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Fans Have Already Built a Map of Grand Theft Auto 6



Mere moments after a notorious hacking firm leaked over 90 clips of Grand Theft Auto 6 online, a die-hard fan base pieced together what could very well be the final in-game map of Vice City.

As Rockstar Games fight tooth and nail to banish the trolls and sly hacking firms from their radar, fans of the much loved series are beginning to step forth and salvage whatever's left of the recent leak. And from that very salvage, if you can believe, are bits and pieces that contribute towards the full-scale map of the game. Or at least that's what the community believes, anyway.

It has been just under a week since the leak came to light, and yet Church of GTA, along with a number of other eagle-eyed mapmakers, have already constructed what appears to be the in-game open world map. And we're not talking about a few doodles and a bit of paper decor — but a full-on geographical location, complete with matching coordinates, landmarks, and even screenshots that were taken from the recent leaks.

But Is It Vice City?

Of course, nothing is to say that this will be the real thing, and it's mostly speculation at this point. Nevertheless, it's quite amazing to see something so detailed arrive at such an early stage in time. However you spin it, though, it probably isn't likely to put Rockstar in high spirits — especially as they continue to thrash it out with the cyber bullies.

Until Rockstar Games step up to shed light on the map — which is probably its lowest priority right now — this is about as close to seeing Vice City from the top down as we're going to get. And with Grand Theft Auto 6 still a few years off from releasing, we probably won't be seeing an official one for quite some time, either.

So, what's your take? Are you buying Church of GTA's Grand Theft Auto 6 map? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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