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5 Best Easter Eggs in Borderlands

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Borderlands Easter Eggs

Borderlands is that one fighting game that blows your mind with its niche creativity of merging humor with epic war play. With its endless set of firearms, Borderlands is a cinematic adventure of action, bloodshed warfare that continues to draw many more players. Since the inception of Borderlands in 2009, there have been endless Easter Eggs that have had fans going gaga in their search. Some of them have set themselves apart by their gameplay tactics and semblance in the Borderlands series. Now, let's take our chance and shoot some bad guys as we unravel the best five Easter eggs in Borderlands.  


5. Hellwalker Doom Shotgun: Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Speedloadn' Hellwalker (Doom Easter egg) METALHEAD SHOTGUN

The Hellwalker Shotgun is the only weapon easter egg on our list. From Borderlands 3, Borderlands rewards us with this badass Hellwalker shotgun as the doom easter egg.

At the Athenas Planet in Zack_S901 area is where you'll fight your battle to unlock the Hellwalker easter egg. To get the shotgun, you'll have to complete a fighting mission. There are multiple enemies that you can kill to unlock the gun. For instance, you can kill the chupacabra in the cemetery or even get on with captain Traunt.

Once you get the gun, you'll enjoy its epic loading speeds and shooting energy. The weapon also shoots while displaying electric guitar tunes, which sounds quite incredible. The gun resembles the epic shotgun of the Doom guy from the video game Doom.


4. Dark Side of the Moon: The Pre-Sequel

Dark Side of the Moon Easter Egg in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

Borderlands keeps bringing us memorable references in their easter eggs. And Dark Side of the Moon easter egg is yet another one of these reminiscences. This easter egg takes us to Pink Floyd in his ‘Dark Side of the Moon' album. 

In the pre-sequel's early stages, you will find a group of Darksiders and prisms that are out to destroy you. To survive, kill the Darksiders while avoiding the shooting lights from the prisms. This is one of those great moments for Pink Floyd's fans. 

Let's move to the moon in the pre-sequel, where you'll find a triangle with three colored lights to reference Pink Floyd's album Rainbow lights. Once you walk into the Darksiders' part of the moon, you will meet these crazy Darksiders you have to kill. At the same time, there'll be endless lights shooting at you. So gear up for a crazy run. 


3. Wick an Warty: Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Wick and Warty Location (Rick & Morty Easter Egg)

Referencing ‘Rick and Morty' is the Wick and Watty easter egg in Borderlands 3. Your mission here is to kill Wick and Watty to get some of their epic rewards.

On a side mission at the Prometha, you'll find Wick and Watty's easter egg in Lectra city. You will obviously meet Wick and Morty in the terrain, but there will be some additional characters to derail your murder mission. The trick here is to try to kill them very quickly, as they are characters who are rare spawns.

To kill Wick, you'll have to be precise to kill him and miss his constant teleportation. Morty might not be as tricky prey as Wick, but the whole mission is generally not an easy one. Depending on the kill, you'll find a set of rewards, including a new skin and a new gun. Otherwise, you may end up only getting one bonus, which many players find after killing Wick and not killing Morty.


2. Geary's Run: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 | Lord of the Rings Easter Egg | Full Guide to Geary

Another easter egg making the list is Geary's run that depicts the ‘Lord of the Rings.' This easter egg is a series of adventure, mystery, and action. Getting to Geary to give him his ring is one tedious mission that will have you sweating on your control.

To get to this easter egg, play your way to the claptrap's place in Windshear waste. Find your way to the Eridium Blight, where you'll spot a fireplace holding Geary's unbreakable gear. The gear displays the words, “only a brisk walk to the Eridium Blight will reward the courier,” which is a clue to the mission.

In the mission to locate Geary, you will have to trek through treacherous lava paths, moving mountains, and some weak bridges. In this mission, you can not use any vehicle or teleportation to overcome these hurdles. 

Once you get to the Eridium Blight, Geary will come and punch you in the face as a reward, then take the ring and dive into the fire. You have to be careful of the weapon you're carrying, not to harm Geary when he is punching you. Anyway, just then, three giant rats that symbolize the three eagles of ‘The Lord of the Rings' will fly above the sky and drop three chests as your gifts.


1. Minecraft Invasion: Borderlands 2

BORDERLANDS 2 | Minecraft Easter Egg Tutorial!

Top on our list is the invasion of Minecraft in Borderlands 2. The easter egg unveils some badass creepers you have to kill to receive more gifts. To spice up this mission, the whole scene is full of adventures that remind us of Minecraft, starting from the creeper characters and the Minecraft wall. 

While the easter egg proves to be all fun, it is one of those easter eggs that are well hidden and easy to miss. To find Minecraft: get to level 2 in Borderlands 2. Then run through the Caustic Cavern terrain until you locate the Guardian Ruins. Move further ahead until you discover the Minecraft wall sealing the cave opening.

The fun part starts immediately after you locate the Minecraft wall, where you get to smash the walls to open your way into the cave. Once you're in, pull and meet these creepers who are just difficult to kill. At the same time, you'll have to watch your back to protect yourself from getting close to the creepers, who will render you weak if they get close to you. After killing these creepers, you're rewarded with a new semi-Minecraft skin and new weaponry. Ultimately, this is the one easter egg that will have you enjoying talking throughout your gameplay.


Do you agree with the list of five best easter Eggs in Borderlands? Are there other easter eggs in Borderlands we should know of? Share your thoughts with us on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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