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Mario Kart: Best Characters, Ranked

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Since Mario Kart's debut back in 1992, the debate about who's the best Mario Kart character still persists. It's definitely not as simple of a question as one would think. Since Mario Kart Tour came out back in 2019, the game has seen the inclusion of over 70 different characters. Now if you take into consideration all the customization in Mario Kart and each character's past influence and lore, narrowing it down is tough. There are so many possible factors to consider it's almost impossible to decide.

That's why it remains the age-old question of who's the best character in Mario Kart? Everyone has their personal favorite so undoubtedly the controversy will continue, however, some characters have reigned at the top for some time. Throughout the franchise of Mario Kart games, they continue to prove that they are a consistent choice. So without further adieu, here are the best Mario Kart characters, ranked.



8. Yoshi

With such an iconic character in Yoshi, without a doubt, he had to earn a spot on this list. I may be a little biased as he's definitely a personal favorite, but have you ever met someone who didn't like Yoshi? Since his inception in Super Mario World, the character has been widely loved and adored.

Skillful at drifting and off-road you can't go wrong with picking him as your driver. While he may not be on top of everyone's list he is always a joy to play. On top of that, you can't go wrong with picking one of Mario's best friends.



7. Mario

Speaking of iconic characters, how could this list be complete without Mario. The loveable Italian plumber has been a video game icon since first appearing in the original Donkey Kong back in 1981. Despite not seeing him be a popular played character in Mario Kart, his role in the franchise is the sole reason we continue to see installments to Mario and Mario Kart today.

For any player whether it be beginner, intermediate, or skilled Mario has got your back. He is a solid middle-class driver in the game who proves an even keel across all of his attributes.



6. Princess Peach

Princess Peach falls under the lightweight driver class but has proved over time to be one of the best characters in her division. She's always a go-to choice if you're feeling hot on the sticks and want some extra speed and acceleration. Despite her being easily pushed around the race track she's a character who has had a big influence on the game today and stands among the greats in the series.

Plus, if Mario is after you, you could be let off the hook.



5. Luigi

Equally, notable is Mario's not-so-younger twin brother Luigi. Whether you know him from the original Mario games or from the Luigi's Mansion series he has always been a fan favorite. His character is a staple in the franchise and has really made a name for himself over the years, finally getting the chance to step out of Mario's shadow.

In Mario Kart, Luigi can dominate any track when used right. His skill for handling corners is hardly matched by any other character and can be a deciding factor in the last lap. Luigi's notoriety is only growing with the franchise, and just like his brother, he will always have your back on the track.



4. Bowser

A character who is always a threat out on the race track is Bowser. He is up there as one of the best heavy drivers and rarely fails to intimidate opponents. While you may have a target on your back throughout the course of the race, with Bowser you can fight back. His wide frame makes him intimidating to pass and not easily knocked off his path.

In addition to his impressive playability, he has been an iconic antagonist in the Mario franchise. Despite this I don't think most fans hate him, people have actually come to really appreciate Bowser over time for his role.


3. Donkey Kong

Another often featured heavyweight driver is Donkey Kong. The original antagonist of Mario's inception is now one of the best characters in Mario Kart. Whether you use him on a bike or not you can't deny that Donkey Kong gives other players a tough time with his speed and acceleration.

I can't continue without mentioning how cool Donkey Kong's character iterations throughout the Mario Kart games always are. He always feels like a classy cool character to play and know's how to match it in his gameplay.



2. Morton Koopa Jr.

One character whose name may not be that established in the Mario realm but has certainly made a name for himself in Mario Kart is Morton Koopa Jr. His addition to Mario Kart drastically changed the playing field and he quickly became a top contender.

His consistent ability to not be tossed around and how well he proves to maintain speed are what set him apart. In addition to this, he is one of the most appealing Koopa characters which adds to the fun of playing as him.



1. Dry Bowser

Game after game, time after time, Dry Bowser has dominated the Mario Kart scene. There is nothing more intimidating than seeing Bowser's skeleton form raging behind you in Mario Kart. He is hands down the most menacing-looking characters and he only gets scarier when you see his attributes.

He is one of the very heavy class drivers but somehow is stacked with great acceleration and handling that is similar to playing a lightweight character, like Princess Peach. On top of this, he is very difficult to knock off balance and always put's up a tough fight. Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned vet in Mario Kart, you always need to be fearful of Dry Bowser.


So do you agree with our list? Who else would have had in some spots? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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