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Cococucumber (yes — Cococucumber) is on the verge of bringing its Narnia-inspired fairytale adventure game, Ravenlok, to consoles and PC. And as it turns out, the forthcoming action RPG will mark the third and final entry in the universally acclaimed Voxel Trilogy, as curated by Cococucumber. So, quite the fitting end to an all-round superb miniature anthology that's, to our best knowledge, kept the coming of age theme alive and kicking since 2019's Riverbond.

So, what more do you need to know about the Alice in Wonderland-type journey? Well, here's everything we've been able to collect based on the information Cococucumber has provided to date. Ravenlok: what is it, and most importantly, when is it due to hit the shelves?

What Is Ravenlok?

Ravenlok is an upcoming action RPG by Cococucumber, a studio best known for its Voxel Trilogy—a three-piece set that comprises Riverbond, Echo Generation, and Ravenlok. In a similar vein to its previous two entries in the trilogy, Ravenlok will base its theme around a coming of age tale—a whirlwind adventure that depicts a brave heroine's travels across a fantastical realm that's home to an underlying issue.

Going by what's been shown, Ravenlok will take a few pages out of the likes of Alice in Wonderland's world, most notably in its “mad characters” and quirky settings. Question is, what does this world have to do with our hero, and how will her actions influence the so-called Mushroom Forest and all of its upside down biomes? Well, here's what we know about the story so far…


Ravenlok will cast you as the titular protagonist, Ravenlok—a tenacious explorer who, after stumbling upon a magical mirror, finds herself thrown into the middle of a magical realm that's under the thumb of a tyrannical queen. This is where you, a soul who's curiouser than ever before, will venture forth and begin your epic coming of age tale, bound for the throne as the world's most headstrong beacons of hope.

In Cococucumber's own words: “Upon encountering a mystical mirror, Ravenlok is whisked away to a whimsical world plagued by the sinister darkness of a tyrannical queen. Destiny awaits all in an unforgettable and heartfelt adventure.”

So, just what is this realm Ravenlok speaks of, and how will its inhabitants play a role in its narrative? Well, it's hard to say for sure, but clearly there'll be a Queen of Hearts scenario to mold over in one way or another. So, expect an oppressed society that's on the brink of collapse, and one that just so happens to be in need of an unlikely hero from a distant realm. Cue the magical mirror, I guess?


An action RPG at heart, Ravenlok will divide its time between conjuring real-time combat, open-world exploration, and genuinely wholesome lore and character building. And by that, you can expect to whisk yourself away to “fantastical realms” bursting with color and mystery, and not to mention populated by “mad characters” and “dark monsters”—all of whom find themselves stapled under the notorious Caterpillar Queen's reign of terror.

“Meet curious creatures and help them with their troubles to fight back against the encroaching darkness,” the description reads in part. “Discover the whimsical Mushroom Forest, tackle puzzles in the Mask Mansion and unravel the mysteries of the Labyrinth in a wonderful world turned upside down!”

According to the blurb, Ravenlok will feature “epic boss encounters”—foes that you will need to use your trusty sword and shield to eliminate and progress deeper into the realm. So, a jack-of-all-trades in ways, and one that will certainly spread its elements out respectively.

In other words: “Battles against fearsome beasts and formidable monsters using real-time combat. Wield your sword and shield, and use the magical skills bestowed to you, along with an arsenal of bombs, to vanquish foes in epic boss encounters!”


Cococucumber, a studio that has been hashing out charming little numbers for the best part of eight or so years now, first announced its plans to draw the curtain on the Voxel Trilogy back at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022. Released alongside a short trailer, Ravenlok was nudged towards a loose 2023 launch window. It was confirmed at the beginning of the year that the game would be heading to next-gen platforms on May 4, 2023.


Ravenlok - Release Date Trailer

Ravenlok caught your eye? If so, then you'll be glad to know that Cococucumber did, in fact, release a trailer or two a fair ways back. Need we say more? You can see the initial announcement preview for yourself in the video embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Ravenlok will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the Epic Games Store on May 4, 2023. And yes, it will be available to play on Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate as a day-one exclusive. So, a win-win for Microsoft fans, really.

At the time of writing, there are no special editions to speak of. That said, there is a pre-order copy available on the Microsoft Store, which just so happens to include a Raven Wings Helmet on top of a digital copy of the game. You can pick this version up for $24.99 from April 20th onwards.

If for whatever reason you are planning on keeping up to date with all the latest Ravenlok patches, then you may want to divert your attention towards Cococucumber's official social feed here. Should anything interesting pop up ahead of its launch, then we'll be sure to let you know all the key details right here on


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Ravenlok when it drops later this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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