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10 Best Video Game Soundtracks of 2024 (So Far)

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Helldivers 2 - Best Video Game Soundtracks of 2024

There was a time when video game soundtracks were so low effort, you could turn the volume down without missing out on the overall experience. Yet with today’s continually competitive games, you find yourself turning the volume up and blasting away to some of the most thrilling music scores of all time. Some soundtracks are so amazing that you end up downloading the entire track to listen to during your commute. While we’re still anticipating some legendary games with potentially bopping soundtracks to come, we’re betting these best video game soundtracks of 2024 so far will make an excellent playlist. 

10. Balatro Main Theme

Balatro OST - Main Theme (Extended)

Balatro’s entire soundtrack may be variations of one song, yet it never gets tiring to listen to on repeat. It’s a masterpiece, holding your attention for its entirety without ever weighing heavy on you. Of course, in the long run, you can only listen to one tune so many times before craving another. Yet before that moment comes, Balatro’s soundtrack will have gotten its job done splendidly well.

9. The Ancient Spires (Enshrouded)

Enshrouded Official Soundtrack | Full Enshrouded OST | All Songs

Alternatively, you can check out Enshrouded’s The Ancient Spires soundtrack, which has an atmospheric and moody vibe. From the get-go, the song gives you goosebumps, with soothing sounds and calming instrumentals in the background. The only fault with the song and Enshrouded’s soundtracks in general is that they end a little too soon.

8. Democrawler's Theme (Stellar Blade)

Democrawler's Theme | Stellar Blade | Soundtrack

The original soundtrack in Stellar Blade elevates your experience with its ingenious blend of rock, jazz, metal, orchestral, and more. Indeed, the range of genres you’ll be bopping your head to here is simply outstanding. Take the Democrawler’s Theme, for instance, an opera song that tingles the spine as it builds up momentum. In no time at all, the song blows up into what feels like a whole orchestra playing in the background. It’s so good, in fact, you’ll think you’re fighting the final boss only to realize that the war is far from over.

7. Ghost on the Road (Pacific Drive)

**OFFICIAL** A Shell in the Pit - Ghost on the Road (from the Pacific Drive Soundtrack)

Every so often, a new indie game pops out of the blue, captivating the masses. For Pacific Drive, it’s the brilliant car-based survival gameplay that draws you in, but also the incredibly catchy music the game has in store. Doctor Juice (Sister Squeeze), in particular, has some pretty fun tunes, the kind that quickly pulls you in and leaves a lasting impression. However, the best track has to be Ghost on the Road. It’s so good you get chills down the spine, and it's perfect for going on a long drive. 

6. The Imprisoned God (Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown)

The Imprisoned God | Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown (OST) | Mentrix

The best soundtracks feel deeply immersive, way past how excellent they sound, and sync with the environment and lore of a game. In that regard, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown thrives effortlessly. It blends Persian tradition and popular culture influences, resulting in a unique masterpiece. Particularly so for The Imprisoned God track, which stands out from the crowd. It’s a shame that in the game, the music is drowned out by the louder battles. So, I would suggest listening to this banger via YouTube.

5. Color Your Night (Persona 3 Reload)

Color Your Night -Full-

Personal 3 Reload peaks at Color Your Night, which just nails everything perfectly. It sounds spectacularly good, with a romantic vibe that feels dreamy and comfy. It plays when you go out at night in Persona 3 Reload. Yet, the song can easily become your go-to dance song, the track you listen to as you take brisk walks on a lazy afternoon, one of the songs on your wedding playlist, and generally the default song you can listen to for hours on end. It’s easily the best song in the entire game, with the chorus being the best part.

4. Volcanic Bomb (Tekken 8)

TEKKEN 8 — Volcanic Bomb (Normal)

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself playing Tekken 8 for the music. At the top of the best tracks will be Volcanic Bomb. As always, the game delivers with its drums, techno, and bass moments. However, it’s the volcanic eruptions and the accompanying dramatic track that rocks. You really feel your blood pumping more viciously as the track builds up to the climax. Even beyond playing the game, Volcanic Bomb is easily an energetic track that gives you some extra mileage to get work done.

3. No Promises to Keep (Final Fantasy VII Rebirth)

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Aerith Singing "No Promises to Keep" Scene - 4K PS5 2024

The one game giving Persona 3 Reload a run for its money is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Nearly every song in the game hits hard. But if we had to pick the best one, it may have to be No Promises to Keep. It’s phenomenal, incredibly soothing, and even more endearing to listen to when you’re done playing the game. Sometimes sad, sometimes heartfelt, No Promises to Keep perfectly balances the fine line between nostalgia and reverie.

2. Death to Chronos (Hades 2)

Hades II - Death to Chronos

Not a moment too soon, Supergiant Games has already dropped the original soundtrack for Hades 2. Darren Korb, once again, outdoes himself, gracing us with the fire Death to Chronos track. If you’re a fan of electronic and synth music, then Death to Chronos should be right up your alley. Additionally, it infuses ethereal undertones that marry perfectly with the theme of the Underworld.

1. A Cup of Liber-Tea (Helldivers 2)

Helldivers 2 Main Theme - "A Cup Of Liber-Tea"

A major part of Helldivers 2’s success is its evocative soundtrack. It really draws you in with the tone. A Cup of Liber-Tea, in particular, is a killer track that’s beautifully produced. It captures the essence of the battle for the galaxy against the corporate tyrants. A Cup of Liber-Tea doesn’t just entertain, it also relays a complex message and tugs at the heartstrings with deeper truths. Through it, you develop a stronger care for the world in Helldivers 2 and fight for beloved Super Earth. Plus, it creates the perfect balance between a more serious tone and a light-hearted narrative.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best video game soundtracks of 2024 so far? Are there more soundtracks we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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