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Fortnite Has Removed Building for Chapter 3: Season 2



Fortnite player's across the globe woke up to an unusual and unexpected surprise this morning. All building, the game's bones that make it unique and original, has been removed for the first time since it launched. Building has been the key factor that distinguishes Fortnite from other battle royales. And, for some odd reason, Epic decided to remove the feature with the launch of Chapter 3: Season 2.

The good news is that building isn't being removed entirely and still persists in certain game modes. Arena and competitive playlist still have the feature as it's crucial on the competitive scene. On the other hand, casual multiplayer battle royale won't see building play a role again until March 29, 2022, according to speculation.


The only explanation for why this could be seen as a rational decision is due to the new movement features the season has brought. The game installed a new Sprinting system which claims to be faster. There is also the addition of Mantling, which allows the easier ability for climbing and jumping off buildings. The last new movement feature is Shoulder Bashing, which essentially lets you barge through doors. On top of all this, the new Overshield is a second layer of armor that needs to be cracked before your shield and health can take damage.

While all these features are interesting additions to the new season, I hardly feel it justifies removing building. The feature has been a core aspect of the game's foundation and long-term success since it's debut.

It is definitely the biggest adjustment Epic has made to its game since its release. I will admit though, it's intriguing enough to re-download the game and give it a try. That's if you can get into the game which is seeing abnormally long queue lines for players eager to test their aiming skills, over their ability to do 90's.


So what are you thoughts on Epic's move to remove building? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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