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10 Best Weapons in Overwatch 2

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The long-awaited sequel to the beloved action brawler Overwatch is finally out. Overwatch 2 gets bigger and better with the addition of three new formidable characters. There have been a few tweaks and complete changes made to several main facets of the game. Whether a first-timer or a veteran Overwatch player, it's important to know how to get the most out of each weapon and its wielder. Especially in 5v5 matches where your team counts on you to give your best performance. That said here are the ten best weapons in Overwatch 2.


10. The Frag Launcher

Overwatch: Junkrat Abilities - Frag Launcher

When your target is out of reach or around an obstacle, your best weapon to have is the Frag Launcher. This is Junkrat's signature defense move that best applies when opponents are attacking. The best feature about the Frag Launcher is that its grenades bounce off walls and only go off when they hit the enemy. This is how its user gets the upper hand against and manages to get through, even over obstacles.


9. The Katana

Genji is one of the most adaptable and mobile fighters in Overwatch 2, and when combined with the Katana, he becomes even more lethal. This weapon is an integral part of his melee attacks when he is not using his signature shuriken moves. Although it's most useful in deflecting attacks, it can also deliver so much damage, even to strong opponents. For both defense and offense, the Katana is iconic for keeping its user alive long enough to win the fight.


8. The Scrap Gun

Another powerful weapon we see Roadhog wielding is the Scrap Gun. Despite the gun remaining unchanged from the previous title, it has maintained its vigor. The Scrap Gun is a highly powered shotgun-style high-damage weapon that, despite having low ammo, delivers tremendous destruction. If you want a guaranteed K.O hit, this is the best weapon to pull out, especially when dealing with massive tanks.


7. The Chain Hook

The Roadhog has a couple of powerful weapons up his sleeve, and one of them is the Chain Hook. Similar to Mortal Kobat's Scorpion, Roadhog's chain can pull enemies toward him for melee attacks. This works best against long-range fighters since they have a tougher time defending against close combat. The Chain Hook can help you deliver a whole lot of damage if you know when and who to use it on. This makes Roadhog a powerful addition to any team on the battlefield and a force to fear for the opposite team.


6. The Revolver

Thanks to the Revolver, Cassidy remains the most formidable mid-range attacker in Overwatch 2. Surprisingly, this weapon does a lot of damage to nearby enemies, and if that wasn't enough, the user can follow up these stun gun moves with long-range grenade attacks. This is the most dreadful weapon for any exposed enemy, such as flying Pharahs. Players can also have the most fun exploring other incredible weapons that work well with the Cowboy's favorite firearm.


5. The Heavy Pulse Rifle

One of the best yet suitable weapons for first-time Overwatch players is the Heavy Pulse Rifle. This weapon is wielded by Soldier 76 is a fine character for those more accustomed to shooter games. The Heavy Pulse Rifle is a powerful automatic that shoots three rockets per shot. This trio of spiraling rockets heads straight toward a target with an almost 100% chance of impact. Its influence is strong and reliable each time the gun goes off in the arena.


4. High Damage Bastion

Some characters wield powerful weapons, while others are made of weapons. So it is with Bastion, a powerful robot that can change shape and has a scary presence on the battlefield. In the previous title, Bastion could barely move during his transformations, but in Overwatch 2 he has been completely upgraded. He is now a more agile, mobile fighter, and he can transform through different modes to enhance his offense and defense. His weapons also fire with high damage and accuracy that works best against tank enemies.


3. The Endothermic Blaster

Don't let Mei's warm, welcoming face fool you; her weapon is one of the most powerful in the series. The Endothermic Blaster has two deadly firing modes. The basic mode slightly freezes its target, causing the enemy to experience a debuff in speed. The second mode activates when the enemy is slightly out of range, where firing the gun creates a pointy shard of ice. This ice shoots towards its target with absolute precision, which lets you easily take down enemies that are out of range.


2. The Photon Beam

The introduction of the Photon Beam was not as glorious in Overwatch 2 as it was in the first title. However, after a few tweaks, Symmetra's Photon Beam is all improved and more powerful than ever. It is now capable of knocking through enemy barriers while simultaneously getting supercharged. The Photon Beam begins as a fairly harmless weapon; but, when it's time to attack enemy barriers, it fills with strength and doubles in ammo. This attack works best on opponents that carry shields to hide from any significant attacks thrown their way. Similarly, this move best applies to long-range sight lines across the map. 


1. The Rail Gun

A weapon is only as good as its user, and Sojourn's high mobility is what makes the Rail Gun as deadly as it is. This weapon is considered the most powerful in the whole series, and for a good reason too. Its shooting speed is unmatched as it delivers rapid fire with optimum accuracy. On top of that, the Rail Gun charges a powerful blast that can take out multiple targets simultaneously. On its own, this weapon is powerful as is, but paired with an agile fighter like Sojourn, it's practically unstoppable. She is also one of the most terrifying characters on the battlefield; those who plan to face her must come prepared.


There goes our list of the best weapon in Overwatch 2? Whats your favourite? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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