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5 Strangest Video Games You’ll Play in 2023



Strange games allow both developers and players to express themselves wonderfully. These games usually shirk off modern conventions in favor of their unique artistic visions. That being said, this often leads them to be either offputting or, simply put, strange. These games offer experiences to players that they aren't soon to forget for one reason or another. So if you, like us, enjoy weird games, enjoy our list of the 5 Strangest Video Games You'll Play in 2023.

5. Slime Rancher 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Starting off our list of the strangest games you will play in 2023, we have Slime Rancher 2. This game has a unique premise in that you will go about the world collecting slimes. Now these slimes may vary in their purpose and appearance, but they all serve your purposes one way or another. The game's goal is to capture as many slimes as possible and place them in your conservatorium. A bit weird, but definitely a gameplay loop that will keep you returning to the game again and again. 

Players will have access to a bevy of gadgets to use to aid in their hunt. There are several uses for the slimes that are as varied as they are. For example, the primary use of the slimes is to collect Plorts. These allow the player to upgrade their facilities and essentially act as the game's currency. So if you are looking for a title that takes quite a bit of a walk on the weirder side, then definitely check out Slime Rancher 2, one of the strangest games you can play in 2023.

4. RavenlokRavenlok review

Next up on our list of the strangest games to play in 2023, we have Ravenlok. Right off the bat, this game will grip the player with its odd yet well-polished aesthetic. Soon after, however, players will learn of the utter insanity taking place within this game's world. A relatively recent entry into the roster of strange games available, this game certainly makes an impression. The action-adventure title sees players fighting various bosses, with each of these bosses managing to add their own flavor to the overall experience.

The game is in third person, which allows players to take in their environment. However, that isn't to say that this is all the game has to offer, either. In fact, there is a plethora of side content to enjoy that will see the player exploring this strange world for quite some time. An additional factor to the game that makes it appeal to players is the ability to simply pick up the game and play and understand it quickly. This goes a long way toward making this game really accessible. To close, Ravenlok is one of the strangest, yet finest, games you will play in 2023.

3. Psychonauts 2

For our next entry, we have a title that served as a sequel to one of the most critically-acclaimed games of its generation. Psychonauts 2, not only through its unique style and presentation but also through its stellar platforming gameplay, is one of the greatest yet strangest games you'll play in 2023. This game once again follows the adventures of our hero from the first game, Raz. This time around, however, the number of psychic abilities that players will have access to increases greatly. This is wonderful for the gameplay variety in the game and is, simply put, a great time to explore and experience.

Players will have to use their telekinesis and pyrokinesis skills in order to succeed in the game. This is great and allows for players to use their brains in order to solve a number of puzzles. For players who are unfamiliar with the series, each of the game's levels is a representation of the character's consciousness, which in and of itself is pretty wild. So if you are looking for one of the strangest yet most enjoyable games to play through in 2023, then definitely check out Psychonauts 2.

2. Oddworld: Soulstorm

Now for our next title, we have one that comes from a long legacy of strange games. Oddworld: Soulstorm, as its name would imply, is certainly odd. Anyone who has played any of the other Oddworld titles will tell you strange doesn't begin to describe them. That being said, these games are fantastically well put together and offer players hours upon hours of entertainment. This time around, players will be able to play through one of the strangest platforming games in 2023.

Players will meet a number of characters that are, for the most part, outlandish and wacky. This is a trademark style of the franchise. This wonderful remake of a 90s classic sees players experiencing the world of the game in a whole new way. The updated visuals really add to the experience and make it a fantastic game in its own right. As far as being strange, this title definitely fits the bill. So if you are someone who is looking to play some of the strangest games in 2023, Oddworld: Soulstorm is a great choice to pick up and play.

1. High on Life

For our final entry, we have a game that is simply…strange. High on Life is a game in which guns talk to you, and you have to do your best to return to Earth. Being on an alien planet, the player will encounter many outlandish characters. The game is heavily inspired by Rick and Morty. And being developed by Squanch games, players certainly get the laughs here. There are plenty of characters that players will find funny. It could be a rather one-note shop owner or simply the enemies and the world around the player.

If you haven't played this title, it features FPS gameplay that is serviceable enough and a load of comedy. In fact, it is safe to say that the strange comedy is at the forefront of what makes this game memorable. So if you are a fan of Rick and Morty or its general style of humor, this could be a great game for you. All in all, High on Life features a good story and characters with a healthy dose of strangeness along with comedy. If this sounds like it's up your alley, then check it out, as it is one of the strangest games you can play in 2023.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Strangest Video Games You'll Play in 2023? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

Judson Holley is a writer that began his career as a ghostwriter. Returning to the mortal coil  to work among the living. With some of his favorite games being tactical FPS games such as Squad and the Arma series. Although this could not be further from the truth as he enjoys games with deep stories such as the Kingdom Hearts series as well as Jade Empire and The Knights of the Old Republic series. When not attending to his wife, Judson often tends to his cats. He also has a knack for music mainly composing for and playing piano.