to use. However, it will help you loot faster at the start of the game. Meanwhile, his passive ability can help you heal over time. So save up the HP and stim! Lastly, the Launch Pad literally a portable trampoline that can hurl you and your team into the air and get out of nasty encounters.

Tactical: Stim

Passive: Swift Mend

Ultimate: Launch Pad


9. Pathfinder


If you like to play stealthily, then Pathfinder can be your Legend. Pathfinder's gun can do more than just shoot bullets. His gun can shoot up an entire zipline that the squad can use. His passive ability, ‘Insider Knowledge', tells you the location of the next ring so your team can be a step ahead. You can sneak up behind enemies and start a fight. If things turn ugly, you can quickly move yourself to safety with the grappling hook.

Tactical: Grappling Hook

Passive: Insider Knowledge

Ultimate: Zipline Gun


8. Lifeline


If you are more of a ‘support' player who wants to assist the squad rather than take the lead, then Lifeline is perfect. If you haven't yet guessed, she's the medic of the team. Her drone hovers above and heals anyone (even enemies) near it. As a part of her passive abilities, she can call the drone to revive the teammate and you're shielded all the while.

Her ultimate ability is that she can get a Care Package delivered on the battlefield. The contents vary but you might find something useful every time. The package attracts a lot of attention, so you can expect some nasty encounters.

Tactical: D.O.C. Heal Drone

Passive: Combat Medic

Ultimate: Care Package


7. Valkyrie

valkyrie legend

When Valkyrie was introduced into Apex Legends, she was overpowered. So Valkyrie was nerfed down within a week. In any case, she is one of the best legends that you can add to your squad. Valkyrie can dive upwards and transport herself and the team to safety. Her tactical ability to shoot 12 missiles makes her a good offensive addition. Her passive ability ‘VTOL Jets' lets you hover mid-air for brief moments with the jump button.

Tactical: Missile Swarm

Passive: VTOL Jets

Ultimate: Skyward Dive


6. Seer


The whole idea behind the name ‘Seer' is that he sees everything. He can be the spy for your squad. With his passive ability, he sends tiny drones ahead of him and marks the location and HP of the enemies. The drones also deal some damage, interrupt all the abilities, and prevent healing. Meanwhile, his tactical ability allows him to see enemies that are within the range of 75m. With ‘Exhibit', Seer reveals enemies' location to the squad.

Tactical: Focus of Attention

Passive: Heart Seeker

Ultimate: Exhibit


5. Horizon

best apex legends horizon

If you want better mobility, you cannot go wrong with Horizon. In larger maps like the Olympus, you need as much mobility as you can get. Horizon's Spacewalk ability is what makes her a favorite pick. Spacewalk reduces the impact when you fall with air control. With ‘Gravity Lift', she can levitate herself and the squad for a few moments. Finally, you can deal great damage with Black Hole, her ultimate ability.

Tactical: Gravity Lift

Passive: Spacewalk

Ultimate: Black Hole


4. Bloodhound

bloodhound apex legends

If you consider yourself a pro shooter, then you cannot go wrong with Bloodhound. He's fast-paced and his passive ability Tracker lets you see the traces left behind by the opponents. His tactical ability allows you to see through all the traps and hidden enemies. Finally, ‘Beast of the Hunt' grants speed to you and your team to hunt down enemies. Clearly, Bloodhound is not for the ones who go on defense.

Tactical: Eye of the Allfather

Passive: Tracker

Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt


3. Gibraltar


Gibraltar is like a big protective shield that every team needs. With his tactical ability, ‘Dome of Protection', pops up a shield that goes up against attacks for 12 seconds. You heal faster when you are under the dome. Meanwhile, his Gun Shield lets him ADS efficiently and blocks all the incoming shots. The ‘Defensive Bombardment' lets you mark a location and call in mortar strikes. If you are someone who plays strategically and more on the defensive side, Gibraltar is your go-to legend.

Tactical: Dome of Protection

Passive: Gun Shield

Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment


2. Wraith


Wraith is the teammate that you need for defense as well as attack. If you think about it, Wraith's abilities are neither passive nor they are attack-oriented. The Interdimensional skirmisher can complement whatever strategy you adopt. With her high mobility, Wraith can go on stealth and get aggressive. Her passive ability lets you know the enemy's location. Meanwhile, her tactical ability can shield her from all the damage. And of course, the Dimensional Rift is a handy tool for you and your team.

Tactical: Into the Void

Passive: Voices from the Void

Ultimate: Dimensional Rift


1. Ash

best legends in apex legends

For ranked matches and casual skirmishes, Ash is a favorite with many. With her passive ability, Ash can reveal the location of death boxes and mark the surviving players with her sword. Further, her tactical ability is to hurl snares towards the enemies. If the opponent gets entangled in the snare, they receive damage and suffer from low mobility for a few seconds. With ‘Phase Breach', Ash can transport the squad to safety. A lot of players pair Ash with Valkyrie for speedy attacks.

Tactical: Arc Snare

Passive: Marked for Death

Ultimate: Phase Breach


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