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High on Life is the upcoming FPS game with a unique gimmick. Players will undoubtedly recognize some of the talent being put into this game. Most notable is the mind behind Rick and Morty. Justin Roiland is responsible for coming up with the concept for this game. The game focuses on the comedic adventure aspect that makes the Rick and Morty show so memorable. So without further ado, here is Everything You Need to Know About High on Life.

5. The Game Will Feature A Lot of Humor

It shouldn't really be a surprise, but a game created with the help of comedic genius Justin Roiland, will, of course, be hilarious. There are many references to the sci-fi genre, and the game often pokes fun at itself or the genre as a whole. In addition, your firearms frequently will crack jokes about your performance, or lack thereof, making for rather hilarious results. So when playing this game, there are a lot of situations you can get yourself into in which hilarity will ensue. In addition, players should be on the lookout for extra funny pieces of dialogue throughout the game.

There will be humor tucked away in every little nook and cranny of this game. Players need only look around for it and are sure to find some outlandish situation in which to find humor. The main way in which players will interact with their weapons is through comedy. Which is sure to keep the good times rolling throughout your play session. The characters in this game will hold a lot of significance in one way or another, even if that way is simply to make players laugh.

4. There is a Ton of ReferencesXbox and Bethesda Showcase Games

It is no secret that the creator of Rick and Morty loves references. This naturally made its way into High on Life, with many different visual references. As well as all-out references to many films and pop culture. In addition, the game is littered with jokes that make fun of various things, either sci-fi as a genre or other aspects of the game. In fact, there appear to be so many references that it genuinely is mind-boggling at times.

If you wish to experience this for yourself, you can grab the game most easily on Xbox Game Pass. Here you can play the entirety of the game without having to cough over as much money for it. It is an excellent thing that players will not have to pay full price if they absolutely don't have to, after all. Players who are looking forward to a solid FPS adventure through different alien lands will not be disappointed, however, as the game offers these in abundance. In closing, the referential humor of the game really helps carve out an identity for this game.

3. You Can Watch Movies

As part of the game and somewhat of an Easter egg, you can watch various movies on your TV in the living room. As the game creators love the cinema or make fun of it, this should come as no surprise. However, its inclusion in the game took a lot of work, as there is quite a bit of content built around these movies. For example, there are even parts of the game where you can see characters' reactions to the movies as well.

This is one aspect of a somewhat kooky game with more layers than seen initially. This may not be for everyone, however, as some may find the inclusion of these movies to be like filler content. However, regardless of your stance on High on Life, its inclusion is interesting from a game development standpoint. So if you are a movie buff who loves references in your media, then this game has you covered for sure. In closing, the addition of movies within the game, while confusing, is rather impressive on a technical level, so players should check them out.

2. The Guns Talk… A Lot

My word, the guns in this game are yappers. The guns, which are voiced well, mind you, talk A LOT. While some may find this comedic, even endearing at times. It can begin to grate on the nerves of those who would simply rather not hear them. There are, however, options in the settings to control just how much these weapons talk. This is a nice inclusion for players who would rather not deal with the constant yammering.

However, that isn't to say that there isn't merit to this design decision, as many players will find the banter hilarious. As comedy is the main focus of the game. It is cool to see that there is always time for a joke or two, often at other characters' expense. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, the amount of time and the sheer amount of voice lines present in the game are something that is indeed commendable. So, all in all, if you are someone who enjoys never ceasing banter in your games, then High on Life has you covered.

1. It's About Drugs

The themes and humor of this game are often targeted toward a more mature audience. This makes it hard to recommend for children or anyone underage. While the world might seem zany and cartoony, the characters here are certainly adults. So if you are a parent looking for a game for your kid, definitely stay away from this title. However, if you are an adult who enjoys meta-humor or a bit of raunchy fun, then by all means, have at it.

In closing, this game has to do with relatively mature themes. After all, you are kidnapped to be used as drugs by an alien cartel. This certainly is not a game that players should have near their children, but it can offer fun for adults. It's a bit ironic that the game casts you as a child when dealing with such adult content. It definitely is a title that earns its ESRB rating. That isn't to say that there isn't fun to be had in High on Life, just that it is best enjoyed by mature adults.

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