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High on Life: Best Gatlians, Ranked

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There's no hiding the fact that High on Life is an incredibly odd game. Even in this day and age, a time where developers really try and exceed the limitations of the moral compass, Squanch Games' first-person shooter is still, all things considered, a friggin' strange game. And what makes it strange is its borderline narcissistic weapons that go by the name of Gatlians, a species of fleshy, sadistic, and fast-talking bullet hoggers that would soon rather murder a passer-by than reason with them.

In spite of High on Life's primary Gatlian promoting an entire colony of talking weapons, the story itself only lets you unlock and use five of them during your relatively short romp through the bounty hunter contracts. Question is, which ones are actually worth equipping, and which of them are hardly worth taking out of the holster?

5. Kenny

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Justin Roiland returns as just one of the few protagonists, sporting a socially awkward persona and a textbook point-and-shoot one-shot style. His ability, the Glob Shot, allows for its wielder to fire a ball of green gloop at platforms which, in short, unlocks new areas for you to explore. It's simple, yet effective, and also a useful feature that players will need to utilize a lot to progress deeper into Blim City and its surrounding alien biomes.

As far as weapons go, Kenny is definitely a little on the weak side—especially when compared to the other Gatlians that you unlock later in the game. As a bog-standard pistol with a mid to long-range shot, it requires an incredibly itchy trigger finger to make so much as a dent in anything that moves. Fans of Rick & Morty will no doubt want to keep Kenny out of the holster, though, what with his almost identical personality traits that could even give Morty a run for his money. First-person shooter fans, on the other hand, needn't bother using Kenny in a firefight, regardless of size.

4. Creature

Creature serves as a watered-down version of a grenade launcher; it's perfectly capable of firing out individual rounds, but with far less impact than, say, an actual grenade launcher. The good news is, when upgraded with the Heartsap Mod, Creature can actually transform into a pretty useful tool, as its offspring can not only damage enemies, but also return to you with additional health and gifts.

Unless you're sending one if his children into a vent to unlock a door, Creature isn't the most useful tool out on the field. Fortunately, his raw power in combat definitely makes up for it, as just one pool of siblings can essentially crowd and eliminate even the biggest G3 foes. Does this make Creature the best weapon in the game? Not by a long shot. And yet, when stacked up against Kenny, the choice is a real no-brainer.

3. Gus

When it comes to close-quarters combat in High on Life, there's nothing quite like getting up close and personal with a melee weapon, like Knifey, for example. Failing that, then with a good old-fashioned shotgun with a fully loaded buckshot to boot. As far as Blim City's version goes, Gus is the closest thing you'll get to receiving such a thing. And, you know, hats off to Squanch Games, because Gus, all things considered, is actually a pretty solid alternative.

Of course, like any short-range weapon, Gus is practically useless in a ranged battle, or at least with anything that involves fast-moving targets. Still, his special ability that lets you launch razor sharp inferno discs can be a real boon to your arsenal, and can actually deal a pretty sturdy blow if landed correctly. Although not the speediest Gatlian on the planet, he definitely holds his own as one of the best alternatives to Knifey. And that's saying something, given Knifey's power.

2. Lezduit

It's a shame, really, as Lezduit doesn't actually show up in your arsenal until the final stages of the campaign. And it's because of this that—as much as we would've liked—upgrades don't exist for the lazer-firing weapon. Nevertheless, Lezduit is hands down one of the most powerful weapons in the entire game, as a single plume of beams can eradicate an entire body of G3 soldiers in one fell swoop. And honestly, during the later chapters of the bounty hunter contracts, such a powerful attack can work absolute wonders, more so if you're playing on a tougher difficulty.

His personality may be lacking in just about every trait conceivable, but his strength as a weapon is comparable to none. Unfortunately, though, we're just not able to rank Lezduit as the highest in the food chain, purely down to the fact that it comes without the option to upgrade or evolve. Does it need upgrading? Probably not. Would it have been nice to have the the ability to do so? Absolutely.

1. Sweezy

Sweezy is, at least until any post-launch DLC comes knocking, the best Gatlian in High on Life. As a fully-auto machine gun with the power to not only shed purple explosive shards, but also freeze and manipulate time, Sweezy brings just about every power card to the table, and then doubles their value through the use of additional upgrades and mods. Once fully assembled, the crimson uzi packs one of the hardest punches in Blim City, which alone makes it worth the trouble of piecing together, for sure.

Fortunately, Sweezy can be unlocked after beating the first three bounty contracts, and can therefore receive more time to be upgraded to reach its maximum potential. Add a variety of mods, like the Reload Tract, the Remote Detonator Mod, and the Summoning Portal Mod, and you've got yourself an unstoppable Gatlian with an everlasting volley of ammunition and perks, all of which can be used to annihilate boss battles in a heartbeat.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? What Gatlian would you rank the highest? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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