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5 Best Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto V



Easter eggs make up just a small portion of most video games, unlockable only by going to the far corners of each world. It's there, somewhere in the unknown, that mysteries lay in wait, be they a gentle nod to a cheeky programmer, or something otherworldly and completely out of the blue—like a sunken UFO that only appears in the dead of night. And as far as games like Grand Theft Auto V go—Rockstar sure love exploiting said unknown.

Not only does Grand Theft Auto V feature one of the most ambitious worlds in the timeline to date, but also the most Easter eggs, which are still being found nearly a decade after its 2013 launch. As for the most memorable, now that's a matter of opinion. Though, for us, these five definitely stood out as the most legendary of the bunch.

5. The Ghost on Mount Gordo

Considering the vast majority of Easter eggs in and around Los Santos are predominantly cheerful, it does make this particular treasure a little out of place. Yet, for some reason, it's also one of the most memorable, as it is, strangely enough, a ghost that hovers over the top of Mount Gordo during the twilight hours. And given the nature of the ghost's departure, it's pretty easy to see why.

To find the woman in white, simply head up to Mount Gordo between the hours of 11pm and midnight. Once atop the summit, you will spot the ghost floating above a message inscribed in the rock. The message reads “Jock,” which refers to her dearly beloved, John “Jock” Cranely, a prominent figure from the Grand Theft Auto universe. A figure who, prior to the events of Vice City, murdered his late wife, Jolene, when out on a hiking trip around Mount Gordo. Without evidence to support the claim, Jock was left to his own devices, whereas Jolene, on the other hand, was left to decay. Spooky.


4. The UFO

The good thing about building a video game island is, well, there's plenty of water. And with so much to play with, it means you can get away with hiding a whole other world on the sea floor, knowing that people will spend weeks scrubbing it just to find the front door to something almost otherworldly. But then there's Rockstar, a firm who enjoy hiding the smallest of details, like a UFO, for example.

Head to the northern part of the map, right to the edge, and you'll come across a UFO slowly deteriorating right there on the ocean floor. Of course, you'll have to bag yourself a submarine to reach it, but it's a trip worth taking if you enjoy supernatural Easter eggs, for sure. Just don't go expecting to board it and take it for a spin. A mod hasn't been made for that. Yet.


3. The Infinite 8 Killer

It was one thing to leave behind a sunken UFO in the northern edge of San Andreas, but to include a whole series of hidden messages left behind by a serial killer is a whole other story, and one Rockstar quite clearly took into their own hands by mapping out an entire subplot all for the sake of an Easter egg.

Dotted around San Andreas are messages left behind by the notorious Infinite 8 Killer, a figure that leaves clues on where to find his victims. But, rather than being a one-and-done sort of killer, Infinite 8 has a whole network of staging grounds, all of which be found if you take into account all the details on each scribbled message. Worth it, if you're into your murder-mystery shenanigans, of course.


2. To Catch a Sasquatch

Bigfoot has forever been Easter egg material for programmers. Even outside of Grand Theft Auto, developers have reused him as a way to get players to explore more than just the tourist spots. And to be fair, it has usually worked, as gamers have stretched their playtime by hours, all in the hopes of capturing evidence of the mythical humanoid.

Grand Theft Auto V is no different. He's in there alright, so long as you know where to look, what time to go out, and which tools to use to capture proof. But to save you the effort, we'll just say this: Predator. If you've reached that mission in the game, then you'll find yourself taking point in a helicopter overlooking some woods. That's your cue to look out for the beast, using your IR scope to identify him.


1. The Vinewood Zombie

Los Santos isn't exactly short on weird citizens. In fact, all you need to do is waltz outside your front door and you're sure to find an army of oddballs. Take the Vinewood Zombie, for example. For $10, you can snap a photo with the friendly flesh-lover. And, if playing as Trevor, then you can even unlock some special dialogue relating to his late kin.

It's a simple thing, seeing a zombie on the streets of Vinewood, but it is pretty funny, if only until the novelty wears off. Then, it just becomes another random thing in the world of San Andreas. A thing that, in all fairness, becomes overshadowed by the plethora of additional Easter eggs that make up its open-world playground.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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