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5 Games Every Tim Burton Fan Should Own



Tim Burton has been a prominent member of the film community for decades, as well as an ambassador for his signature gothic cinematic style. With no two movies the same, fans all over the globe have had the pleasure of watching new worlds and characters unravel for each passing flick. This style, of course, has been the muse for countless video game developers, all of whom have used his tools to lay the foundations to support their own works.

Tim Burton has definitely inspired a generation of filmmakers and developers, that much is true. Though, the question isn't who can recreate the signature style—but who can actually pull it off, without resorting to tracing every square detail. That's where these five come in. And so, if you, like us, enjoy anything inspired by Tim Burton, then be sure to pick up these five games the next time you're browsing the marketplace.


5. Lost in Random

Lost in Random – Official Teaser Trailer

Lost in Random is a unique blend of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, and American McGee's Alice, both of which are equally as disturbing as the other. But in spite of its dark themes and familiar patchwork-based chatacters, it does actually play remarkably well. And as for the region of Random, as a whole, well, you can see for yourself why we associate it with Burton's unusual creations.

With Lost in Random, everything goes by the dice. Once you turn twelve, your whole life is decided by a single roll, whether that means you're destined for a carefree existence beside the Queen, or shoveling leftover parts in the outskirts of Onecroft. The only issue is, your sister has just celebrated the milestone—and her roll has taken her to the faraway land of Sixtopia. Your job, sadly, being a concerned younger sister, is to uproot and bring her home, discarding the fact that the dice also holds you captive.


4. Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns - Official Teaser Trailer

If you love the classic Alice in Wonderland literature, then you'll probably hate American McGee's Alice. However, if you enjoy alternate realities and dark twists on classic children's stories, then you'll definitely want to slip into this contorted dimension. Just don't go thinking any of the old faces will be their usual selves.

Alice: Madness Returns centers its story around none other than Alice Liddell, a young girl who often finds herself slipping back into a dark hole that is the twisted version of Wonderland. In her dreams, she envisions a catastrophic event in the shape of a burning train taking the world by storm. For every time she re-enters Wonderland, she looks to put a stop to the impending doom that looms on the horizon, unaware that each step forward is really two steps towards insanity.


3. Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Story Trailer

Not only was Psychonauts 2 a surprise to platforming fans, seeing as its original was somewhat poorly received, but an essential experience that pretty much every gamer had to play at least once. And if you're a Tim Burton fan, then it's double points. Although not as bleak as some of his works, its randomness does sit alongside a few odd projects. And that's one thing the game is: random, to the point of being a rollercoaster of emotions.

Like in Tim Burton's movies, you'll never really know what to expect when traveling the world of Psychonauts 2. As Raz, the wannabe Psychonaut, you'll find yourself enrolling in an academy where mind control is the bread and butter of the mission statement. Though, slipping into other minds, on the other hand, can be dangerous business, especially when the recipient is on the brink of a mental breakdown.


2. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogies Revenge - Trailer E3 2005

As much as it pains us to say it, you will need to dig out your old PS2 or Xbox to play this one. But given the fact that you have already come out of your way to find video games based solely on Burton's work, or even influenced by it—then we'll go ahead and assume you're up to the task. And what better excuse to dig out your old hardware than to play Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge, right?

Oogie's Revenge is a classic hack and slash title that brings the beloved cast of Halloween Town back for a brand new journey. As a sequel to the cult-classic 1993 movie, its story follows the famous Pumpkin King as he works to freeze the revival of the town tormentor, Oogie Boogie. With gameplay that falls in line with the likes of Devil May Cry, it molds into an addictive little gem that both fans of the franchise and Capcom-aholics can enjoy for all the right reasons.


1. Little Nightmares (Series)

Little Nightmares - Launch Trailer

Little Nightmares can only be described as a hybrid of Tim Burton and Studio Ghibli, both of which influence one of the creepiest platformers of the last decade. Whether you're seriously into puzzle-solving games is irrelevant, as it's far more of an experience than anything else—and one you have to go through at some stage in your gaming career to understand.

As Six, you wake up in the dark and dreary waters of an old rusty ship, not knowing where you are or where you're going. But as you progress deeper into the monochrome setting, you soon begin to notice the unusual folk that make up the crew of the ship. Gluttony and violence go hand in hand, and it's your goal to stay well out of its cold-hearted grasp as you search for an escape.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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