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5 Best Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2

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Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2

Easter eggs are a staple in any video game, and Dying Light 2 is no exception. There are a ton of Easter eggs hidden throughout the game, and we’re here to show you the best ones. From references to other games, to funny moments and hidden items, Dying Light 2 has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the hunt for Easter eggs in Dying Light 2!


5. Force choke

DYING FORCE BLUEPRINT ( Star Wars Force Choke Location / Guide ) - Dying Light 2

The force choke is one of the best Easter eggs hidden within another Easter egg. In this phenomenal zombie-slashing game, the easter egg is a reference to the mighty Star Wars force choke. The force choke in Dying Light 2 is an excellent weapon that allows Aiden to choke his enemies to their defeat.

So how do you get to the force choke Easter egg? The easter egg blueprint is hidden in the secret doom level in Dying Light 2. To reach the secret doom level, place black ducks at the center of the room on the five pedestals. Behind them, connect the cables on the opposite wall, unlocking the ‘Ka DOOM Shotgun'. The Shotgun opens a mission challenging you to collect five items.

Be careful as the time for collection of these items is limited. After you pass the challenge, you will find a door that is secretive. And that's where you will find the unstoppable Dying Light force weapon. You are now powered to force-choke your enemies and rule the battle at this level. It sounds like something you could be interested in, right? Go and test it yourself. 


4. Dev's Room

Dying Light 2 DEV ROOM and OVERPOWERED UPGRADES QUICK! Dying Light 2 Tips

The Sequel's developer's room is definitely one interesting and fascinating Easter egg in Dying Light 2. The secret developer room has many weapons and advantages that are worthy for gamers looking for dominance in the game. Accessing powerful weapons is only one of the exciting aspects of the secret room. Additionally, the room offers  infinite abilities for your weapon repairs. 

However, Techland does not give you a walk-in-the-park experience getting yourself into this fantastic basement. To get to the developer's room, you need to complete the Broadcast challenge. You'll then get access to the tallest building in the game, the VNC building. Then glide your way to the southern part of the rooftop to find a small skyscraper with large antennas.

You will need to connect wires to each floor to unlock the dev's room door at the skyscraper building. At this level, you need increased stamina to gain the ability to grasp onto the walls while routing the cables to their outlets. Once done, use Aiden's GRE key to unlock the door and be prepared to kill an exploding zombie who will attack you from inside.


3. Mistress Sword

Dying Light 2 - How To Get Mistress Sword Secret Weapon (Zelda Sword Blueprint)

In this series, the developers have introduced new weapons where you can fight using swords, machetes, and hammers, among others. The Mistress sword is an equally impressive secret easter egg in Dying Light 2. The blade is a reference to Zelda's sword in Legends of Zelda. 

Unlike what its name depicts, Mistress Sword is a machete, and hence it is light and able to squash enemies within a short time. However, you can't access this weapon so quickly. Among the multiple resources the game offers, you need at least 370 scraps to unlock the Mistress Sword. 

Considering that Mistress sword only provides you with a common-level machete, it may not be the best choice to dominate the game to the end. However, it is an excellent source of luxury that spices your stamina at the beginning of the game. 


2. Flying Broom


Flying is one of the most relaxing moments of a game, and Dying Light 2 gives you this satisfying experience through the secretive flying broom. The broomstick's sole use is in the “Baba Yaga Challenge.” However, with a simple method, you can always keep it and use it to soar through Villedor whenever you like. Additionally, you can use the flying broom to find more Easter Eggs and airdrops that are hidden all over the map. 

So how do you unlock the flying broom? After finishing the story task titled “Broadcast,” use the elevator in the lobby to ascend to the roof of the VNC Tower. From here, turn towards the roof's eastern side to find the yellow crane just underneath you. The safest way to get to the yellow crane is to paraglide down, where you can access the room with the flying broomstick. 

The flying broom Easter egg is not only an incredible easter egg for its flight ability that allows you to explore more Easter eggs but also that you can retain it forever, unlike many Easter eggs. For these reasons, you may want to explore the game's adventurous terrains to find this flying broom.


1. Kyle Crane's Clone

Dying Light 2 - NEW Kyle Crane Easter Egg

It is inevitable to wonder whether Kyle Crane from the first series of Dying Light is still alive in the second one. Now, you don't have to keep wondering. Though in disguise, Dying Light 2 gives you a hidden route to unlock Kyle Crane. 

Unlike in Dying Light 1, Kyle Crane works with many new abilities and powers to fight zombies in the second series. Techland makes it a mystery as to whether Kyle Crane is alive or not. However, they bring out a new character, Kevin Daniels, who possesses identical features and abilities as that of the crane, after meeting up with the major hero in the series, Aiden. 

While the original Kyle Crane is not available in Dying Light 2, reaching the segment where Kevin and Aiden interact is nostalgic to the crane. In addition to the apparent similarities, Kevin possesses crane's style and love for baseball caps. Ultimately, the Kyle Crane clone is still one of the best Easter Eggs since it allows you to enjoy a combination of abilities of the main heroes from Dying Light 1 and Dying Light 2.

Do you agree with the list of five best easter eggs in Dying Light 2? What are your favorite Easter eggs in Dying Light 2? Share your thoughts with us on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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