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5 Best Tips for Dying Light 2

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Following the success of Dying Light, Dying Light 2 has earned widespread critical acclaim, with positive reviews ranging from 7 to 8 out of 10. Given the survival horror nature of its predecessor, the sequel casts players as Aiden, who must survive a zombie-infested city and face a series of challenges in the mainline quest to find Aiden's sister.

As is expected with sequels, the grappling hook is back, which old-time fans are happy about. However, most mechanics have changed with the open-world setting even more expansive than its predecessor. To successfully get a strong start in the close to 500 hours of fun and adventure exploring the city of Villedor, here are five of the best tips for newcomers and fans of the game alike.

5. Explore Villedor

Dying Light 2 - Full World Map Reveal - Dying Light 2 Map Showcase Open World Gameplay - DL2 News

Villedor is more expansive than Harran from the prequel, Dying Light. This should not sway you from exploring its extensiveness at will. Dying Light 2 has faster loading times, so you’re sure to load screens without any delays smoothly. 

You may realize, though, that getting distracted from the gameplay can happen easily. You may end up doing plenty of exploring and less fighting your opponents, dead or alive. So, here are strategies you can use that can help you explore Villedor.

  • Make use of binoculars – At some point, you will meet Hakon, who gives you a pair of binoculars. Now, these are pretty useful because surveying the open world through them will help you see your objectives, your key locations and help you mark valuable places on your map to explore later on.
  • There is no rush – You might get tempted to go fighting zombies from the get-go, but there isn’t any rush. The game does not take it easy on you when you’re just starting from a lower level and with too-low stamina. So, why not take some time to explore the city on your terms, making sure to build up your stamina in some side quests. Afterwards, the game paves the way when you’ve acquired enough health and stamina, and you’ve unlocked some valuable weapons.
  • Time of the Day Matters – Playing in a zombie-infested city translates to more zombies sprawling around during the night than the day cycle. It is recommended to take on long travels during the day, though you get a bonus for making it through the night. 
  • Rooftops are better – Lastly, make use of Aiden’s ability to climb and hang on to ledges whenever you require staying in control. The ground is generally swarming with zombies, so it’s best to avoid ground levels whenever possible.

4. Prioritize Stealth Action

Day Light 2

As a survival horror open-world game, most players may indulge in over-the-top gameplay mechanics. It is a whole load of fun, but keep in mind that your stamina decreases with each swing, climb, or hanging on to ledges. So when your stamina runs out, you will need to find Inhibitors lest you lose. But discreet stealth is also an option, especially when you stand to save up on stamina for dealing with enemies you’re sure you can handle. 

If your weapons are undependable, or you just want to avoid fighting hoards and the most brutal enemies, then you can cautiously move about without engagement. There are also plenty of places to hide or sneak up on someone carefully to take them down in one swing or to chop off a zombie’s head.  With stealth action, rather than taking fights head-on, you may find winning comes much easier with how long your stamina will last and with less worry over unlocking weapons that can kill the most brutal enemies of the game.

Speaking of weapons…

3. Always Switch Up Your Weapons

dying light 2

Like your stamina and health, weapons have a lifespan too. Every time you strike enemies down, their durability reduces until the weapon breaks. So make it a habit to switch up your weapons either by finding or buying them. With each switch up, your newly acquired weapons are likely to have better quality. You can also keep checking your inventory to see if there are any weapons that are still valuable for you. It's better to buy weapons at the start, as crafting or modding them in-game can only be done a few times before they break.

2. Level Up Stamina Over Health

It is easy to level up your health to survive, but the gameplay is bound to have your stamina running out much faster than your health. With too-low stamina, climbing onto rooftops and skyscrapers to evade zombies or hanging on to ledges and swinging your weapon is impossible, which leaves you vulnerable.  So to stay as long as you need to accomplish missions, you have to find Inhibitors that can help you upgrade your Stamina. You get these rewards from your quests and missions you successfully complete around the map. 

You will have to acquire three Inhibitors to choose between upgrading your health or stamina. Remember to boost your stamina at least twice more than upgrading your health.

1. You Can Probably Make That Jump

Dying Light 2 - Villedor 🛹 Playground

A vital aspect is navigating Villedor through running and jumping over rooftops. Thus, seemingly impossible jumps between buildings or up a ledge are almost certainly quite possible to do. So anytime you’re not sure of making a jump, I say go for it. The worst-case scenario is you’ll reach close enough to grab the ledge and hoist yourself up to the top. 

Further, the game unlocks an extended jump feature that increases the jumping distances you can make; Which is pretty cool as you can leap across buildings as you keep traveling over rooftops rather than ground level to evade enemies.

Do share with us in the comments or our socials here any other tips and tricks you might have found helpful for Dying Light 2. 

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