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Dead Island 2 Surprises Gamers with Xbox Game Pass Release

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Dead Island 2 Surprises Gamers with Xbox Game Pass Release

Dead Island 2 has made a surprise release on Xbox Game Pass. The sudden appearance of the game on the subscription service caught many by surprise. Microsoft and the Publisher Plaion did not make an announcement on the release, leaving many speculating that the release could be a mistake. 

However, a recent blog post now confirms that its coming to Game Pass.

Dead Island 2, developed by Dambuster Studios, emerged on Xbox Game Pass this morning.  Players can dive into the undead chaos via Xbox Game Pass on console, but not on PC. 

The game's arrival on the platform comes after its successful launch in April last year. The journey to release was not smooth for Dead Island 2. Initially announced in 2014, the game has endured a tumultuous production cycle marred by delays and developer changes. However, Dambuster Studios, an internal Deep Silver studio, took over development in 2019, and the game hit the shelves last April. Despite a turbulent development journey, the game sold over one million copies in three days. 

Dead Island 2 is a significant milestone for Dambuster Studios and its parent company, Embracer, amidst studio closures and staff layoffs. Dead Island 2 delivers a rollercoaster of hilarious gore and solid zombie-slaying action, showcasing its prowess in delivering laughs amidst the chaos.

The game is yet to be available on PC. However, Deep Silver had previously confirmed that the game would launch on Steam on April 22, 2024. Until then, console players can sink their teeth into the undead mayhem via Xbox Game Pass, enjoying the blood-soaked adventures that await them in the sequel.

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