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5 Best Games To Get You Prepared For Dying Light 2: Stay Human



With Dying Light 2: Stay Human meandering closer towards the marketplaces, chances are, you've already had time to clear up enough space on your external hard drive for it. To be fair, like us, you have more than likely already resorted to twiddling your thumbs for the next week until it finally comes out. But a week is a pretty long time in our world, and without a bone to gnaw on, we're usually left to aimlessly mope around between launch dates.

With seven long, long days on the clock before Dying Light 2 comes out, it means we're able to soak up a few similar games as a way to escalate the hype for it. But what are the best games to play that involve zombies, parkour, and a whole lot of exploration? Well, you had best prepare a little more space on that hard drive of yours, because you're going to want to check these out before sinking into Techland's next chapter.

5. Dead Island (Series)

One of the most obvious choices when it comes to sourcing a Dying Light clones is Dead Island, there's no doubt about it. Combining a similar concoction of digging up resources to craft better weapons, open-world locations to shovel through and unearth, as well as a post-apocalyptic tropical getaway to boot — Dead Island essentially bleeds from the exact same vein as Dying Light. And that's exactly why you should play it.

Sure, it's somewhat dated and can be found at the bottom of most bargain bins, but let's not forget that Dead Island was also one of the best zombie games of its time. It provided a strong-hearted narrative, plenty of customizable elements, and enough of a sun-kissed paradise to transform into a blood-soaked playground. It was—and still very much is—a barrel of mindless fun.


4. Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Okay, so you probably won't be pummelling any zombie heads in with a blunt spork over in Glass City, to be fair. But that's not the reason why we're putting Mirror's Edge Catalyst on this list. Forget the story and the undead horde for a minute, and focus on the gameplay side of things. Ring any bells? Well, it should do. Both titles pretty much spring their primary focus on parkour, along with death-defying feats and hazardous shenanigans.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst was a far cry from its former instalment, that's for sure. Unlike the previous game that had you locked to compressed maps with no wriggle room, Catalyst opened up the borders and provided a bulked-out open world playground to hop, skip and tumble through. Again, no zombies make an appearance along the way, but its gameplay and physics mesh with those featured in Dying Light incredibly well. It's uncanny.


3. State of Decay (Series)

Although it's not in favor of the first-person shooter style, State of Decay does possess all the necessary qualities to portray a well-rested Dying Light tribute act. Because let's face it, if you're able to forage for supplies in abandoned settlements, craft weapons out of scrap, as well as keep a community alive by fending off waves of undead armies — then you've basically laid out all the ingredients to form a family picnic.

While Dying Light opts for the rich narrative and semi-serious tone, State of Decay moves more towards a classic sandbox style with non-linear patchwork. Rather than following a one-way track, players are invited to explore the surrounding regions and make use of whatever has been left behind in the wreckage. Build a farm, form a community, or just go solo and hole up in the back of a truck on the outskirts of town somewhere. It's your apocalypse — do with it what you will.


2. Left 4 Dead (Series)

Left 4 Dead may have been replaced by Turtle Rock Studios' latest and greatest multiplayer hit, but that hasn't stopped our love and loyalty from flowing over it to keep its partly neglected carcass from frosting over. We're still very much here, as is the two global sensations that is the Left 4 Dead series. And while Back 4 Blood is a substitute worth taking into consideration, we do have to lean more towards the former, if only for nostalgia's sake.

Pitting you and three other poor souls against an entire city of undead neck-biters, Left 4 Dead enrols you on an unforgettable journey where companionship and teamwork stand as the only two keys to survival. It's time to knuckle down and get ready to pillage the world of all its rotting corpses and deadly diseases. Left 4 Dead whispers  from the Xbox 360 stashed away in the darkest corner of your attic space.


1. Days Gone

Days Gone could very well be referred to as one of Sony's most underrated exclusives on the planet. Sure, it surpassed well over eight million sales, which put it on par with Ghost of Tsushima, but the latter was definitely favored on Sony's part. And that, of course, means plenty of gamers have yet to bite into its enormous open world as the rebellious yet morally conflicted biker boy Deacon St. John.

Similar to Dying Light, Days Gone goes above and beyond to secure your engagement by delivering a top-notch narrative as well as incredibly powerful gameplay. It doesn't fall under the first-person domain, but with a game as beautiful as this, you can probably go ahead and gloss over that small detail. If you want zombies, an open-world playground, and a quality story, then Days Gone is your go-to frontrunner.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are you looking forward to playing Dying Light 2: Stay Human? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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