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Best Weapons in Dying Light 2



As tempting as it may be to pummel a flesh-eating corpse with nothing but your bare hands, the fact is, there are countless ways to go about executing a Howler in Dying Light 2And what's more, with the sequel boasting twice as many melee and ranged weapons to both scavenge and upgrade, your chances of surviving the apocalypse are monumentally high. That said, with so many tools at your disposal, which of them should you prioritize, and which should you scoot aside?

The good news is, Dying Light 2 doesn't exactly make locating new and powerful weapons that much of a chore. Matter of fact, they're available in most corners, trunks, and crates dotted around the map, which can make your job as one of the game's primary defenders a real walk in the park. But again, what should you get? Well, here's everything we'd suggest getting your hands on as early on in the campaign as possible.

5. PK Crossbow

Once you've traveled a fair ways into the campaign, you'll have a choice: follow the Peacekeepers, or the Survivors. If you've decided to follow the former, then you'll be in with of chance of getting your hands on the best weapon in the entire game — the Peacekeeper Crossbow, an incredibly deadly ranged weapon that boasts both deadlock accuracy and an unbreakable frame. It also comes with craftable arrow types, all of which shave serious damage off of any given target, both beastly and scrawny.

To get your paws on the KP Crossbow, you'll need to boost your City Alignment level to 4 with the Peacekeepers. Once you've proven yourself among the ranks, you'll be in for a real treat. And what better way to shed those zombie numbers than to shred through them with arguably one of the best and most effective weapons in all of Dying Light 2? It's reliable, sturdy, and can pack one monster of a punch.

4. Heavy Duty Axe

If you're planning on sticking around for the long haul, and have just about brushed up on all the main story quests, then you'll want to get the Heavy Duty axe in your arsenal, for sure. Why? Well, because it packs one of the hardest punches in all of the game, and not to mention bears three moddable slots for you to essentially boost its every available attribute. True to its name, it's an incredibly heavy duty piece of kit, but one that also has the power to obliterate enemies in a few seconds flat.

The only downside to unlocking the Heavy Duty axe is that you won't have it during the campaign. That said, if you're in the mood to mop up any last-minute quests or tasks, then it's certainly worth keeping ahold of post-credits.

3. Enso Katana

Loot enough bodies or chests, and you might just find yourself wielding the Enso Katana, one, if not the best melee weapon in all of Dying Light 2. Like the Heavy Duty axe, the sword is best served with a helping of Howlers when bunched up by the boatload. Unlike the axe, however, the Enso Katana is a lot more rapid, and can slice through enemies with haste, whereas Heavy Duty packs a tougher punch, but takes a great deal longer to swing.

Needless to say that if you're more interested in melee combat, then there's no doubt about it — the Enso Katana and the Heavy Duty axe are both worthy adversaries. Question is, which one would you feel more comfortable hacking away at a corpse's forehead with? Decisions, decisions.

2. Paper Clip Bow

Going back to what we said earlier about choosing between the Peacekeepers and the Survivors; if you chose the latter, then you'll have the opportunity to get the Paper Clip bow, yet another vicious ranged weapon that bears the right to be labeled the best in Dying Light 2. And while its rarity is one step away from being top tier, it's still arguably one to keep an eye out for — especially if ranged combat is your cup of tea.

To get you hands on the Paper Clip bow, you need only reach the Survivor mission titled “The Shoe”, after which you'll have access to it from the inside of Lawan's Apartment. Worth the extra legwork? A hundred times, yes. That is, providing you don't mind substituting your legendary artefacts for a lower levelled bit of gear, of course.

1. Lazarus Knuckledusters

Granted, the Lazarus Knuckledusters won't be the weapon you'll keep with you to the bitter end of Dying Light 2, but they will serve you well as you mop up those initial quests for the Peacekeepers in the main campaign. To get your own set, you need only hand over the Water Tower to the Peacekeepers instead of the Survivors, after which you will need to follow Aiden (and not Sophie) to the Central Loop biome. If all goes according to plan, then Aiden will gift you the Lazarus Knuckledusters for your undying loyalty to the PK cause.

Knuckledusters, like a lot of epic melee weapons, come into use when you're picking off Howlers one by one, what with their ability to pummel skin and bone into smithereens with a single blow. And again, while you won't be keeping them forever, you will get accustomed to them for a fairly large portion of the game, after which the doors for better equipment will present themselves to you for the long haul. So, while you're looking to find your feet in the big bad world of Dying Light 2, be sure to forge the right alliances and build those bridges up high. In other words, stick with the Peacekeepers; they definitely know how to survive the apocalypse.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our best weapons in Dying Light 2? Are there any you'd recommend picking up? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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